Thursday, February 25, 2010

Motherboard Down!

"Wash your face"
"Comb your Hair"
"Sit up straight"
"And don't you ever turn me ON"

That was all that she said before she went down.
Who else? - My Motherboard.

I was working on something really important. Yup, I was playing Chess on my Computer. It was a Do or Die situation.
Master Chess guy requested me to defeat this so called Computer.
I was loosing miserably and that was when my Computer went Buzz, Boom and Ka-Boom. OK, not Ka-Boom. But it sure went Buzz and Boom.

This is the third time she has failed and now I am really upset. Look at your screen carefully. Maybe you will find ,my really upset not so happy face.

I am going to the guy who repaired my Motherboard the last time. The second time I took it, he tried hiding under his desk. I hope he's not left Town this time.

Too bad, I can't use my Dad's laptop. He is always speaking to his clients. Writing a blog isn't something that is convincing enough for him to let go of his work.

I can't get to my brother's laptop. Every time, I get even a bit close to it, he somehow comes to know I am there. The access is password protected. I hacked it a couple of times though.

The first time, his password was "PASSWORD" duh!

The second time it was "123456789" bigger duh!

I am now at an Internet Cafe. Sorry about not commenting or visiting your blogs. I will get back to all your blogs pretty soon.

Too bad, I can't comment from here. I am out of money and my brother's the only one who can get me out of this place. Hope he comes!

As for the Motherboard, I am going to take a stick with me. That might frighten Mr. Computer fixer...


  1. i am sorry that you motherboard did not care about your cheese and went buzz and boom,it is third computer since my son started using computer,i dont know what goes wrong every time but it goes just boom,i hope you will be able to fix it soon and will enjoy your games and writing ,i always enjoy your writing and i am watching a great writer in you especially in lighter style,god bless you

  2. Your motherboard is too exhausted after the daily housework & homework - It just needs its overdue long holiday - No game please, just outdoor, away from your room. ;p)

  3. good luck with all that. computer trouble sucks!!

  4. Hope you get your computer sorted out soon.
    Good luck.


  5. :( oh, that's so sad. my motherboard gut busted as well the last time ...hope it will be better the next time i visit your blog :D

  6. Sorry to hear that. That really sucks. There's a reason it's called a motherboard, minus the expletive, which is easy to add. At least you're not snowed in. We have a blizzard here in the northeast. Lots and lots of snow. As a matter of fact, I just heard from my motherboard, who is also snowed in and has no electricity. So, I guess she's off line, too.

  7. I knew something was up when I did not get the constant new blog post update from you, Mr.Stupid. I thought you went off on an impulsive holiday trip with your Dog, and witches buddies.

    I did not expect this at all. Maybe your Motherboard's not a big fan of the Very Important Chess Game. He He He. And as for the computer guy, I hope you've cast a spell on him, so that he'll fix it for free! :)

    Best wishes from the Vampire Island. :p

  8. I was wondering where you've been, dude! I was going to say, "Drop by my blog sometime. I have a special treat for you." But now I understand and feel pity for your motherboard loss. It's a real mothersucker to have your computer go down -especially with a BOOM -like you described. Are you sure someone didn't plant a bomb in it when you weren't looking?

    Good luck. Hope you can get that guy to fix it right this time.

  9. I so feel your pain. My 3 year old laptop decided to imitate a suicide bomber. Not only did it blow up the hard drive, it took other vital parts along with it. There better not be 70 virgin laptops waiting for it in laptop Paradise.

  10. Lol, I know what you are talking about every computer I own, 5, iis driving me crazy with soem type of issue.


  11. Good luck with all of that. A pain for sure!
    Your site was one of the Blogs we gave props to in our new post today.

  12. Oh I hope you'll be able to fix it soon...
    Good luck!


  13. Hi Mr Stupid, left comment before but seems to have disappeared. Hope that you get your PC sorted. I don't have a PC guy and I've suffered the same problem. Now having to use a steam driven PC which is more than eight years old! My laptop is in bits on the living room floor and looking as if it's terminal.

  14. Hey dude,
    Being a total 'technophobe', I didn't even know what a 'Motherboard' was. Does a 'Fatherboard' work any better:-)
    Seriously, sorry to hear about your PC problems. I assume 'PC' means 'personal computer' and not 'Politically Correct'.
    Have a good day and take very good care.
    With respect, Gary.

  15. Hahaha!! That was great...Sounds exactly like my mother....board I mean. *clears throat*
    Well, I hope you can get your computer ...motherboard fixed here quickly.
    Hey I know, Take a Twix candy bar with you to the computer fixer guy. If you could coax him out from under the desk you could catch him and force him to fix your computer!!
    I'm brilliant i know....if it works I'll take the credit...if the plan fails thought it up *angelic smile*
    Take care!!

  16. sorry to hear about your computer woes! hope you are able to get it cleared up soon!

  17. Damn Sam that sucks. I would have called for Scottie from Star Trek to get me fixed and give me more power damn it.

    Sorry you had to go through the fun of computing. I personally have another word for the mother board, but afraid children might see it.......

  18. hello i hope you are doing fine and having fun in your life ,just missing your post,take care

  19. Seems like everyone is having computer problems! I think you're the third blogger this week with this problem. I hope you didn't lose any data while trying to recover your computer.

    You're funny as always. My 4-year old, yes 4-year old daughter, always try to hack into my laptop. She'd try over and over again different passwords. You're smart to have hacked your brother's comp twice. He must be so pissed off!Anyways, good luck and hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Hi there please swing on by where your Beautiful Blogger Award is waiting for you to pick up :)

  21. Hey Mr.Stupid,

    It's been ages, where have you gone missing? :(