Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Restroom Confusion!

Traveling alone can be Hazardous. It can also be a bit humiliating when you are 16 years old.... Well, it sure was in my case.

I had been to my Grandmother's house which was a few hundred miles away from where I lived. So I had to change a few buses to get there.
I got onto the first bus and it was a 3 hour journey. Then, I got into another. This would lead me straight to her house. I managed to get a seat next to the Window. Yay!
But then...."I had to do it. Nature's Call!"
I managed to convince myself that I could wait. But the Window seat was a bad thing to have that day. I saw a Roadside Restroom. There it was. Welcoming me. Glowing besides all the shops around it. The bus would still wait for an entire 15 minutes. So I managed to convince myself to get to the Restroom.

There were three stalls. The first one was taken, so I took the second one.
I had just sat down when I heard a voice from the other stall...
"Hi there, How are you doing?"

My parents had warned me not to speak to strangers. And not to speak to them, if I was in a Washroom (OK, they didn't say that!)
Anyways, I didn't answer him, but then again... "Hello? Hey, how are you?"
I couldn't ignore him again, so I said, "Not bad..."
Pop came the next question, "
So, what are you doing?"
I couldn't answer that, so I just kept quite. Another question fired away. "Out? Where are you going?"
It sounded really weird, so I just wanted to answer him and get out of the place, "Well, to a relative's house..."
His voice again. But this time they were just whispers, "
Look, I'll call you back. Every time I ask you a question, there is this Idiot next to the stall who answers me!"

Oh my God! How can I be that stupid. I was speaking to a guy who wasn't speaking to me!

I couldn't ignore his next question. It was for me, "Hey who the hell are you. You think you are funny?"

I couldn't utter a thing but then, presence of mind....
I yelled back, "Sir keep your voice down. I am on a call here."
He was dumbfound. He kept quite while I pretended to say a few extra lines and then a Goodbye.

Then he spoke, "Hey where you on a Call too?"
I said an unconvincing Yes!
And then there was a roar of laughter.Well, it was only him. He said, "I thought you were acting funny and trying to tease me." And then again, "Oh my God! That was funny." All I could do was laugh with him.

We departed from the Washroom with a friendly handshake. I got back to my bus and to my window Seat.
What makes this story interesting was I never had a Mobile Phone. Presence of mind sure works in the Restroom!


  1. That really happened to you..gosh...that was really funny..

  2. That's hysterical. Quick thinking on your part, made what could have been a really bad situation and very memorable mishap.

  3. I'm pretty sure that the first part of the situation was taken from a joke, but when you added that presence of mind thing, it definitely became original.

    "Sir keep your voice down. I am on a call here."

    Haha! That line is a fugging killer!

  4. LaLa: I wonder sometimes, why they happen to

    Michael: It could have been a real bad situation. So maybe, Nature helped me during its Call...:)
    Anyways, thanks for dropping by Michael.

    Ryhen: Well, I thought, the whole thing was a Joke though. i.e, once I had returned to the

  5. hahaha, Mr.Stupid, you're a genius! You fooled the next-stall guy and got to tell this story.

    Presence of mind, within the toilet stalls is indeed a saviour. He He He. Keep writing these stories!! =)

  6. Too funny! And very quick thinking on your part!

  7. Oh man I laughed so hard on this one.
    That was friggin hilarious!
    That was amazing quick thinking on your part, Kudos to ya.
    Another great post. Thanks!

  8. Shanaz: And that's why Nature always helps you during its Call! hehe

    Kathleen: Thank you so much for dropping by and thanks for the appreciation. I hardly get them... lol

    Al'eh: Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked it...:)