Friday, December 25, 2009

Panic in the Bathroom

With water splashing on my face, I felt as if I was suffocating. Then the Soap on my face gets into my eyes...

It was a Saturday night. We had watched the movie, "The Ring" at my house. It was scary but I managed to laugh all the way in front of my friends. Well, even teasing the girl who comes out of the well.

There was nobody at home that day. My parents had stayed back at my Grandmother's house and my brother had been to a friend's house. He was supposed to come home by 10 PM.

We watched the whole movie. It was already 9 and they said they wanted to go home...
Oh no! What will I do alone???
Anyway, I couldn't tell them to stay back as that would only mean I was scared... (Big Mistake!)
I sat in front of my TV with all the lights switched "On" in every room.

She was staring at me. Yes, the girl from the Movie. Of course, from the Disc. So I hid it between two pillows next to me. And then it happened. I had to attend to Nature's Call!
The entire movie, made me so scared that I had to piss now. And the bathroom was a few yards away. Oh no, What do I do?

Finally, I somehow got to my bathroom. After attending to Nature, I washed my face. And then the lights went out!
Panic and some more Panic. I couldn't feel my legs in fear. I could see visuals from the movie in front of me even though I had closed my eyes so that the lather wouldn't get in.

I had overheard the Plumber talking to my mother the previous day. One of the taps had a valve loose and he said us not to touch it until he had fixed it.

While I was searching for the water tap, I opened the broken one. "Niagara Falls" broke out towards the sky! The water was blasting at my face and then pain...
Soap got into my eyes...


Somehow, I managed to wash my face and then Finally got out of the "Panic Bathroom". I made my way to the Living room and then Outside the house...
Well, let's end the story there. After this was some laughter and humiliation from my brother on listening to what happened.

Two lessons for you - "Don't watch Ring in the night" and "Listen to your Plumber carefully"


  1. LOL. I would have been rocking back and forth too!

  2. Always counter scary movies with a funny comedy like Happy Gilmore, Chocolate Thunder or something else that will have you laughing terribly before going to bed. LOL!

  3. Hi there Matt. Thanks for dropping by. Well, I would have done the same thing. Except for Panic which made me scream and run like a wild beast!

  4. Hi Kiesha. Thank you so much for commenting. I sure did get that now. I even liked the "Scary Movie Series". All the movies had me laughing real hard!

  5. Ha! I couldn't even watch the commercial for the Ring, nevermind watching the whole movie! AAAAAHHH!

  6. Hi Maureen. Good for you that you never watched the whole movie...
    C'mon the Girl coming out of the TV is way too much. I am glad I didn't attend to Nature's Call that very moment!

  7. Hi Vijay. Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked it....

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Hilarious! Come on, it was just a so-so scary movie. But maybe you got a lil' so into the creepy ambience of the movie and couldn't turn back eh.

    I got a trick that you can do, especially after a session of a scary movie at home. To erase the spooky feeling that you've developed, just turn on a funny tv show that will make you laugh. Turn on happy music for gahdsake! Spend at least a cheery one hour doing this.

    I can't help you with the bad luck of turning on the wrong pipe, HeHe. You'll need a spell to be as lucky as me. :P

  9. Shanaz: Maybe you are right. Hope I didn't get a phone
    Well, I will surely consider the watching of a Funny movie. Well, the tap, see it always happens to me! :)

  10. Classic. Found this story very funny, I hate scary movies to.

  11. Well 1 hopes you have grown out of this activity! Maybe next time, take a book.