Friday, February 12, 2010

How to do just about anything!

While looking at my computer screen like a half dazed person, I came across a website. The guys were trying to sell a book. It looked really familiar - "How to do just about anything with XP"

Just a year back, a Salesman had convinced my Mom to purchase it. Well, the problem was, we had Vista and not XP.
She always has a tough time with Salesmen. They show her a product. But she always goes with the freebie. So even though, the item is not at all necessary, we manage to get it.

Today, all of a sudden it started staring at me. Yeah, the book. So I had to take it out of the shelf. I was then exposed to "Hundreds of ways to get more out of my PC". That was the sideline on the book.

It took me well over 10 minutes to study the cover. Maybe it was the right time for me to open it. The book was pretty amazing with so many tips, I had never known. The problem was, I used Vista and not XP.

I still find it hard to accept how this book will help me with just about everything. I guess the author had a bad nightmare where a Tooth fairy said him to go ahead and write a book. In exchange to the idea, he had to give away his tooth for no coins.
Now, these are some hard chores, I do everyday. Hope the book can help me with all of them:

Wake me up in the morning. The time when I am really upset. Even with my pet sponge and the Camels poster in my room..

Brush my teeth. Squirt toothpaste onto my brush. Forget its done and do it again. Drop some in the sink. Brush my chin and cheeks instead of my teeth.

Sing with me in a really annoying voice in the shower. This is just to annoy my neighbor who is on the other side of the wall. Also call him names and try to make him feel guilty about living next door.

Pet my pet sponge,
"Spongy". Yeah, that's his name. Teach him the alphabets and sing with him at least one song. Rock or Solo.

Make a story with my G.I. Joe action figures. Also sing the theme song.

Walk my dog, feed my dog, accept all the fuss. Pat him for all the good and bad things he does. Feed him anything he wants. Pay for the food too.

Share my food. Eat all the broccoli. No candies and other sweet tasting stuff though!

Successfully count all the camels in my poster. Do it all again when you go wrong.

My humble advice to you would be to get the book. Maybe he will help you too. Now to wait and see if my book helps me out...


  1. I used to buy products advertised on those late night informercials. I'd store most of them without using. How really so stupid and waste of money. Have you ever thought about giving that book away to a friend or relative?

  2. Those sort of books are beyond my comprension.
    I try and figure out my pcmy self.....not always successfully I may add.


  3. Ha Ha Ha. You need a book to help you with petting your pet sponge? Are you okay, Mr.Stupid? Did you lose your hand muscles from typing a little bit too much, for your site?

    And why would your mom buy a book on XP when you're using Vista? Why's Lord Grumpy not there to kick the salesman out of your house.

    I hope you're well, and have a fantastic weekend! :)

  4. If it helps you with ANY of those things, let me know. Maybe your Mom can get me a copy, too!

  5. If it helps you maybe you can become the new spokesperson for the book.

  6. Rose: Finally, I just found somebody like my Mom. She's got so so many items that are stored in her wardrobe. Well, they are a home to many friendly rats now... lol
    I have never thought about that. Maybe I should...:)

    Yvonne: How I learned my PC was when Fairy Techno Mother hopped into my dream and lectured me about Computer usage. I had to pay her a minimal fee though... hehe
    Glad you ignore such books.

    Shanaz: "The Curse of the keyboard". Maybe its true... lol
    As for Lord Grumpy, its hard to get him out of his room. So maybe he's not even aware we have a book of that sort... HAHA
    Now, my Mom went only for the shining glass edged pen stand. Though, I broke it within a week!
    Thanks for dropping by....:)

    CrossView: Well, if in case, she's unable to, I will wipe of the dust on this one and mail it to you for free of cost. BTW, Shipping not included.... HAHA
    Thanks for visiting....:)

    Tracie: And lets see where the Book sales goes to... lol
    Have a nice day!

  7. Successfully count all the camels...

    You know, I never thought about it before, but counting camels could be a very unique hobby - just the thing for the trendy '10s.

    Are they hard to see in snow?

  8. what interesting chores you have!! Hmm....

  9. Hi Mr Stupid. Well you seriously lucked out on having Vista. If only you'd got XP your life could have been so much easier!

    Bearfriend xx

  10. i want a pet sponge...
    thanks for the intel on the book...becuase knowing is half the battle....smiles.

  11. One of my favorite hobbies is looking at porn. It always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes it can be a real chore, though... and it makes my hand hurt, too.

    By the way, funny post, dude.

  12. Nanc: That sure is a great hobby. I was firstly into counting sheep. But this was pretty interesting and hard. All the humps you see... lol Glad you agreed. At least somebody does. They are all a challenge everyday! hehe

    Bearfriend: That's the hard part to digest. If only I had XP. If only.....
    Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Brian: You will have to adopt one from the "Spongy Rights Commission" lol
    Well, don't worry about that. Knowledge is meant to be shared... hehe

    Kelly: Maybe you should throw away your hobby and look forward to something better. Why not, gaze at the stars to find an alien or a flying Cow?
    Have a nice day...:)

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog:) I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read some more...
    Have a great day.

  14. I never understood those kind of books. What is the point in reading a book that is suppose to help you solve the secret to the universe when you can't even understand what the book is saying..and say you might understand what the book is saying. Then you actually HAVE to do what the book is saying. I tell you, its all way too much work when you can just push buttons until you figure it out and feel like a genius (^_^)
    anyway, that is my theory on books like that.
    Thanks again for another great post =D

  15. Oh please...pass it on to me. I used Vista too, it could probably help me out with my chores too..haha

    BTW, Thanks for the greetings Mr. S!
    Happy V-day to you too!


  16. I really am very impressed with your blog.
    Indeed I wanted to know more about you
    and make the BIGGEST MISTAKE of
    viewing your profile. lol

    stay cool.


  17. Sparkly: Thank you so much for the follow. Well, there is a lot of stupidity coming your way... hehe
    Thanks for dropping by!:)

    Al`eh: Its always easy when you do that. Though, by pushing just one button - delete, I managed to clear out my C drive. But, I have got a hang of my computer now. Hopefully...:)

    "BUTTERY"fly: I'll be glad to do that. But, I need to train the guy. He refused to even show an expression today... HAHA

    ShAKirA: Now that's a huge compliment. Thank you so much. This deserves a Candy. Well, I just had one. Do you mind if I just send the wrapper now and a candy later? hehe Just kidding!
    Thanks for reading my profile and for stopping by. Have a good day!:)

  18. Mr.Stupid! I have an idea that you can use to get the Lord Grumpy out of his room. Why don't you set him up on a blind date for the Valentine's! He He.

    I'm sure writing the stuff I thought you in Malay is easy enough. The fun comes when you try to speak it. Ha Ha Ha. Did you have a good Valentine's date today? or were grounded for breaking your Mom's shining glass edged pen stand. Too much broccoli for you! =P

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too and have fun with the family and friends :)

  19. That is a funny post. Some sales people can indeed get us to buy anything even if we don't need it. And ofcourse the instruction manuals are all about the sale of the product, making you believe that you can't exist without that product. I like the way you wish it would do everything you wanted. So far there hasn't yet been such a computer, has there?

  20. Thanls for visiting my blog. Happy Valentines day and enjoyed visiting your neat blog

  21. Shanaz: Well, that's really hard to do. Maybe I need to knock on his door the next time and say, "This is Lord Voldemort. Open the door!"
    Hope that works!... hehe
    As for the date, it was with my entire family. We were at a restaurant. Had lots of fun!:)

    Glenda: I am in the process of making one... lol
    Well, Salesmen are really talented. A guy had once connvinced me to buy a shirt that was two times my size!
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Sara: Glad I found your blog. Same to you...:)