Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sheet Incident

I had to wash my Bed sheet yesterday. He had peed on it. Yes, my year old Dog, Tyson. I wonder how it happened. It was just moments after I slept, he had to do his Nature's call. Nowhere around the house, but in my room and on my Bed. That was really mean of him. I slept the whole night with the stench.

I wonder what attracts him to my room. Its always that he pees in my room. And I get to clean it.
Well, there is my brother's room. But its an example of a, "Complete Mess". His room is a jungle with trees everywhere. There are bugs in there who just arrived from Mars. So Tyson never enters that place. Maybe he doesn't like Alien company.
The Living Room, well that's were he lives. So obviously, he won't pee there.

So I had to wash the white sheet. I had just washed it previously. Well... 8 years back! (Joke)
I had just finished ironing the sheet, then he strolled in, casual as anything. I started to notice a really strong smell of pee. I looked down. There, right in the middle of my beautiful, crisp, snowy-white sheet, was a huge yellow pee-stain. The White sheet had fallen to the ground and this genius had peed on it. The Bad Dog had struck again.

I was really Mad. And so began the chase, to every single room in the house and then down the stairs. And then, "Oh my God". I was standing on the pile of crap he’d left at the bottom. I couldn't do anything more. I had to accept defeat.
Time to wash my Leg and then the White sheet again. This time, I need to keep the door locked behind me...

Hope he doesn't cause any trouble when I am into Witchcraft. I have been working on a spell so that Shanaz can make her not-so-kind visitors pay her Grocery Bills...  lol

And then, hope I am not troubled while training to be an Astronaut with Ryhen. He promised me it would be deep sea training...  lol

This was one such day when he exhibits his Badness. Well, he does something or the other everyday. But I still love this guy....:)


  1. You made me laugh again! But seriously, you need to train bad ass dog. Good luck!


  2. You really serious into witchcraft thing? Naaah... it's not for good hearted people like you.

  3. There are two reasons why dogs pee;

    1. Their bladders are full
    2. They are marking their territory

    In your case, I think he just wants to "piss" you off.

    I had just washed it previously. Well... 8 years back! - are you trying to culture bacteria or something?

    Ok, I don't know what's wrong with my name, it's only 5 letters but you kinda interchanged the location of the Y and H. Nonetheless, thank you for the shoutout. hehe. I shall repay you with hoards of readers as soon as I become famous. =)

  4. "BUTTERY"fly: Yup, he needs some training. Well, the previous trainer was really fed up. He said his son was easier to train than my Dog. He never returned...:)

    Ummie: Am I serious? No I am not... hehe
    But I have placed a bid on a flying broom on Ebay! lol

    Ryhen: OK, sorry about the mistake. I have changed it. So there you go, R-Y-H-E-N
    The sheet, well you know, when you've got to Save Water, you better go a step further... lol
    Guess what - "He pissed me off, by pissing" (Sorry, that was not funny)
    I am sure your blog will become famous...
    Hey what about the training???

  5. I really admire those people who can stand dogs. I am not a fan myself no matter how cute he is:P

    My aunt's dog always chew my sandals every time i'm there. He does that to my aunts other shoes as well. But still, she feeds him nice foods. She really loves that dog.:)

  6. Ha Ha Ha Ha! You've done it again now, haven't you. I laughed out loud when you got to the part where Tyson started to pee on the white sheet while you were ironing it! That naughty dog!

    I had a cat once, Billie was his name. My precious Billie peed on my bed, and no one else's! I'd like to think that, he was just a little too comfortable in my bed and the aura of my room, that he had to just relieve himself right there. I missed that old cute thang! Urgh.

    Thank you for the cute shout-out,I was pleasantly surprise to see my name there, in a post about your dog and his inclination to pee, on your bed. Ha Ha.

    I Hope the spell works for the "nice" people because they come by more often than the "not-so-nice" ones. =P

  7. Funny...and not so funny!

    My ex-girlfriend's cat used to pee on my backpack whenever I came over....until I learned to hang it on a hook. The first time it happened I knew the relationship was doomed.

    A woman's cat is usually a good indicator of how things will go.

    Good luck!

  8. Yes, you need to keep your room locked. I don't know why some dogs do this, but they do.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  9. My sister pup used to pee and poop on her bed, my parents' bed, and the coach edges. How gross was that? She had her pup trained and now he pees on the pee pad. Maybe you should give that a try. Good luck!

  10. Jenny: Well, I just love this guy. My Mom Especially. Since she is there with him at home all day, there is some bonding between both of them. The day we get angry at him, he always runs to my Mom. And looks like your Aunt loves Dogs too...:)

    Shanaz: Yup pretty naughty! Well, I am sorry about Billie. Animals bond with us very soon and become a part of our family. So loosing them is really sad. Well, about the shout-out, yes. I guess they all don't go well together... lol (Just joking)
    Well, the spell......zzzzzzzz

    Guy: OK then. Off to search for a woman with Cat... And I am sorry about your Backpack...:)

    Sandee: Maybe that's their way to prank... Dogs can be more understanding than humans sometimes...:)

    Rose: Training??? The previous trainer left saying he would never come back. So I've to find another. His say - "Its easier to train my son than your Dog"... lol

  11. hahaha...
    funny story...maybe ur dogs really loves you so he give you a little surprise ^^

  12. Your dog is as inconsiderate as my husband. Let's send them to obediance school together.

  13. You are much more patient with your pooch than I would be in that situation!! Hope he figures out soon where he ought and ought not be doing his business!

  14. Have you considered kennel training him? Or regualting his food/water? Those are things you can controla nd in turn teach him to control his bladder.

    Good luck!

  15. Vintage: In that case, I get a surprise on a daily basis....lol
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Kys: OK, they might be good classmates. But the problem is to convince my Dog to go to school...:)

    Kathleen: Maybe I should give him a lesson on training. Just hoping though, he doesn't answer to his call next time on me rather than my Bed...:)

    Inge: I guess, I have to train him. Well, I am considering to send him to a Dog Obedience school...

  16. it was like i am watching all ,you are such great writer and portrait the situations so amazingly,thank you very much for your nice words on my blog ,in a village life people used to see these creatures like snakes so some time they get killed by villagers,take care

  17. Loved the article! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'll be adding your followers...as I want to see how you fare with your bad dog. :)

  18. When my dog, Goldie, was a puppy she used to chew shoes. But only my shoes. And only one of them.

  19. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my site and comment.
    I laughed so hard reading this post.
    He sounds like an instigator of situations.
    I don't have any great tips for training him ... but if he is still a pup..well, things like that tend to happen.
    Hope you find a way to keep him for peeing on your sheets.
    Take care and great post!!

  20. I guess he likes your scent more than you like his. Is your bed the shape of a fire hydrant?

  21. Baili: Glad you liked it. I still am scared of Snakes. I wonder how those guys could even hold it...

    Valea: Thank you so much for dropping by. And thanks for the follow. I am sure there will be many more "Bad Dog" instances...:)

    Mee2: Maybe he had found a Chew toy in your shoe... lol Thanks for dropping by!:)

    Al`eh: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the article. I just hope there is no more peeing on my sheets!:)

    Lauren: So this is why it all happened. I better break the top part to make it a rectangle again... lol

  22. How old is your pooch again ? If he's still quite young; he needs a bit more training. If he's past the age of 8; then he might be having trouble controlling his bladder .. the best way to handle the sheets would be next time he pees on there; grab hold of him, rub his nose in the sheet and tap him on the nose with a loud NO ..