Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swearing works?

The other day I was reading an article on the Internet about this Psychologist who said - "You can relieve pain or upset by swearing". My first thought was, what a Ting Tong article Tring...

I am not a bad person. So the foul language out of my mouth is expressed as "Ting Tong and Tring"

Anyways, all I could think was how can this work.
So the other day, I was watching Television and it stopped working. It was the Service provider's fault. All I could see was a Blue screen. I said, "Come on, not now. What a Ting Tong TV and a Tring Service!" And the next moment it was working. Oh my God, this does work!

I managed to sprain my leg the other day. I remembered the Psychologist. He did mention it would relieve me of my pain. So here goes:

Twinkle Twinkle Tring Tong Little Star
How I wonder Tring what Ting you are
Up above the Tong world Ting so Tring high
Like a Ting Tong Diamond in the sky

I didn't have to sing the entire rhyme. My pain was gone. So this does work...

And then I figured why athletes never get a sprain. Maybe swearing is the reason why they don't have more injuries. If you ever carefully looked at them on Television, you would know. The other day I managed to lip read a guy after the race. He was limping. Maybe this is the translation...

Jack and Tring Jill, went up the Ting Tong hill,
To fetch a Tong pail of Ting water.

"Hey, my knee does feel better."

But the whole swearing thing can have an undesirable effect too. A family member is having a high fever and you sit beside him. Instead of some good intentions, you start talking, "Ting Tring and Tong"

Even though he gets better, he would hate you for the rest of his life.

The Psychologist never mentioned all this. I just hope he didn't test it on his family members...

A word of caution, please don't use them in public gatherings and make sure to use only "Ting Tong and Tring"


  1. A 'ting tong person' loosely translated in Singapore and Malaysia is a crazy person - Not with mental disorder though, just more of being clumsy and careless - The characters of Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean.

    It's a good spell to cast on your flying broom - Flying free and easy - Worldwide.

  2. Like one can't run if his hands are tied just like that some people can't talk without swearing. Your post was really cute especially the ting tong poem . Give your mother my best regards ,I am grateful for the appreciation.Take care

  3. Brilliant post! I will give this treatment approach a whirl and see if it will work its magic for me. I think *letting it out* with a certain level of moderation for consideration of others in earshot can never be a bad thing.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Haha!
    That was brilliant!
    I am going to have to start using Ting Tong and Tring now!
    I'll be sure and only use it for myself though ^_^
    Hope you have a great day
    Take care

  5. Ummie: Now, that I didn't know... HAHA. So that means, you swear to show a person is crazy... lol

    Baili: Glad you liked the post. And your regards go right to her. Have a blessed day!:)

    Friend: Well, go ahead and let it out. 1-2-3. Go already... lol

    Al`eh: Use them at your own risk. Well, moderation is highly suggested...

  6. What a TING genius post!!! I can't TONG even start on how you've made the TRING swearing topic into a TING cute little TONG post! LOL

    Keep it coming my astronaut-wannabe-witch-spell-casting-dentist-hating Buddy! :)

  7. Am I a "bad" person because I cuss on my blog? And in my everyday life? Will everyone come to hate me because of the words I like to use? I hope not.

    Nice post!! Very creative. But I say, if you want to let a cuss word rip.....let it fly.....I always feel a ton better when I do. :o)

  8. this would pretty much put me in a state of constant pleasure if true.

  9. "Twinkle Twinkle Tring Tong Little Star" - Haha You're very funny!

    When I was still young -- I remember I used to hear from some of the elders that if you misplaced something, try to swear and you can find it after a few Ting, Tong, and Tring. haha
    I remember it would sometimes work, but most of the time, not. Then that's the time I decided to stop doing it :-P

    It's somehow close from what you have read. :-)

    I have a blog award to share with you, kindly pick it up in my blog. Thanks!


  10. Shanaz: Oh! You started swearing too...? lol
    Glad you liked the post...:)

    Mee2: It doesn't strike me to cuss when I am really upset. All I manage to do is laugh, like a mad person.... lol

    MODG: Glad you liked the Ting post. Tring Tong... lol

    "BUTTERY"fly: Now to beat up that Psychologist who said it would work. And thank you so much for the award...:)

  11. Lol, I'd like the psychologist to read this post, bloody hilarious! :) I swear a lot too, doesn't do much good actually speaking!

  12. Hmmm...just a thought here, maybe ting tong tring (ttt) will replace the commonly used acrynoms of wth or wtf?? You know, rather than wth, people will use ttt.

    Come to think of it, people do naturally swear when they are in pain or angry. I guess we all know instinctively how to relieve pain.

  13. I'm blessed i never get to learn those things from my elders of from my friends:P

  14. that is awesome. i am going to go ting tong a bit...i feel better already.

  15. No joke, swearing is a powerful tool. I used to be a cop and in order to get anyone to do ANYTHING, you have to use f*&# in front of it, or they don't do it. Seriously.


    Keep up the f*$^ing good work. Great post.

  16. Shrav: Maybe he will learn three more words to use.... lol

    Rose: Well, people always naturally swear. They are some words that just pop out even though not intended...:)

    Jenny: Good for you. Well, these are some qualities that we learn from friends. I have never heard it in my family. But some of the friends use them often. And that's too bad!

    Brian: Glad you liked the post. And you are feeling ting better already!:)

    Anonymity: Well, I guess Ting tong won't work.... lol