Friday, January 8, 2010

Being a Witch!

I am planning to take up a new Hobby. Witchcraft!
Sigh, yawn....zzzzzz....
These are the two spells that I have tried and tested. Believe me, they work...

Da Blah Blah Spell
- Be a free soul. Forget lectures from your teachers, parents, friends, pets and every thing that talks.
"Da Blah Blah Spell" is an easy one but needs a lot of concentration. Firstly, take a small piece of paper and write, "Blah Blah" in it. Next say the following lines seven times.
"Da Blah Blah makes others do Blah Blah"
Once said, look at yourself in the Mirror and wonder why you would want to do this spell.

*Poof* Spell has taken affect.

From now on every time you are lectured, you can hear the words, "Blah Blah Blah....."
What makes this spell annoying is the repeated Blah's.

The Money Spell
- First of all, make sure you have a coin and a bill. Bury the coin in a pot and water it everyday for a month. Remove the coin after a month and buy candies with it.
Forget the incident of burying the coin.
Now bury a bill in the same pot. Don't water or else you will ruin the bill. Stare at the pot for three weeks.

Now, forget the burying of the bill. Go to a Mirror and start wondering why you stared at the pot for so long.
Remember having buried the coin again. Rip up the mud and remove the bill.
"Wow, the coin is now a Note!"

Maybe these two spells are signs of my successful Witchcraft career... :)


  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Should I not follow Mr Stupid's instructions at all?

  2. I can't spell, although I never tried to cast a spell. Maybe I'll just bury a coin and see if it makes my portfolio grow.

  3. Ummie: That is really confusing. Look what happened to the Mirror...It broke! :)

    Matt: Let's consider Warcraft too. OK, goodbye studies.
    Mornings - Warcraft
    Night - Witchcraft

    Lauren: Hooray for Lauren. That just means more candy for you and less coins...:)

  4. ha ha ha ha, hilarious, very interesting witch spells. The blah blah spell is something I will try considering the fact that I am a little too sensitive to the noises that come out from mouths of people who talk. Hi Hi.

    Keep writing please :)

  5. Shanaz: Glad you liked the spells. Well, don't wait anymore. Go ahead and give it a try...:)

  6. Haha. Interesting take on witchcraft Mr. Stupid - I like it! Still, I'd have to agree with mattkendrick here and opt for Warcraft instead :P

  7. Aleye: I totally agree with both of you. I guess, my schedule would include both Warcraft and