Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Parents and Blogging

Silence at our Dinner table was broken a few days back. It was my Dad.
He said, "Your Mother and I just found out that you were Blogging. And I sure don't know what that is. Nor does she. But whatever it is, it has to stop!"

It took me some time to realize what had happened. Only two people in my family knew I blogged. My Brother and My Dog.

On my left was Tyson, my 11 month Labrador. He was licking his food bowl. It sure wasn't him. He never communicated well with my Dad.

On my right, was my Brother. His face said it all.
OK. It was him!
Hey this Blog is better than the Geeky "Electrical Stuff" he writes on his Blog.

It took me a lot of time to convince them that nothing was wrong with Blogging.
I turned to my brother - "Hey you write a blog. Why don't you tell Mom and Dad something about it!"

I left the Dining table with satisfaction!
HA! I did win the battle of
"Who says they write a Blog..."
Now he had some explaining to do!


  1. My in-laws are aware of my electronic rag, but being dedicates lovers of the former Administration, they don't often read it. I can't figure out what I post that would bother them so :)

  2. Hi Jolly, thanks for dropping by.
    Well, good for you that they didn't mind. My relatives would be really upset though.
    Take for example my Cousin who was angry as I described him on one of my Posts.
    And anger with such a person is scary!!!

  3. I guess "blog" is a four-letter word to some people. My husband isn't thrilled with my blog since I'm not making any money. I've been out of work for most of the year, making some money here and there but not from blogging, although I am optimistic about 2010. : )

    Thanks for stopping by Think Spin and commenting.

  4. Hi Lauren, thanks for commenting. Well, it should be the same situation with me. I am not making money from my Blog, but am loosing lots of it. Funds go towards Junk Food that I eat while blogging! :)

    As for encouragement from my family, A big NO!
    I have seen my Dog Tyson laughing at me a couple of times when I was blogging!

    I have seen your Blog and know its potential. I am sure you will make lots of money in the coming year. Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year Mr (not) Stupid

    I was introduced to blog reading by my husband who relied on the online portal as he found dailies are mostly crap and stories twisted.
    He and my son knew that I blog - Though I don't think they ever surf the site. I go online only when they are not around - Not wanting them to think that I'm stealing family's time.

    I like blogging and reading about bloggers who monetise their websites drives more curiosity about moneymaking in me.

    Mr, a piece of advice for me too.

  6. Hi there Ummie. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Happy New Year to you!

    Good for you that you blog in your free time. That's really good. Take for instance my Dog. He would ask me to take him out as soon as I started writing a post. And if I said him to wait, I had to clean up on his mess later.

    OK, so why did he call me out? - He had to attend to Nature's Call. So its always important you blog in your free time.

    As for the advice, I am really not good at anything. But to be frank, I did check on a few moneymaking videos. They all say the same - "Great Content, Great profits!"

  7. HaPpY nEw yEaR AnD BeSt wIsHeS!

  8. Hi Pilland. Thank you so much for dropping by and thanks for the wishes.

    A Happy New Year to you and all your dear ones!

  9. Wait until you hit six figures of income from it and then see what they have to say about blogging. Have a great 2010!

  10. Hello Old Buddy, thank you so much. You too have a wonderful New Year!

    Six figures of income..... Well lets make it two for now. I sure will have some quality lines to talk about family encouragement and Pet support!

  11. Oldbuddy- keep up the good! work! With mr stupid under your wing, I am sure you will both go far!