Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes, I am a rockstar!

I was late for the show. I was being escorted by four Policemen in their bikes and an armored truck. I was in my White Limousine with my manager encouraging me to make this one a hit!

As I reach the Concert, there were thousands of fans screaming and cheering for me. I finally reach the stage and there is an uproar of cheers and yays and ooos...

And then, I start of singing. (Well, lets totally skip this part)..........
OK, Coming to the end of the singing, I am really happy. I sure did enjoy myself and was glad I had done a great show. I get on the stage again and thank everyone.
"Thank you all. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you..."

The next moment, I can see these two people staring at me. I could also see my brother who was sitting next to me. He had a shocked look and I could see why!

I was in a bus and was returning home from my Aunt's place. I had fallen asleep and the entire Rockstar thing took place then. I asked him, "What all did I say?" All I got was a faint grin. Maybe I did say a bit too much in my sleep. Hopefully, I didn't sing!


  1. You probably just muttered some thankyous. :)

  2. Hopefully. But I am sure I dreamt of me singing a few songs. I wonder what happened then...