Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Game gone wrong!

It was a league match on a Sunday morning at my school. All the parents had come too. In fact, they were the only people sitting in the stadium. There were more empty chairs than the number of people in total. So, the scene was right from a boring day of lousy Cricket. All of them tried to be anxious, but most of them were dragged to the stadium. My parents had come since this was my first match ever. And was ultimately the last time I ever played Cricket.

I was playing for my school. Yup, I was on the team. The first batsman to open the innings.
How did I make it to the team? Well, I bribed my coach. Nah... they were forced to take me in as there weren't enough players.

My coach had a quick talk with me the previous day. "Look, we are taking you in because there aren't enough players. Even though you are horrible at the game, at least you can hold up the bat unlike others..."
Now, I wanted to know who those others were. Somebody was worse than me? Wow!

Anyways, everyone knows that kids don't have a good aim. They can really send the ball in an entirely wrong direction. So, I was standing there waiting to play the first ball of the game. I was chewing on my league's gum. Well, we had to pay for them. So it was a really stupid and a not so big league. The crowd made me feel like I was a big man. Even though they all looked like a pack of cows, mooing for no reason. Here, they were Oooing.

Finally, the bowler started his run. I opened up for a swing, not even following where the ball would go. It was either a shot outside the stadium or a couple of runs. I did forget to mention though, there was another option. The ball finally came charging. My eyes were closed and there, I swung my bat...


The ball was fallen next to my sneakers. Where did it collide?
Oh yeah. It collided with me. It hit me in the stomach. Not a bit lower, thank god! I collapsed. I could here a few chuckles here and there among players, but I could see all the parents were concerned.
The umpire immediately came up to me and then shouted,
"Don't worry guys. He's alright!"
You Idiot, I am the one hurt here. I don't think I am alright.

The next moment, I could see the guys giggling and cheering me up. As the umpire helped me stand up, the fielder threw the ball to the bowler. Unluckily, but to my happiness, the guy wasn't looking when the other guy threw the ball to him.

There was a big "Ouch" and many "Ting Tongs". To be exact, there were 6 Tings and 8 Tongs. The ball hit him, just below where I was hit...
The genius didn't realize that it was his own player who had accidentally nailed him. He thought it was one of the fools from my team!

Aha, Entertainment was just beginning!

The guy stormed to where my team was sitting. He managed to tackle a guy in the front. Then he punched my coach in the face. I enjoyed that punch, seriously. Everyone was abusing each other and then the parents arrived. Mine were still in disbelief as to what had happened...
Finally, the dream to hit a century ended at home.

Rumor was that the fight lasted for another 3 hours. Cops were called in but they thought it was a wrestling match in the open field and decided to watch, sitting in the unoccupied stadium!

P.S: The guy in the picture is not me. One such incident was enough to crush my cricketing career...


  1. The cops should've done something :))
    Anyway, there are still other games that you could play...perhaps you fancy the thought of a baseball player???:P kidding:)

  2. Your tale had me in tears (laughter and something else)> Girls weren't allowed to play cricket in my day. But my brother was on the B team for a rather famous country cricket club. I just remember the long boring summers listening to leather on willow with the occasional wood pigeon thrown in. I was of course in the club house helping to make tea and cucumber sandwiches. I wish there had been a bust up at one of those matches would have livened things up immensely

  3. Thanks for giving me such a laughter giving write such an interesting way about yourself it requires lots of positive thinking ,looking at your performance i am offering you to join my country team now days they are almost playing like you , this pic of yous is really cute ,take care

  4. ..."Don't worry guys. He's alright."
    The umpire feels for you.

    ...Then he punched my coach in the face. I enjoyed that punch, seriously.
    Now, did you feel for your coach too?

  5. Jenny: All they did was enjoy the game and bet for who would win the fight.
    And why didn't I think about that. Baseball, here I come.... But does it have to do anything with a bat and a ball? Just curious... lol

    Gwei: Glad you liked the post. That's too bad. Maybe you should sometime give this game a try. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day!

    Baili: Well, the pic wasn't me. I never got a chance to pose that well to face the ball...:)
    Glad you liked the post. I have positive thinking? Now that is one new word in my vooooocabulary... lol

    Ummie: For my coach? Never. I had a good laugh though. That's what a coach gets when he accompanies his team on a bad day.... hehe
    Well, maybe he had seen the candy I had dropped and secretly picked it up.... lol

  6. Cricket? I like the sound of crickets more than the sound of the cricket ball game. Ha Ha Ha.

    I don't get ball games, crickets, or football, I mean, throwing balls and picking them up and throwing them up again, so that another person could direct it at some place that will result in a whole loada exclamations from the crowd. It seems so weird. But no offense, to cricket and football lovers. I'm just blabbering here.

    The scene where that ball collided with you, on your tummy, is pretty hilarious, I must say. I had a much painful experience, where the ball was thrown by my friend and it hit me directly on my face. Talk about Real Pain. Ha Ha Ha

  7. Loved your blog, it reminded me of my youngest son who was football crazy, he went on to be a professional for a few years than a broken jaw and smashed ankle forced him to hang his boots up. I used to really enjoy watching him play.
    Take care.

  8. Kelly: It was way too civilized on that day... hehe Thanks for dropping by, have a good day!:)

    Shanaz: I don't get them either. In Cricket, a guy throws the ball, another hits it. One fool in the field tries to catch. Another grumpy face on the pitch tries to give a decision called the Umpire. This is one disturbed game. Why do you think I played it then? lol
    Now a ball at the face is really scary. Though, I was hit with a basketball on my nose. Well, that's another story...:)

    Yvonne: Too bad. I just hope he could play the game again. Thanks for the compliments, have a good day!:)

    heelsnstocking: Thank you so very much...:)