Thursday, February 18, 2010

Memory Loss Aunt

Having a family that is filled with personalities is great to live in. A Dog who feels as if he's the most important guy in the world. An uncle who can pretend really well to be the best carpenter. An aunt, who often forgets simple words, names and everything else important. And many others who can do really well at whatever wrong they do!

Coming to my Aunt, she has trouble remembering things. It can be Birthdays or people's names. She never has it at the tip of her tongue.

One such time was when I was very young, I guess 11. My brother and I decided to give her a surprise visit. He was 15 then. The door opened.
She said, "Who's this?"
"Surprise! We have traveled all the way alone to meet you."
, he said.
Great! Now go back home or your parents will get worried..."
Slam, the door was already shut.

All I could do was laugh, but there were tears on the guy next to me. He was either heartbroken or the door slammed on his nose. We still stood there, as this wasn't what we were expecting. My brother decided to give it another shot. The door opened again.
"Don't you remember us?"

It took her a few minutes. "Oh... Boys I am really sorry!"
I had learned a new meaning for "Memory Loss" that day.

She had even named her cat, "Cat". This was just to make sure she never forgot his name. It was name forgetting everywhere. At work, most of her colleagues would be inquired upon, "Since when have you been working here?". It sure must be a forgetful environment.

She couldn't even remember her birthday. It was again my brother giving her a call once.
"Happy Birthday Aunt..."
"Thanks for remembering."
"So, how are you?"
, he said.
"I am doing good. How are your kids?"
"I don't have any..."
, was the reply.
"Good for you. And how is your wife?"
"I am not married either."
"Nice. Hope your work is going on well."
, he was just starting to talk.
"Nice to have spoken to you. I am busy right now. Bye!"

There was again the sad face. But this time no door slamming or nose breaking. Just the phone call getting disconnected on the other side. He wasn't employed. Just studying. Too bad, he couldn't complete a dignified talk.

They say "Memory Loss" is hereditary. I just hope, I don't even get close to it.
To be frank, sometimes I tend to forget simple words like...


  1. Yea, I'm completely absent-minded sometimes. Oh well, it makes life fun.

    Wait, what was I talking about again?

    --Terrace Crawford

  2. You mean she's still working?
    Does she remember to go to work everyday?

  3. Yeah. Since having had kids, my memory is shot. Sleep-deprivation? Sensory overload? Just way too much damn stuff to remember? Whatever. I can't remember why my memory is so bad. Must be all of the above... and some other stuff.

  4. don't worry! ignorance is bliss ;-)

  5. better to be pleasantly confused than grumpily sharp that is.

  6. I used to be the guy who could recall anything and everything.
    These days with jobs......blogging......I can barely remember my own name.

  7. HAHAHAHA Your Aunt is really Funny. I mean usually, the case of memory loss, so severe as this is seen in older people afflicted with Alzheimer's. How old is your Aunt by the way? And wow, I didn't know Lord Grumpy's the Emo type. Hahaha. Nice portrayal of the new characteristic of your source of entertainment. =p

    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend! :)

  8. Memory loss happens to us at asome time or another and it can be quite amusing, but there can be a serious reason why some people do lose their memories.


  9. Terrace: Oh no! What was I commenting about? lol
    Don't worry, you have company - Me!

    Ummie: Maybe she has work written on a refrigerator magnet... hehe
    Yeah, she's still working. Hard to believe though!

    WarsawMommy: Maybe somebody stole it... lol
    I wonder what happens to my memory when I have kids. Grumpy, that my brother.... lol
    Ignorance sure is bliss! Thanks for stopping by....:)

    Guy: That happens. Though, I don't have any children, nor am I married, I forget things.
    BTW, what was I commenting about??? See...

    Shanaz: How old is she? BTW, how old am I?
    See, forgetful. This means its hereditary.
    Well, the guy can exhibit exactly 19 different characteristics. The number may vary sometimes.... lol
    Thanks for dropping by Shanaz. Have a great weekend yourself...:)

    Yvonne: Maybe they sell it on Ebay... haha
    Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day! Smiles:)

  10. Memory loss...... i myself have this forgetful nature .I forgot my friend's birthday lol.

  11. Just think what life would have been without her. I love my crazy family members and out crazy family moments. Like my uncle that lives in Detroit and is positive that it only takes him less than 2 hours to get to Chicago. He is the biggest exaggerator I know.


  12. I am forgetful most of the time. I remember there was one instance that I was looking for my daughter.....and there I found her in my arms. haha funny but true. I don't know if it has something to do with anaesthesia, I delivered via CS section twice :)

    As for your aunt. I'm not sure, but it could really be Alzheimers..

    Have a great day Mr. S :)


  13. Sounds like your Aunt is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Very funny post, dude. I'm forgetful like that, too, at times so I can empathize (did I spell that right?)

  14. Hi Mr Stupid. Your aunt's memory is even worse than the Bear's. At first I thought he was suffering from "selective forgetting", ie forgetting the bad times, but then I realised he just forgets the whole lot. Much simpler that way.

    Bearfriend xx

  15. I had the best memory until I had kids. Now I can't remember to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. It's really bad. :(

  16. Shabnam: That's a good one. Well, I forgot my friend's name... HAHA
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Redbonegirl97: Life sure would have been hard without her...:)
    Exaggerating... I used to do that. But don't worry won't mention it here... hehe
    Have a great day!:)

    "BUTTERY"fly: Alzheimers. I just hope I remember that until I meet my friends. I can overreact about the matter even though, I am not sure what it is.... hehe
    That was a good one. Looking for your daughter... lol

    Kelly: I didn't know which spelling you were referring to. But don't worry, they are all right. How do I know? - I use spell check.... haha

    Bearfriend: Looks like Bear does the same. In fact, I do the same. What was I commenting about? See... lol

    Tracie: Well, I forget to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth. Seriously....!

  17. I wish your aunt was my without crazy deadlines and loads of work would be heaven if your boss didn't know when the job was supposed to be done!!! :)

  18. i don't know about other things but on of my aunt is whenever comes to my house she forgets her eyeglass every where ,and we mostly sped our time to looking for her glasses

  19. hahah...this so funny...YOur Aunt has many companions...the older you grow..the faster your forget :)

    Carry a placard next time you go and visit her..The placard should say
    'I am your Nephew...My name is ...
    Please do not slam the door in my face'.

  20. Memory is such a strange thing! People can remember what they wore on the first day they went to school 60 years ago, but forget where they kept their glasses and their medicine. A very humorous take on an interesting subject.

    Just added your blog to my reading list.

  21. Nice and funny blogg you have and thank you for your lovely comment on my side....I will be back...Happy blogging!

  22. lol. that was amazing...i have a few quirky relatives...but this is too funny.

  23. I loved this ! Blogs that make me laugh out loud really deserve coming back to, so in return for you following me, you also have a new follower!

  24. I love that she named her cat, cat. That is great. I hope her name isn't Aunt Flo. When she visits me, I often experience memory loss.

  25. The 'Improve Your Memory' workshop will be held at the following location and at the following times. Whoops, sorry I forgot.
    Matter of fact, what did I just read? Seriously, a funny blog and well done.
    Kind regards, ..ah? hmmmm...:-)

  26. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, believe me I know. OK where am I again? In all seriousness, I do hope your aunt doesn't forget more things. I do believe we lose our memory the longer we're here on earth. I am forever lately wanting to say a word in my sentence and for the life of me I can't get it out. Maybe I am blogging to much. I can always go back and recheck, spell check and if need be look it up on Google. Maybe they will come out with a new app for memory soon.

  27. Gautam: Maybe you can mail in an application for her post. I just hope I don't forget to give it to her... lol

    Baili: HAHA. My Grandpa did that. He always forgot his glasses but most of the times was wearing it. Thanks for coming by Shabana...:)

    Pineapple: My brother will need such a placard. What if she reads the lines, then forgets it and again slams the door??? hehe

    Anirban: Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your reading list. You were really right on your say. Have a great day!:)

    Ketils: Thanks for your comment. You have a wonderful blog though. Smiles...:)

    Brian: Glad you liked it. My relatives can sometimes... well all the times be this way.... lol

    Alice: Glad you liked it. Thanks for the follow. Much appreciated...:)

    Lauren: Maybe she radiates memory loss and it affects everyone in a 5 mile radius... HAHA
    Thanks for coming...:)

    Klahanie: A Workshop to improve memory? Good... HAHA
    Its always nice to forget what you have read. I do the same with my studies... lol
    Thanks for stopping by! Oh! I have so many words to say but can't get them out. Maybe I should ask Google, "What should I say?"
    Well, once they realize, everyone's having trouble, they will get to he app. I just hope they don't forget how to make it... lol

  28. Oops seems like this is the best place to say ... sorry I forgot to visit you sooner and thank you for your recent comment*!*