Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mud Man and The Mud

The thing I have loved since I was a little boy were superheroes. I enjoyed them on comics and then on Television. They would get better and better each time.

Batman was my favorite. I had watched the movie, "Batman Begins" almost 8 times, with the hope that Batman would be pleased with his fan and come out of the big screen. Though, that never happened.

So, it was time for revenge. I had to create a Superhero. And so, today I present to you: "Mud Man - Fighting crime with mother earth's mud..."

Yes, he's a superhero. Faster than Andy the cow and stronger than Porky the Pig. This guy is here to fight crime.

"Tada Mud Mud Dada Mud.....  Mud Tada Dada Mud Tada Da Da Mud...."
Now that was the theme song for Mud Man. Notice the usage of Mud many times? Of course, that's what the guy's made up of.

Mud Man is endowed with powers far different and better than any superhero. All he has to do to get ready for a fight is eat some Mud. Yup, eat it, I mean swallow it. Some more all over him. Some in his pockets and a handful in his boots are enough to transform this man into a hideous looking Mud Man. But don't fall for the looks. Mud Man's strength is incomparable.

Okay, there may be a couple of minor flaws in Mud Man, but hey, every superhero has his weaknesses. I guess the guy can fight crime only in areas with mud. Now which is the place without any mud. Oh yeah, most of the places during winter. Well, no crime lord would try to terrorize earthlings during winters. Just in case, we can get Mud Man a sidekick. The guy who will help our Superhero when he's in trouble.

Now, don't worry. I've got the perfect sidekick. Meet, "Burnt Spaghetti". That's his name. Cute isn't it? Well, Mud Man prefers to have Mud in everything. So we nicknamed, Burnt Spaghetti to "The Mud"

Though, he was a bit upset about the name change, he didn't mind as he was here to fight crime. Now how Burnt Spaghetti, sorry The Mud gets his superpowers is a secret.
"I no tell you.", that's what Burnt Spaghetti told during an interview. And that was an incorrect sentence. Well, no superhero can keep a secret. It should come out someday, in grammatically wrong English.

Anyways, coming back to Mud Man, he could only fight crime in parts with mud. He'd have to keep his supply of mud replenished. But, these parts have crime too, right?
So the war against crime begins. "Blah Blah Black Sheep", yup he's a criminal, a sheep crime lord! He manages to get away with 10 tins of Sheep food. Mud Man is called in. Since there is a rich supply of Mud all around, Mud Man is able to track him down.

Blah Blah Black Sheep in his Tow truck, manages to get to muddy landfill and starts eating the stolen food. He is one bad criminal. All of a sudden, a huge glob of mud charges at him. Blah Blah dodges it. But Mud Man can't miss the second time. Another glob of mud and Blah Blah is blinded. By the time he tries to make a run, there are 3 more globs and Blah Blah surrenders.

Mud Man manages to return the tins to the kind sheep and then makes Blah Blah pay for the eaten food. He then cuffs Blah Blah and there, the world is saved again from a dangerous sheep.

Mud Man couldn't get any famous selling stuff to his fans. Hey, there is mud all around. Some mud on your shirt and now its Mud Man's shirt. Though he gains a huge fan support, Mud man isn't here for fans. He's here to fight crime.

"Tada Mud Mud...." the theme again!

P.S: Mud Man looks really sad in the picture. The reason - He was restricted from eating Popcorn by his physician. According to the Doc, "Popcorn and Mud are a bad combination..."


  1. your mud man looks super cute but bit sad though ,great cute story of a crime fighter mud man the super hero ,you wrote it beautifuly ,very interesting ,have a blessed life

  2. Mud Man is a super hero my kids could def. become fans of. Boys + Super Hero + Mud = Heaven

    Have a great day!

  3. What a fun blog, your super hero Mad Man though sad looks quite a character.
    Take care and have fun.


  4. Aw, Mr.Stupid, you've managed to make a mini-superhero post into a cute animation flick inside my head. I feel for the mud man, though. It must be lonely only to be fighting crimes at mud-filled area while the other superheroes are out flying, and roaming the entire world without a care. But I think, it is not too bad, not every superhero wants that kind of life, I guess. In the picture, Mud Man looks miserable, I hope he'll find Mud Woman soon! He He He

  5. Baili: Glad you liked the post. Looks like Mud Man needs some Popcorn...:)

    Tracie: Maybe that was why the character arrived at first place. Mud rules... lol

    Yvonne: Glad you liked the post. I just ordered some Popcorn. No more sad faces from now...:)

    Shanaz: Here comes Mud woman. How about Mud girl??? What's the difference. Anyways, thanks for stopping by... smile:)

  6. Is it true that Mud Man fights dirty? I like it.

    When I was a kid I realized that I could stand on one foot, wearing socks, and spin on the hardwood floor. I practiced it and thought that if I got good I could knock people out with my spinning fists. I invented the Whirlwind. Several years ago the people who now live in our old house found my "Diary of The Whirlwind" hidden in the attic. It has my costume design and detailed plans for moving to Memphis to fight crime. I was 9.

  7. Mud Man needs a cape. Perhaps one made out of wipes.

  8. Hi Mr Stupid. Well we have a ton of mud where I live at every time of the year. Maybe that's why the crime rate is so low?

    But if you don't mind I'd like to read this on a more philosophical and environmental level. Maybe the deeper message here is that the earth will punish us if we don't behave?

    Bearfriend xx

  9. I think I saw Mud Man on a Batman cartoon a few months ago. All he has to do is eat mud for super powers? That's cool. But if his cousin, Poop Man, also a super hero, well... what would he eat?

    Gosh, I will certainly ponder this issue while I eat this chili I just made.

  10. Haha Yeah Mud Man! Fighting crime with mother earth's mud... :-D

    If I were blah blah I would have taken along a water tank with me and would have showered it to Mud Man! LOL!

    Have a good day Mr S!


  11. Anonymous: That should have been a lot of fun then. Though, as we get older, dreams often are ignored. I wanted to be a Pokemon Master. Yup, you read it right. Crazy old times... lol

    Kelly: That should be just about right. Maybe a cape from wipes painted brown should do good!

    Bearfriend: And everyone wondered why there was no crime at all in your place. Now you know why... lol
    Well, the earth will only punish Mud Man. When Mother earth arrives to interrogate you, just say - "Ma'am, I have never heard about this superhero. Nor does Mr. Stupid know anything." hehe

    Kelly: And why didn't I think about that. Both of them should be battle buddies or a team. Just think what the mix of their powers could do...... lol
    Well, villains are all going to have a tough and stinky time. BEWARE!!! hehe

    "BUTTERY"fly: That's a great idea. Maybe then he will become really soft. Soft Mud Man. But in case, there is any trouble, we always have "Burnt Spaghetti" for his rescue..... :)

  12. mud man! of all the combination and assortment of super abilities. i didn't quite see this one coming. have you thought up of villians and their abilities. i wonder what his nemesis would be. Dr. Deforestation perhaps.. ;).. its just a suggestion :)

  13. I love MUD MAN!!!! Of course I love to play in mud and have since I was a child. MUD MAN would have a great time at my much mud here. Burnt Spaghetti would need to be careful chickens like to eat burnt spaghetti. Thank you for the smile I receive every time I read your post.

  14. It seems that mud man should be able to make his own mud. That way he can fight crime everywhere.
    And that's not really that hard to conceive....we all can!

  15. have such a creative mind. Hey, maybe Spiderman's director or any other director might come across this post and make Mud Man into a movie. You'll be rich and famous!:)

  16. that is awesome! i think burnt spaghetti is the best sidekick name i have ever heard. huge batman fan!

  17. Nitin: Dr. Deforestation hehe That's a great suggestion. Cutting down trees to end Mud Man's existence. lol
    Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Valea: Glad you liked the post. Well, I am right away sending Mud Man to your home. Let's hope that your chicken don't recognize Burnt Spaghetti. We will disguise him as "The Mud"... lol

    Guy: That is something he should learn yet. He is still only in his Basic superhero training...:)

    Rose: Oh yeah. Being rich only means more candy to eat. Who needs to be famous anyway... lol
    Watch out directors coz Mud Man is here... hehe

    Brian: Glad you liked it. Its great that you are a batman fan. Well, I was and still am..... somewhat!

  18. I am so pleased! I am writing a blog about soil science and superheroes! I have used your Mud Man as an example. Thanks! :D

  19. Mine is a bit more serious, though :P