Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dream, Demon and the Dog!

Nightmares are really scary. They happen when you have irritated you brain enough and its time for him to take revenge.
My Brain was exhausted with me and so yesterday was payback time!

I had a triple "D" nightmare. And that's really bad for a guy who generally can't sleep alone in his room fearing the monsters under his bed.

It was a pleasant dream with me looking out to nature. Though, I was going upwards.
Where was I? - On a Roller Coaster. Oh my god! There was a Loop and then a huge Over banked turn. Both eagerly waiting for me.

On my right, enjoying the ride with me is Ronald McDonald. The same freakish clown guy with white paint all over his face and lipstick. The clown who sits on an empty chair at most McDonald's restaurants. He was the Demon!

The ride ultimately ends with me screaming like a wierdo and brings me to my house. Its deserted. All I see around me is my dog's nature call results. Everywhere! This generally happens in my room in real life. Anyways, I didn't have to do any cleaning. Hey, it was just a dream.

There was some more horror waiting though. My neighbor decides to drop in with a Katana Sword.
"Son, you've troubled me all these years. Its time we fight!"
"Hey, all I have done is spoil your lawn and then tattoo your door."
"That's enough bad things. Choose a weapon. Fork or a Spoon?"

I had no choice. The fork could at least poke him. So, I chose it. The fight began and then ended all of a sudden.

This time I am at another house. It looks very similar though.
Oh yeah, its my neighbor's house. The same guy wanting to fight me. Maybe he's looking for me at my house with the Sword.

A peep into the road reveals cops. Yes, C-O-P-S
These guys were all wearing Santa suits. They did have guns though. There was a Coastguard, two helicopters and an Ambulance. Outside one of the cars was Ronald McDonald. The same freakish guy from the Roller Coaster. He was holding a Loudspeaker and then yelled, "Mr. Neighbor, please put the Sword down and get out of that house!"

My Neighbor is now back in his own house. We fight again. Me with the fork. In fact, I was winning!
And then there is chaos outside. The clown guy already freakish, freaks out and makes a run in his car. My neighbor runs too.

On getting out, I find a Dinosaur. The guy is really upset with people and wants to destroy the world. There is one difference though. There was no dinosaur head. Just my Dog's. Oh no! My Dog wanted to destroy the whole world.

All this foolishness didn't wake me up except for the fact that my dog was a dinosaur. It took me several minutes to interpret what had happened and then I screamed.
Ironically, my dog decided to sleep in my room yesterday. Looking at him I screamed again. He was least bothered though. He went back to sleep. So did I.

Coming to the dream, I wonder why I had my neighbor in it. Though, I have done lots more bad than what I mentioned. As for Ronald McDonald, the guy freaks me out even in real life...


  1. this is the dream that has something to do with Ronald Mc Donald huh? He obviously freaks you out.
    As for the dinosaur with your dog's head -- that must have been a nightmare. LOL!

    Have a great weekend Mr. S!


  2. Your subconscious mind is as creative and ironically witty as your conscious one! I'd love to know what a dream means.I seldom recall my dreams and the ones that I do a either mundane activities or just plain dreadful - last one I dreampt that my daughter had died and I was at her funeral.

  3. My dear should stay away from McDonald's. It sure was a freakish dream.

    You got something against Santa??

    I am sure your poor Dog needs therapy after that scream heheh

  4. Dreams can be very disturbing, I think the other comments about sums up what I would have said.


  5. Maybe you were just hungry way deep down. lol. I can't stand those dreams that never seem to end.

  6. What the heck did you eat before you went to bed. You had a lot going on in your dream. I probably would have woken up screaming bloody murder.


  7. "BUTTERY"fly: He's been freaking me out since a very small age. The guy wears lipstick. That's enough to freak somebody... lol
    I guess my dog decided to have a dino transplant... hehe

    Gwei: I just hope my subconscious mind remembers that compliment... HAHA
    OMG! That was a scary dream!

    Pineapple: Well, coming to Santa, he refused to climb down the chimney at my home. He felt it was a bit too small for him... lol
    Well, I am staying away from McDonald's. Far away....
    All the guy did was stare at me and go to sleep. Does he still need therapy? Maybe I need one... lol

    Yvonne: They sometimes are. Glad you liked the post. Have a great Sunday!

    Sheila: They sure can be really long. I just hope, I don't have a Part 2 today.... hehe

    Redbonegirl97: I woke up screaming too. In fact, two screams... lol
    Have a great day!:)

  8. Hi Mr Stupid. That was a loooong bad dream. From this I would interpret that you are spending way too much time in McDonalds, need to train your dog to poop elsewhere, and should be much kinder to your neighbour. As for linking Santa to the cops? Wow - you must have been a bad boy. You need to put that right otherwise you'll get no presents this year!

    Bearfriend xx

  9. Have you ever dreamt of a dream where you try to think that all of that things are just dreams and all of a sudden your already awake?i get that sometimes and it's weird. Your dream is a very tiring one. I don't want to have that kind of dream :P
    Have a good day :D

  10. LOL... Your subconscious mind is not that stupid.. it is quite creative.

  11. I'll tell you what: reading this was like riding a rollercoaster! I'm glad that wasn't MY dream, and think it's cool you could remember enough to share. FUN!

  12. i dont know if i will be able to sleep tonight...wacky dream. maybe lay off the Mcdonaldsw fries before bed, lol. i had a dream once where i was being chased through the woods, finally caught only to find out it was me.

  13. Ohhh I have such wacked out dreams too. If I'm over-tired I gotta watch out. hehe. That's pretty cool that you remember them, these are some crazy dreams!!

  14. You are wise to choose the fork as a weapon of choice. A feeble-minded individual would have chosen a spoon. What strategy you displayed!

    Want a real freaky nightmare? How about one of you doing IT with a hot girl in your dream. You suddenly look up at her, when the dream starts getting good and she suddenly, has a Ronald McDonald clown face.

    Thanks for the nightmares! Best wishes!

  15. Bearfriend: Firstly, I haven't spent much time at McDonald's. Maybe its the horrors of the past when I was forced to sit next to the clown guy and snapped...
    My Dog will never learn. Two trainers refused to teach him. One of them said it was easier to train his son than my dog... lol
    And my neighbor, I am really kind to him. All I did was tease him once... sorry more than once and stick tattoos on his doors!

    Jenny: It sure was a tiring dream. And kinda boring. Thanks to the special effects and the sword fight, I managed to stay in the whole thing...:)

    Farila: Time for me to convince my subconscious mind, that he is not stupid.
    He sure can be sometimes though... lol

    Megan: Did the roller coaster have any loops? hehe
    Glad you liked it. Have a great day!:)

    Brian: Maybe you need to forget the clown face. He won't haunt you then... lol

    Melanie: Way too crazy. Glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by my blog...:)

    Kelly: Master Tong Song convinced me to choose the fork. He was right about his choice... lol
    Have a good day!:)

  16. Clowns are evil and the stuff nightmares are made of. Even Ronald McDonald.

    The only time I have really bizarre and/or disturbing dreams is when I've taken a Benadryl at night. I've had acid trips that were much more fun.

  17. i think you ate so much before sleeping which cast you a roller coaster ride ,some time dreams are like we wish for ,i love to swing in my dream but its not in our hands you know have a great day

  18. Ronald McDonald would have been enough to freak me out without all the rest! What a dream... er.. nightmare.

    -- Ivy

  19. Was rollercoaster the Zombieland effect?! The neighbor, the clown..he he! All my friends have dreams with rollercoaster in them and they being heroic shooting off zombies! (basically zombie dreams are no more nightmares for them!)

  20. I think I just figured out where you came up with the title for your blog.

  21. I came over from Farila's site, your blog is a real fun!
    Hope that your day is a good one so far.

  22. Kelly: Clowns sure are scary. I never sit next to Ronald McDonald. He gives me the scares!
    Maybe you should keep away from Benadryl!

    Baili: This means, I wished for my dog to be a dinosaur. Oh no! lol

    Ivy: Keep away from the clown. Keep away from the restaurant too. Maybe the next time, he might arrive from nowhere...:)

    Gautam: Maybe the front seats were occupied by Zombies... hehe
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Warren: Glad you did. Hope you liked it...:)

    Betty: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it...:)

  23. Ronald McDonald indeed is creepy-ish. He's got this weird fake smile on his face. I mean, the face itself is not his real face. It's layer up layer of makeup. I'm sorry he came up for a action-comedy-horror flick in your dream, Mr.Stupid.

    Hope this was his last appearance, in your dreams. In real life, you could just Tattoo his face at all the Mc.D's, for revenge. Muahaha. :D