Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naughty Uncle Time!

The guy in the picture is "Uncle Time". Not the old bearded kindhearted "Father Time" whom we knew.

A bit about this guy - "He has a Huge nose, wears spectacles, looks at his wrist watch unnecessarily and works instead of Father Time on Sundays!" And he is really naughty. Ruins everything on a Sunday...

Have you ever noticed that when you are on a vacation, time goes by rapidly? Yup, during vacations, a minute is reduced to 15 seconds (I am getting a Noble Prize for that).
So where does all that extra time go?
Well, you need to face all that time. So why not on a Sunday when you are in a hurry.

A few months back my Mom was in a hurry for an appointment. It really does not matter what the appointment was, we never really got there on time, thanks to Uncle Time and me.

Well, the appointment was her friend's Birthday party and I was going there to meet a friend of mine who was her neighbor. On the way to this appointment, I said something quite foolish, "Mom, I need to stop at the Supermarket for something." Right then a huge red light went off to alert Uncle Time of my intention.
"What do you need now? We are already late!", she said.
"Well, Candies for your friend. It should be a good present." I told her, as I jumped out of the car, "This will only take a minute." With that, I bounded into the store.
This gave Uncle Time wild laughs. My one minute was going to transform into several minutes.

When I got into the store, I knew exactly where the Candies section was. Somehow, Uncle Time had informed the Store management and they had rearranged the entire store in my honor. The Candies Section too.

And then began the hunt for candies. I couldn't ask for directions. That would only mean I had lost to Uncle Time. (Big Mistake!)

The one minute took well over 15 minutes. My Mom tired of waiting in the car, arrived and then found me in the huge Supermarket. "We are getting late. Let's go!" So we decided to leave. That is when Uncle Time realized he had to do some thing.


Out of nowhere appeared a Candy station just next to the Cashier. This was another obstacle. Only if we had left. My Mom already got a Call. Her response, "We are coming. We got held up in traffic."

Aha. Uncle Time just heard you. I was the only guy in the line for checkout. But there. He did it again. This time, the obstacle was a trainee on her first day working all alone. I hand her the bag of Candy. But the girl, rams her hands towards it and "Oh my God. You just dropped my candies!"

"I am really sorry Sir. I will get them right now", she said.
And then began the 15 minute billing process. Showing each candy under the red light. There was nobody in the store to assist her. But finally we were out.

We were almost 30 minutes late by now. Uncle Time was still not convinced. He wanted some more fun. And then began the great Traffic. Since our vehicle was stopped, I could see my Mom staring at me from the corner of my eye. An eye contact would have triggered a lecture. So all I could do was stare outside the window.

We reached 4 hours past schedule. Uncle Time had won and with a huge margin. My mom's friend was pretty upset. All her friends had left. My Mom was really sorry and then said who's fault it was! The woman turned to enter the house and then my mom looked at me and whispered, "Hey get the Candies. We will surprise her."
Candies, Oh my God, Candies...

We had left it at the Supermarket. Maybe when we rushed out as it was pretty late. I could hear my mom saying to her pal, "Hey guess what we got you a present!"
Don't say that. We don't have the present.

Well, the day ended in lots of embarrassment. She repeatedly said to my Mom, "It's alright. Just forget it. I am glad you guys at least arrived to wish me." My Mom, did repent though to have had me come along with her. I could still see her from the corner of my eye. She was maybe in disbelief that it was the worst day of her life and her son was the reason behind it...

Uncle Time - 100
Me - 0


  1. were just a kid then...:)

  2. Uncle Time beats me every .....well...time. I give up.

  3. Hi. Ha ha! I loved this post. You have given me a whole new way of looking at why I am always late. It isn't my fault after all!

    Hope you are having a good day.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Jenny: Nah, it just happened a few months back... lol

    Tracie: Well, I guess he beats everyone at this...:)

    Bear: Its always somebody Else's fault. So let's put the blame on Uncle Time...:)

  5. I think Uncle Time ate the candy. Tripped you up intentionally so he could make off with your haul. Next time I'm going blame Uncle Time when I'm late.

  6. Well, at least you're still getting a Noble prize despite everything that happened. haha.

    Btw, this Uncle Time, is he telepathic or something? Seems to know everything you're doing. I bet he's also watching you whenever you do your thing on the crapper. He must be destroyed!!!

  7. Nice story. I have the same kind of problems with time. My husband is never on time so, so am I.
    Thanks for reviewing my blog. I appreciate it!

    B* a la Moda

  8. This Mr.Time is really mishievous eh, but I gotta agree with you that time does fly when you're on a vacation. It drags when you're back trying to work on your job. This time, your mother fell victim into the hands of Mr.Time and the naughty Mr.Stupid. Ah, she loves you nonetheless! (I hope!)

  9. "But Wait" is in cahoots with Uncle Time. Watch out for that pair; they're up to no good.

  10. This Uncle Time needs to have hit put on him. He's one nefarious bastard. Even when I give him "the finger", he screws with me even worse. He's peeking in my window right now, eating a Snickers candy bar.

    Should I get my weapon?

    Great, funny blog. See.... told you I was stopping by.

  11. Lauren: Maybe he did that. I guess he picked it up when I wasn't looking... lol

    Ryhen: Yup. They just invited me for the felicitation ceremony this weekend. Well, that is a "No Spy" Zone. I hope the guy is not breaking the rules and looking.... lol

    B a la Moda: Glad you liked it. Well, I was much happy reviewing your blog!:)

    Shanaz: Well, he is. So every time I get late, its him! Yup, she does love me no matter what, even after so much embarrassment... lol

    Kelly: Well, they are two mischievous people...
    Have a good day...:)

    Kelly: HAHA. Snickers Candy? Man, that means he was the one who stole my candy...
    Use a weapon. Poke him with a safety pin.... lol

  12. look on the bright side, at least your not an ax murderer. Just think of how proud and relieved your mom can be knowing you've never killed anybody. You're not a thug either. Its not like you went into the store and held the cashier up or anything like that. You didn't stuff the candy in your armpit and exit the store..... Gosh, your mom should really be proud.