Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Deadly Dentist!

Do you know anyone who loves to got to the Dentist?
Well, let me answer for you. NO! That would be a Yes, only if you went there to read the magazines and not for a checkup. Only if you were accompanying the patient. And only if you were the.... Dentist!

It was me and my Grandfather. We were treating ourselves with a not so delicious Double Mint chewing gum.
There was an "Ouch" from him. Then, out came his Tooth Cap.

Again an "Ouch". But this time it was me. I didn't have a tooth cap, though. Just the pain. Maybe there was an overdose of Mint!

So a trip to the mall that day was sure to end in Hell - The Dental Clinic. What looks like a sparkling palace is actually, the Devil's lair.

Anyways, we got to the Dental Clinic and then, my Grandfather marched to the Receptionist.

"Hi there, I'm one of your valued customers and one of my caps came off. How much to glue it back on?"

"No charge, if we put it on", was the response. "Come on over, we'll take care of you!"

So it was his turn to the Dentist first. I could read the Batman comic that was lying nearby. I sat down next to the Door and for some reason it didn't close that day. Maybe the Dentist was cruel enough to let people outside hear all the "Ouchs!"
from his patients.

As he rests on the chair, a Dental assistant came over to collect his Teeth for some minor cleaning. And then, "The Dentist will be over in a moment." Well the moment took almost an hour.

I had to wake my Grandfather from where I was sitting. He had dozed off several times. My pain was really bad now. I was sure it would be either a Teeth plucking or Come back again tomorrow with pills.

Finally, the guy arrived. "I am sorry to keep you waiting. Well, we can put in the Cap right away. Please make your payments with the Cashier."
The word, "Payments" itself indicated more. So he got to the cashier and then, "Are you crazy? $150 for a drop of glue?"

The woman looked like a Lamp post on a lonely street. She didn't utter a word and there was a gap of at least a minute. So it was him again, "$150? that's an outrage, a rip-off. You can get a tube of glue for $1"

He yelled loud enough for everyone in the other dental chairs to hear, and those in the waiting room, and behind the counter, and in the bathrooms, and those walking by and across the street. If you heard a scary voice a few years back, then that was him.

Finally, the woman spoke, "Well, that's our policy..."

"Screw your policy. Give me my tooth!"
, he said.
Now, that was the dumbest thing I had ever heard. The woman knew it too. And so came another silly question, "Well,what are you going to do about it?"
"I will show you. I will stick it myself."
OK, now that one was out of this world.

There, they gave his tooth back. He barged out of the clinic, leaving me inside. And then there was the Dentist, "Next..."

It was me. I was the person who was supposed to go next. But my Grandfather had left. Hey I had to get my tooth fixed. But nothing was bringing him back in again.

So I said, "Well, I am with him. He's my Grandfather!"

The Dentist again had a weird look. I had finished the Batman Comic though. It was amazing.

We got to the Car and then he said, "Look, I can manage without a Tooth Cap. Lets go home!"

Anyways, I was glad I didn't have to visit the Dentist that day.

But looks like, I had to meet another Devil. So the next day, I was at another Dental Clinic. But this time, not with my Grandfather...


  1. So you got it out finally? I never go to the dentist, which could be the reason for my great teeth :)

  2. Your grandfather was right. It was a rip-off. Some dentists are cool, but some are just downright demonic. The last dentist I went to drilled a hole in my tooth which I think was not really necessary. There are just times when you wish you can burn some people at the stake...

    Turn on the Batman signal so we can ask for his assistance.

  3. The glue is free.
    Your grandfather was charged for the time spent on him :D

  4. Tasha: Yup. The monster removed my teeth finally...:(
    Glad you don't go to the Dentist. Its better to leave your teeth to itself until they heal...

    Rhyen: Well, look the Demon has done it again. He caused you unnecessary pain. And that would be a reason why I added the horns to the picture above... lol
    Its time I did that. Batman to the rescue...:)

    Ummie: Well, maybe that was one of the reasons. Air conditioned room and a comfortable chair. Maybe they heard him snoring too... lol

  5. Well I'm in an insurance battle of epic proportions with my dentist office so I'm pretty sure that excuses me from going back until it all gets cleared up, maybe sometime around 2020? So. Not. A. Fan.

    Thanks for stopping over! I enjoy your blog and will definitely be back. And uh...yeah...I don't know how I'm that unobservant..but it seems to be serving my husband VERY well.

  6. lol. thanks for dropping in today. the dentist is evil. mine growing up was named Dr. Malice...rightly so.

  7. in places like this funny things happens like when i was child ,i went to the dentest with my aunt because she had pain in her tooth ,but i was surprise to listen the roar of my aunt from inside and that was O my god you devil you removed the other tooth ,that time she could not speat corectly but i hold my laughter because in case of laughing she could have beat me,but at home i shared with mom and sis and laughed for weeks

  8. i hate dentists too:P they make my tooth ache more:))

  9. Not a big fan of dentists either. Necessary evil though. Your grandfather is a hoot. :)

  10. I hate check-ups at the dentist. As long as you have at least one tooth in your mouth, they WILL discover something that can be fixed and charged for, despite you not having been in the slightest discomfort before you arrived.

    Much safer to ignore them and, when the time comes, do it yourself with some polyfiller and a Black & Decker.

  11. With the exception of the gas, I hate going to the dentist.

  12. I know a Dentist! Hahaha. And in fact, I just had scaling done up nicely. For some reason, having my mouth wide open with probes and those dental thingies sticking inside was kind of therapeutic. I enjoyed it very much! he he

    Great post, Mr.Stupid. Maybe you should come and have a dental check up where I live. I know of a great dentist! :D

  13. Nice one and a nice blog you got here and trust me I am not checking it out by mistake (I think)

  14. Some dentists are in it for the pleasure they get out of our pain. I went to one who wanted to give my 3 year old a filling without numbing him. I took him somewhere else for a 2nd opinion an dhe didn't even have a cavity.

  15. Matt: Way too close. But as they say, Devils are everywhere else, I got my teeth plucked the next day...:)

    Allyson: I am sure you'll win the Insurance battle. But stay happy since you don't have to visit them until

    Brian: Well, you're welcome Loved your blog.
    Every dentist is a Dr. Jekyll. Only scarier...:)

    Baili: HAHA, that was really funny. Man, he removed the wrong tooth? Oh my God. These guys are now officially scary...:)

    Jenny: Yup. Better let your other tooth take care of the one having pain. That is way too better than a visit to the Devil's Lair... lol

    Sandee: Well he is. There was a Global crisis about a voice that sounded really scary a few years back. It was him. Only the guys in the waiting room realized it...:) Not a fan either...

    Stanley: That is something I should have considered all these years. Pluck your own teeth! All I need now is the courage. Well, that might take very long to come...:)

    Me-Me King: HAHA. OK, well that's nice. As long as you are not at the Dentist's...:)

    Shanaz: I hate it when they flash that light on my face. Maybe that's another way to protect their identity so that we don't sue them if something goes wrong. All I manage to get is a Retinal burn. Man, I hate dentists.
    But, since you've invited me, I should consider a checkup at you place...:)

    Harry: Well, I just hope you are checking it out by mistake. See the name of my blog. See "Mr. Stupid"???
    That should be my legal name in a couple of days!:) lol

    Kys: Oh, that's scary. I guess these guys have gone crazy after there was a downfall in Dental illness...:)

  16. Wait, didn't they tell him it would be no charge if he already was a paying customer? What happened there? Boy, they get you comin' and goin'!

  17. You're really a wonderful blogger. You almost made me feel that it's a fun to go a dentist. Thank God, I had only one chance of meeting a dentist, that too only for installating an electronic security alarm system.

    Thank you for this post and also for your appreciation of my post at my photography blog.

    Best Wishes!

  18. Nanny: Well, I guess it was just a Come and leave... lol

    Hanif: Oh, looks like the devil also take up part time jobs....:)
    Well, you've got a great blog. So congrats!:)

  19. The *bears* advise superglue for sticking teeth back in. They're also very glad that teddy bears don't have teeth ...

    Bearfriend xx

  20. I love this blog!

  21. Your grandfather almost got ripped off! I'm glad he had the courage to just walk out and not pay for it. If that happened to me, I probably couldn't do what he did. I guess I'll pay for it and just never come back.

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