Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weighing Machine Incident

Going to a Mall is great. But when you are there with a person such as my Cousin, it can be dangerous.

As they say, its wise to keep your mouth shut in all situations. I realized it the hard way a couple of years back. I had been to a Mall with my Cousin. I will not name him. Because in case he reads this post, I will be in trouble again.

Just to describe him, in two simple words - He is "Fat and Stupid" -- And that is a bad combination. So after roaming around for some time, we decided to leave. And then he noticed a weighing machine to the corner.

The next moment we were staring at each other. He wanted a coin from me to check on it.
I am a nice person, so I warned him, "Dude, don't do it. It will make you all sweaty."
But he wanted to look at his weight real bad. So we were finally at the machine.

He put in the coin and then waited. Finally came out a small piece of paper. The look on his face said it all. I couldn't stand it any longer.... I started laughing.
He was still standing there blank. Now was the time for me to back out. But I didn't!
The words blurted out.... "I am glad the machine didn't break. I wouldn't have had enough money to pay for it"


The next moment I was on ground with my eyes swollen. Though, he was kind enough to take me to the nearby clinic.
So what did I learn from this incident - "Keep your mouth shut in all circumstances!"


  1. Love your relatives. hehe :)

  2. Hi there Vi. Thanks for checking on my Blog. Well, I am glad you love my relatives. The story takes a turn though when I pay for my Doctor's bills... All he did was punch me and drop me off at a clinic!

  3. crazy relatives, everyone has one, one-time or another. Good story! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. whao that was still pretty violent o your cousin, he should have just left. but yeah weight is a very sensitive topic.

    (ps: thanks for the review, I aways go back and forth btwn 3 posts vs more)

  5. Hey there Rey. Thanks for dropping by. Well, I agree though real crazy relatives. Glad you liked my post. Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi there Bombchell. Thanks for dropping by.
    Well, let me introduce my Cousin Sister. She once had tears rolling down on seeing the white slip from the machine. I wonder why??

    HAHA, I know why. I agree though weight is a very sensitive topic.