Saturday, January 30, 2010

Transportation and Mugging

Mugging is everywhere. You can be a victim of a Mug even while walking. But the highest risk is when you are using Public Transportation. Nowadays, Criminals are using Squirt Guns, yo-yo's and soft balls.

Squirt Guns to squirt water on you. Sometimes they can be rude enough to add dirty water to the gun.

Yo-Yo to scare you. By spinning them just next to your face, its really dangerous.

Soft balls are used to beat people with. Even though they are bouncy and soft, they can be scary sometimes.

After years of investigation (Sorry - hours of investigation), I have come up with a few guidelines which should help you overcome the drawbacks of riding Public Transportation. We have the right to travel in Buses. No Muggers are going to hold us back...

Never look outside the window for too long. A little distraction can lead water being squirted at your face and then, mugging!

No matter what happens, never make an eye contact with anybody. You are inviting the "Bad Person" to mug you. Never look up on hearing these lines which criminals may use to lure you - "Hey, look at me." and "Do you need 50 cents?"

Never give up your seat. Since you are standing, your chances of getting mugged increase by 78%. Giving up your seat only indicates you are weak. You might get mugged by the person whom you offered your seat to.

No matter how tempted you are, never speak to the guy sitting next to you. The condition gets even worse when the person is sleeping. This can be taken as an invitation to mug you.

Look away from anyone playing with a Yo-Yo. Even though you wish to learn some new tricks and ask, "Can you teach me some tricks?", the person will hear you as, "Can you..... Mug me?". And so, it can lead to mugging!

Always make sure to be alert to get on and off the correct station. Getting off the wrong station can lead to a Soft ball attack and mugging. Getting in the wrong station can lead to a Squirt gun and Yo-Yo combined attack and a mug!

So here you have it. Some guidelines to keep you off mugging. Public Transportation is always useful. But not necessarily safe. I am sure you will be benefited by them. As a Thank you, please don't meet me in a Bus next time. I am always equipped with a Bubble Shooter Toy. Hope, it doesn't lead to Mugging!
Disclaimer - This post is not to encourage you to take up mugging as a part time profession... Yup, that's it!


  1. I am not a user of public transportation; however, one of these squirt guns might come in handy the next time someone cuts me off in traffic.

  2. This is indeed an insight some muggers will go to mug someone. most interesting.

    Thanks for visiting my world of poetry, much appreciated.

    Take care.

  3. Unfortunately we also went through near about same incident,so I know how terrible it is to go through it, but with Ur writing skills it seemed lighter and funny ,Thanks for writing this post ,especially that last Disclaimer was nice .Take great care

  4. Hi Mr Stupid. I rarely go by public transport, but I can think of many uses for a water pistol, like esp when the Bear is in a half hour monologue of complaints ....

    Bearfriend xx

  5. Me-Me: Long live squirt guns! I am glad you don't use much of Public Transportation...:)

    Yvonne: Muggers you can't harm us... lol
    I am glad I found your blog. That poem was wonderful. Thanks for dropping by my blog...:)

    Baili: Glad you liked the post. Well, the disclaimer part was introduced when I noticed my Dog leaving my computer with a squirt gun. Maybe he had read my post....

    Bear Friend: Looks like the water pistol is a deadly weapon.... lol
    Have a good day!:)

  6. I am seriously terrified of yo-yos. Those things can go dangerously out of control and HURT!

    I'm also scared of having an ice cube thrown at me. If I see a mugger carrying a cooler filled with ice cubes, I'll know he read this comment and is after me.

  7. Well done Mr.Stupid. I had so much fun reading this post. It made me laugh as usual, but you know how I laugh at most things that people don't consider funny. But your post is one funny TING TONG TRING! and Congratulations for making mugging an alternative past time to consider! He He :)

  8. The don't use squirt guns or yo-yos much in this country (USA) for mugging. Mostly real guns and knives. Sounds like public transportation in India is risky business. Your post was funny.

    I once used a squirt gun and filled it with my own pee to squirt at a neighbor friend once. Unfortunately, it is frowned upon here to directly use your penis to pee on a neighbor friend -unless you live in New York City. There, I think, anything goes. :)

  9. Mr Stupid, brings back some painful memories but made me laugh. Long time ago I stupidly or not intervened when a man was assaulting a female passenger. The carriage was a third full but no one did anything. Needless to say it didn't end happily for me. Broken nose, three broken ribs and my bag nicked.

  10. Too late. I thought I'd never wind up a mugger, but having been a champion yo-yo'er and and avid squirt-gunner all my life, when the mugging business switched to those weapons fo choice - well, I just hadda toss my toupee in the ring. I know eventually I'll pay, but gawd is this fun until somebody catches me!

    LOL, love your blog. I'll be back fo sho - thanks for the visit and comment on my blog today, also.

    The Old Silly

  11. hmmm nice post bro, hv a nice day n tq hv visited my blog :)

  12. JD: Don't worry. I don't suppose no mugger is going to read this comment. But in case you see one, run....

    Shanaz: Glad you liked the post. Thanks for dropping by. Lets laugh..... lol

    Kelly: Squirt gun filled with your own pee? hehe I thought Dirty water was convincing... lol
    Have a good day!:)

    Gwei: Oh my god. That is really scary. I am glad you had a good time reading this post!:)

    Marvin: Oh no. We have a mugger in this blog. Aaaaa! hehe What's up with the name Marvin? Glad you are enjoying yourself.... lol
    Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Aulawi: Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day!:)

  13. Mr. S, I'm not sure what's in your head,(probably mugging)but you're just hilarious!


  14. great post! I must have laughed at least twice. nice quirky insight into the dark world of mugging. watch out oliver twist! Mr.Stupid is armed...and dangerous ;)

  15. oh wow! in your country you're not allowed to carry guns. are you allowed to have mace? when we were in India, these raging monkies lurked outside of the ice cream stand. When we came out one stuck its arms up and grrr...ed. It made my kid drop her ice cream cone. Then he picked it up and took off into the trees. Who needs muggers when you have a criminal underworld just among the beasts?!??!! Really, i carry mace and a .38 hand gun. I'm not too worried about muggers here in rural America. I was real worried about monkeys there in India though!

  16. Someone tried to steal from my open handbag years ago. I felt a tug on my bag, looked down at my bag (one of those totes), and saw a hand inside! I quickly swung around but couldn't make out who was the thief. There were so many people standing behind me on that crowded bus. I never carried a bag with a zipper from then on. LOL...thanks for your years of research to compose the advice for us :)

  17. "BUTTERY"fly: I can't figure it too. But as long as I have it, maybe some of these topics would arrive... lol

    Crazynigerian: Glad you liked it. Well, beware world. I arrive with a Bubble shooter....:) Glad she was unharmed. Well, monkeys here do that all the time. Though, they can be far better than humans sometime.... lol

    Rose: Maybe you should carry a mouse trap in your handbag the next time.... lol
    The research, I am glad you were benefited... hehe

  18. our country is ...full of chaos

    got so busy with school stuffs and i was sick..hope your doin fine:)