Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avatar and the Bomber!

So where was I yesterday? At a theater. Watching Avatar. The Movie was amazing.
But lets go back in time for the not so awesome moments!

I had to meet up with my friends at a Mall yesterday at 10am. We had booked tickets for Avatar at 10:30am. Since I am always late, they wanted me to be there by 9:30am

I accept it. I am addicted to Candies. My Brother's laptop wasn't working. So how does he convince me to take his motherboard? Give me some candies...

Anyways, now I had a Motherboard with me and was running late. Finally, I arrived at the Mall by 9:50am. Though, I was late, there was plenty of time for the movie to begin. And then I arrived at the main entrance. A security personnel wanted to check my Bag.

Aha. Once I gave my bag, there were a few whispers between the two guys. They then called up another clown to the entrance. It took me well over 20 minutes to convince them it was just a Motherboard. The guy would repeatedly ask, what it was used for.

That was when I was convinced that they were all clowns and were called in as a backup Security. He didn't know what a Motherboard was. He wondered if it would explode. Some more time went by. It was 10:20am now and the movie was scheduled to start in another 10 minutes. And then came the Manager. He didn't recognize what it was too.
"Oh my God. How can you all be so foolish and not recognize a large green chip for a motherboard?

The guy repeatedly poked it and still was not convinced. The final solution was to leave my Bag outside and go watch Avatar. Since, it wasn't my Motherboard, I was more than happy to leave it outside. I then got to the 6th floor. There they stood, the three of them. They were really upset though. But we at least got to the Movie on time.

I wasn't expecting to see the motherboard in my Bag. I was sure the guys might have sent it for further investigation! But my brother was lucky. It was there...
The next time you are at a Mall, never take a Motherboard. And make sure you avoid clowns acting like security guards!


  1. My son is also a great fan of this movie though he watched it on his pc. well u know guards may acted right according to atmosphere nowadays but mistaking a mother board is really a nonsense . Take care son

  2. Wow, those were real clowns disguised as security guards! Were there blazed or something? Ha Ha Ha.

    "Since, it wasn't my Motherboard, I was more than happy to leave it outside." -This one made me laugh, bless your brother's motherboard, he's one lucky fella that some Osama-wannabees did not just come by and steal the bomb away.

    Good story, Mr.Stupid. I really enjoyed reading this one. =)

  3. Hi. Wow. They check bags when just going to see a film.... I had no idea that security is so tight in India.

    Naughty Uncle Time was really having laugh then!

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Baili: I guess they were looking forward to a Bomb in that motherboard. HAHA.

    Harry: I loved the movie too. Its amazing!:)

    Shanaz: I guess they were chucked out of the Circus the previous day... lol
    Glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Lizzy: Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day...:)

    Friend: They do that some times. Tight security.... with clowns! lol

  5. WTH!!! While you guys busy watching movie, I bet the guards were all scared the so-called bomb might explode anytime..

  6. thank you my friend for commenting in pinoyblogger.net I really appreciate it,

    anyway :) I really love this movie, the effects, the roles, the story, it is a wow :) and imagine they earn so much :)

  7. I can't believe NONE of them knew what a motherboard was! Do they live in a city that time forgot???

  8. Ok, I am not computer geek here, but even I know what a motherboard looks like...what did these guys do, time travel from before the existence of technology?? LOL
    It was a great post, thank you for yet another intriguing and funny story.
    I also want to thank you for taking to time to read and comment on my poetry. (^_^)
    Have a great day!!

  9. LaLa: Maybe they did a bit more investigation since it was lying outside.... lol

    Alleo: You are totally welcome for the comment. Yup, the movie was amazing. Loved it...:)

    Rose: Maybe they didn't concentrate in school. Or maybe, while they were clowns at the Circus, they had a hit on the head which made them forget it.... lol

    Al`eh: HAHA. Maybe they did Time Travel from the "No Motherboard" world... lol
    Your welcome for the comment...:)

  10. Monday morning 10am you are not in class?