Saturday, December 5, 2009

Safety first!

So I had this two hour lecture the previous day. To be frank, there were lectures. An hour from a teacher and another half hour from my Sports teacher. After coming home, my parents had their bonus half hour of Safety lecture. My Mom made it clear that a helmet was necessary.

I was ready with an answer though, "I don't have one. And if you think it is a necessity,get me a new one.

"There should be a helmet at home. Go and search for it. No helmet, No Race!"

I knew, that was the last word in the conversation. I could see my Dad enjoying a Soap on the TV. So, I went upstairs to get it. I knew where the Helmet was. In the wardrobe. But also inside were a few hundred Living and Non-Living things. I had to be careful not to step on anything moving. After about 15 minutes, I found my Helmet. It was Brand New in condition. With the Bubble wrap around it. I had never used my Helmet once I had the helpers removed.

The race day was here. We were all lined and I felt everyone was laughing at me. I had this huge green helmet on me which was the center of attraction. And then race began. I was in the front with two guys next to me. So there was my friend who was racing, but all of a sudden lost control.

I am a very good person by heart and never tease anyone. But that day, something made me laugh.

Karma wasn't too far away, the distraction made me loose balance and I had the hardest fall. I was dragged about 2 meters. The next moment, I was in the ER, with this nurse poking me with a huge syringe. She told me I was lucky as I was wearing a helmet or it would have been a head injury.

I was glad, I had worn a helmet. I wanted to tell the whole world about how important Safety was. But I am the sort of the guy who would be ignored by millions. So I am conveying my message only to you guys.

The climax of the story - "My friend, who fell won the race"


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