Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

OK, time for my four resolutions for 2010 -

"I will conserve water. And to do this, I will avoid taking a bath whenever possible."

"I will stop sending Emails to my Dog, Tyson."

"I will do less laundry and use more deodorant."

"I will stop wasting my time. Exercising included..."

"I won't eat chocolates. Promise.     OK, this is the last one..."

"I will not make funny faces at people on the sidewalk from the bus."

A Happy New Year to all. Well, its time for celebration.
Resolutions? - There is always "New Year 2011 for that!"


  1. Ha ha. We need twice a day shower here - Twice to change clothing too.
    Your dog goes to animal school to learn reading?

  2. You should definately get a shower once every six months.(whether you need it or not) And as long as Tyson keeps answering you, you should probably keep emailing him. You wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. :D

  3. Happy New Year! Jsut stopping in to say thank you for your amazing compliments on my blog through Link Referral!

  4. I too, will wear more deodorant and do less laundry. Good thinking!

  5. Hi there Umie, a Happy New Year to you.
    Well, Tyson? No, they never took hime in :)
    But he would peek into my Classroom everyday and listen to my teacher teach! lol

    Hi sweetromance, a Happy New Year to you.
    Maybe I should listen to you. "One bath every six months sounds OK."
    As for Tyson, his mails are hard to read - They are coded in dog language. Generally, "Bark, Howl, Bark..."

  6. Hi Casey, a Happy New Year to you. Well, you're welcome for the review. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Hi Lauren. A Happy New Year to you. May this year bring you happiness and prosperity!

    Hi there Michael, thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the compliments. Deodorant is good enough...
    Maybe next year's resolution would be - "Clean my room less and use more room freshener!"

  8. A very Happy New Year 2010!! Wish I could share even one of those wonderful resolutions that you!! :)

  9. Hi there Gautam. Thanks for drooping by. Thank you so much for your wishes, you too have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
    Sure, go ahead...
    But make sure at least 4 are left for next year... :)

  10. LOL. Just use AXE body spray. My brother jokingly calls it "Shower in a can."

  11. Hi there, Matt. Thanks for dropping by. And a Happy New Year to you!
    Well, that's great. Maybe there Advertisements would say this the next time - "Why Shower, when Axe is here!" lol

  12. hi man nice blog with really funny stuff ,it is worth laughing nice work and template ,I liked ur blog relly,dont hasitate to visit mine and hey man happy new year 2010 i hope u can go with all ur mentioned resolutions .Good luck with them

  13. Happy New Year! Good stuff, laugh out loud.

  14. Hi there Ahsun. Thanks for dropping by. A Happy New Year!
    I am working on the resolutions. Guess what, I started off today. Didn't take bath... :)

    Hi there Don, thanks for commenting. Happy New Year!

  15. happy new year too. maybe 2010 good for all

  16. good idea.. happy new year 2010 too.