Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day dude and the days!

Every week is made up of seven days of equal depth, height and area. It depends on one particular day and after a boring ridiculous five days, it ends with one last day. Once that is done, another week is ready to start off from the beginning.

I hate all the days of a week except for Sundays. All I do is sit on the couch and visualize something on the wall. In other words, daydream - A great hobby for anyone having a really bad time or looking for a good job.

A week starts with either Monday or Sunday and ends with either Sunday or Saturday. Sometimes a week begins on Wednesday and ends on a Tuesday. I hope, I am not the only one saying that.

They say that Days got their names from planetary or numerical meanings. But they were all wrong.

Sunday which is the most appreciated day fell on the "Day naming ceremony". This day was particularly very sunny and "The Day Dude" decided to name it Sunnyday or in short, Sunday.
Day dude who? - Well, he was the guy who was assigned to name the days of a week. He sure did a good job!

Monday was declared next. It took Day dude a whooping 6 hours to decide upon a name. The sun had gone now and so arrived the Moon. At first look, he decide it should be Moonday. Since it had him standing for so long, he decided to name it Moronday. But considering its usage by children, the "o" from the first and the "r" from the second were removed resulting in Monday.

Tuesday is the second or third day of the week. It traditionally occurs after Monday, but also after Sunday, although it never happens straight after Sunday as this space is occupied by ridiculous Monday. Tuesday was named after Mars. I wonder what Day dude was thinking. "Tue" and "Mar" had nothing in common. Not even the alphabets.
Rumor was that Day dude texted his uncle "Tuesdude" asking if he was going to return the bike he had borrowed. He never got a reply. But he sure got an idea - the day was named after his robber uncle!

Wednesday was next. Day dude had to think a lot for this one. He finally gave up and called his Mom. She decided it should be called Wednesday. Day dude never got any credit for this one. It was only his mom who received a $50 Amazon gift card.

Thursday was decided when Day dude had a vision about all the good stuff that would come on TV. Though, the guy never realized that they were all later aired on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Friday arrived when Day dude started feeling hungry. One of the guys behind Day dude decided to call Domino's. A large Cheese pizza was ordered. Zoom came a delivery boy. With him was the large pizza. But there was something more. French Fries! Day dude couldn't thank him enough. He had found the name. Friedday or Fryday became, Friday.

Saturday was coined once Day dude was done eating. The guy was really selfish. He never thanked the delivery boy for helping him with his name. Nor did he share the food with anyone. All he had to do now was sit and rest. And so, the name, Saturday from "Sat".
After the naming ceremony was done, many agreed that Saturday should also be associated with Day dude's Selfish behavior.

I love Sundays. Monday is on its way though... zzzz...


  1. Hahaha How did you come up with those stories associated with the names of each days? Saturday is over -- you're not supposed to sit all day.

    Oh well, Happy MOroNDay Mr. S! (It's monday here)

    I had a good laugh!


  2. You have an amazing mind, I so enjoy the dry crisp wit and that touch of acidic (but fun) irony. From now on Monday (it's here now in gray London) will revert to Day dude's original name Moronday as it seems so apt. That's when I tend to meet, bump into, get shoved and pushed on tubes and am summarily queue jumped by morons. I don't like Morondays.

  3. Mr.Stupid! You must have been seriously bored watching the wall for some entertainment that you started to indulge in the creation of the every day names.

    Moronday is a good name because I had to deal with a moron today and it's just a waste of time and energy. I want to roll and sleep in the coffin and wake up when days have no names and Day dude is not selfish anymore.

    Have a good day! :)

  4. thanks for such laughter bringing story ,how sweet the way you said i hate all days ,it reminded me some of nephew of mr D D DUC,who use to say for every thing i hate it ,your imagination is amazing all the reasons behind names were so cute ,your mom must be proud to have such intelligent son ,god bless you

  5. How do you work out all these facts and figures?
    Very interesting I must say.


  6. Hi Mr Stupid. So they put all the good stuff on TV on Thursday where you are too. Why do they do that?

    I think Monday is definitely Moronday from now on!

    Bearfriend xx

  7. I am pretty sure you are an re-incarnation of the day dude..ha ha! Except for Tuesday,loved the reasoning for every name! I would have named Monday the same if I would have been the "day dude" because I moan all day long on work so "Moan-day" or "Monday"!! :)

  8. "BUTTERY"fly: Day dude Emailed me... hehe
    I have a bit more of Monday to spend, so... zzzz
    Glad you liked the post!

    Gwei: Acidic? I just thought, all that was in my mind was Coke and some drinking water with frogs in it... lol
    Well, I hate Morondays too! Hate it, am hating it still...

    Shanaz: Looks like all that staring worked. Its a hard job though. All you do is look at the blank wall... lol
    Well, that sounds great. Happy Moronday. Yeah, I am just hours away from finishing it!

    Baili: Maybe I should wish her a "Happy Moronday" and see if she still is proud of me.... lol
    Glad you liked the post. Have a nice day!

    Yvonne: Looking at a wall. Try it. Don't be shy, go ahead... hehe
    Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Bearfriend: Well, now they are aired on Tuesdays. They are all boring BTW. Maybe, I should see the ones on Thursday instead.
    Glad you agreed. Time to make my brother agree too. Like that's going to happen....!

    Gautam: Maybe I am. That's why, I got an anonymous message stating, "I am ur incarnnaation" spelled wrong. I spell wrong too!
    Happy Moanday and thanks for stopping by...:)

  9. Okay, I get it. I've wondered this.

    But who assigned Day Dude his job? (And I assume "Month Guy" and "Season Chick" got their breaks there, too.)
    Because I want to apply! (How are the benefits, anyways?)

  10. i love sundays other sunday is better than with the sundays i am doing now for this month:)

  11. I'm retired so everyday is Saturday or Sunday. Whatever day I want it to be. :)

  12. haha. you have the most amazing imagination...

  13. wow this is very interesting. i don't know many people with an imagination like yours except for maybe me. i be you get into as much trouble with yours as i do too!! what are you doing staring at the wall?! i thought you were a student!!

  14. Hey Mr. Stupid - Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my blog! You know, I have had those weeks that begin on a Wed and end of Tues. Actually, I've had a few weeks that begin on a Thurs and end on a Sat. The rest of the week? Poof. Who knows where it went?

  15. I like the "Sat"...urday story! Sounds about right.

    I used to hate Sundays growing up. I think because I was stuck at home all day because all my friends were busy with church or family events. So I guess I didn't mind the weekdays because I was able to get out of my house, see my buddies and keep busy!

    Of course, Saturdays always held so much promise, but often disappointed!

  16. C: The "Year Guy" was behind the selection. You can apply too. There is a written exam and then an Interview. Don't worry, you will do well. BTW, applications are online.... lol
    Benefits? You get a Pizza and comfortable couch. What else do you need? hehe

    Jenny: Glad you like them. I just hope there were 52 Sundays all together. That would be a lot of daydreaming for me....:)

    Sandee: In that case, I am retiring too. Goodbye studies. Hello retirement life... lol
    BTW, can I still get to stare at blank walls?

    Brian: Are you serious? I just foresaw the adventures of Day Dude on my wall. Maybe it was an imagination and it took me so long to realize it... lol
    Thanks for droppping by...! Well, I am a student. I stare at everything. Wall, books, teachers and everything worth staring.
    Good to hear I have company.... hehe

    Patty: That was Day dude's uncle who managed to rob those days. The evil guy strikes again! lol
    I am glad I found your blog the other day. Smile...:)

    Guy: Glad you like the post. Thanks for the visit, have a good day!:)

  17. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!........OMG!, this is really funny. I love Fridays, and hate Mondays.

  18. You know where we get the names for the 7 days of the week? It came from pagan worship. Saturday was in honor of the god Saturn while Sunday is for the sun worshippers. I don't really care about the rest coz everyday to me is basically the same cr*p. Wish I could eat pizza every once in a while like you. Great post! Cheers dude!

  19. Don't forget Tuesday Toesday! Stomp!

  20. Luchi: Glad you liked the post. Boo Mondays! Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Ryhen: Hello Ryhen. I thought the day dude was behind the naming. The old fellow lied to me.... lol
    Glad you liked the post. Have a good day!

    Katherine: That's nice. Toesday... hehe
    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. This is so funny and entertaining! Good job with your blog, it's one of a kind!