Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey that's my chocolate!

I put in the coin and waited. Waited some more. It had to come out of the chute. But something was wrong...

My Mom was shopping at a jewelery store. I couldn't stand the, "OK, what else have you got?" So I told her that I would take a small walk around the mall.

As I was looking around, I found a Vending machine with this huge "Mars" logo. I just loved this chocolate so much that I had once traded my Toy truck in exchange of it. As I rushed towards the machine, there was this voice echoing, "You idiot faster.... faster!"

I had put in the coin. But something was really wrong. The chocolate had never dropped out of the chute. There was a weird noise and then it stopped.

Violence was the only alternative. I kicked the machine on the side. But again nothing happened. I could see this man was approaching the machine and I had to do something fast. I gave the machine one last shake and accepted defeat.

I had to get back to that stupid jewelery store. On my way I noticed something peculiar. The man at the vending machine was picking up a Chocolate from the chute.
I rushed to him, "Hey that's my chocolate. I never took it from the chute."
The man in his mid 40's gave me a weird look and said, "Oh yeah? Then what are you holding in your hand?"

I looked down and there it was. The chocolate of my dreams. All this while in my hand. I looked up at the man. He was still staring at me...

I was in a situation wherein I couldn't explain what had happened. Am I that absentminded? All I could do is leave the scene. "Oh, I am sorry. I forgot!" 

I went down till the corner and peeked. The guy was still looking. Maybe in disbelief. He had encountered the most absentminded kid...   ever!


  1. If I had a candybar for everytime I did something like that ... well, it would be a lot of candy!

  2. Hi there Rose. Thanks for dropping by. I am really glad, I am not the only weird human being out there!

  3. I once searched for my earrings and they were attached to my ears lol does that count as absentminded? lol

    I wanted to thank you for review on linkreferral, too.

    Merry Christmas :)


  4. Dude, I believe you met Santa Claus! That old man was Santa. I swear. I do stuff like that all the time. - Matt

  5. Hi there Julia. Thank you so much for dropping by. Well, I guess that should be considered absentminded. But I am sure no one can beat my Uncle who had his Spectacles on and searched for it a whole day! A Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays!

  6. Hey there Matt. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog. Well maybe Santa was there. But would have wondered - "Should I give presents to an absentminded kid such as this one?"
    You have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy holidays!