Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stupidman Does Not Return - I

The Forgettable Superhero is back.
And this time everyone is ready to kick his butt...

Get ready for the next year's big event....

"Stupidman Does Not Return Part - I"

We got in touch with the creator of this ridiculous movie, Mr. Stupid.

Interviewer: So Mr. Stupid, could you tell us something about this movie?
Mr. Stupid: Yeah, sure. Stupidman is a foolish, ridiculous and large eyed hero. I would like to make this interview short. So I have mentioned only a few of his characters.
Interviewer: Could you give us a sneak peak on the movie?
Mr. Stupid: Sneak peak? Ok. Well I will make this a bit long. We have Stupidman who is not an Alien. He can fly and wears his Underwear outside, like many others do. He has this expression on his face which never changes. The credit goes to our Designer, Mr. Crazy Dude. Anyways, he comes to the city BooBoo to fight crime. But all the villains there, including the citizens of this city kick him out. We end this part of the movie when Stupidman flies to safety from everyone's boots.
Interviewer: Oh, so are we yet to see another part?
Mr. Stupid: Oh, yes. That would be after the First Part. It should be the Second Part!
Interviewer: I personally am eager to watch Stupidman. So when is it hitting the theaters again?
Mr. Stupid: No, no. Stupidman is not that strong to hit a theater.
Interviewer: I meant when is the movie releasing?
Mr. Stupid: It should be on 1st February 2010. It should be on one of the posts on this blog called Stupidation.
Interviewer: Thanks Mr. Stupid for talking to us. You have a bad day.
Mr. Stupid: You too, have a ridiculously bad day!

Anyways, here's the Poster for this disgusting movie.


  1. Cool. Does the action figure come with its own recall?

  2. Hi there Kristin. Well, I am amazed you are looking forward to an action figure for this movie. HAHA. To be frank, this is a stupidly gone wrong, poorly animated short film that I made. It should be on one of my posts on Jan 1st. Thanks for dropping by....