Monday, December 7, 2009

The Great Chase!

Stupid instances have been a part of my life. But there were a few moments when Stupidity took over me. It's not that I do many stupid things. When I am around, all the stupidity get attracted to me.

Anyways, I and my friend were playing a game of throwing the Frisbee. Even simple Games such as this one can prove to be dangerous. So we were in the park, throwing the round thing back and forth as fast as we could. Just behind us were a few Pet owners training their Dogs. Among them was Buster, a 4 year old Great Dane. He lived just a few blocks away from my house. A well built strong dog just had one problem. He wasn't Potty trained. So there was this trainer training him in the park. (I wonder why he was doing that in the park)

So we both are engrossed in the game, when I get possessed by a bit of Bad luck and Stupidity. I throw the Frisbee to my friend's left assuming that it would reach him. But the wind played a very bad trick. Instead of moving towards him, the Round thing started drifting away.

The Frisbee charged towards Buster and hit him on his head. As he recovered from the impact, he looked around. He could see my guilty face. And within a few seconds, the great chase had begun!

Even the Trainer had joined the chase. Now there were three guys, running like crazy with two of them screaming and one, barking! I ran across the Basketball court and then climbed this slide, which we often called, "Giant Slide". It wasn't that giant for the Great Dane though. He was half way up the slide when finally, the trainer had pulled him down holding on to his leach.

I felt a bit bad for Buster though, because I had caused him pain. So later I went and apologized. I was very brave this time...
Nah... He was on leach. I said, I am sorry. And in response, there were this series of barks and jumps. I guess he would have thought, "Meet me the next time when I am not on my leach and I will show you what a real Sorry is..."

Anyways, after that day, no more Frisbee. So I went on to something safer. Like the slide... But stupid things happen to me everywhere!

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