Monday, January 4, 2010

Spotty kicked away!

Kicking an animal is a Sin. And I committed it once.
Of course, it was an accident but I regret it to this day. And I am reminded of this incident every single day when I see Spotty, the 6 year old Golden Retriever who lives just across the street.

It was a calm evening when I had kicked him. I was on the swing. Believe me, concentrate on everything you do.
So I was swinging when all of a sudden Spotty showed up from nowhere. I never noticed him, and that was when, it happened. He came really close to the swing and all I could do was stretch my legs.


Spotty was airborne for about 3 seconds and then he fell 5 meters away. I ran to him. He wasn't hurt. I was glad he wasn't hurt. But I had to make a run, because he was really upset.
And then the chase began! I was running like a crazy kid around the park with folks all around. While, there were a few who were laughing, there were others who were shocked. And then a few others running. (Hey, why the hell are you guys running.)

Anyways, I had to take cover. There was again the Slide that had saved me from Buster once. I sat on top of it, while spotty was still barking. And then his owner had to come and pick him up.

I was really sorry but was glad he was OK.
I don't communicate that well with dogs, but I went over and apologized to him. All I got was a few barks. I mistook it for, "That's Alright. Mistakes happen!"
But I was wrong...


  1. I had just sprayed on ants and they died instantly - How about that?

  2. This is a cool blog keep it up.

  3. Hi Dsheray. Thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated!

  4. I guess you aren't related to the Dog Whisperer. In fact, he would likely keep you away from the dogs. Don't give up. One day you'll bond with a bitch.

  5. Don't come over my house anytime soon ;D

  6. lol, this is a nice blog you have.
    keep it up

  7. Lauren - Well, no relation at all. But I have a secret: "Human Sized Dog costume"
    It should let me blend in perfectly :)
    As for the bonding, I guess I am doing somewhat good with my dog, Tyson!

    Robin - Won't drop by as of now..... :) But when I do, hope you don't recognize me from my "Dog Costume" lol

    Dariov - Thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated...