Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zapped in the Dark!

You might have heard this from everyone. Now hear it from me - "Never do anything in the dark"

When I say something good, it only means that I have already faced its bad circumstances...

So just a few weeks back, I was on my Computer doing some important work... (Well, I was playing FIFA 09). I was previously shouted at by my Uncle who had come down. He wanted me to get off my Computer, but I was playing the Manager Mode in the game and wanted to Complete that year.

So as I was trying to win the 4-0 game, there was a power outage. My UPS, would only give me a 5 minute backup. So I saved my game after the loss and reached to my CPU to press the Shutdown button.

"Bad Luck wasn't far behind"

Instead of pressing the Power Off button, I had put my finger into the USB port. I Was stuck with this jolt for a few seconds. Finally, I was pushed away. It took me a few minutes to recover though!

Anyhow, nothing very bad happened that day. I had a laugh thinking about that silly moment. Though, stupidity continued to stay with me.

I appreciate your comments. Thanks!


  1. Hahaha... as a reminder to those who like to do things in the dark. hehehe....

  2. Hi there Mesman. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog. Well, that sure is a reminder for everyone else except for me. Still work in the dark. But this time, I use Start - Shutdown. So that way no more getting zapped. Anyhow, have a great day!

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