Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My 8th grade, a big joke!

A teacher is enough to ruin an entire year. My 8th grade was ruined that way. Having a teacher who would go on with lectures which were stupid.
Now his lectures didn't have any mathematics. All it had was his life, in a really boring village, in a really boring family and some really boring adventures he would boast about.

I laugh at practically everything. I did the same even then. I would laugh at all his not so funny jokes and really foolish stories.

The guy was even nicknamed Sir Boring. There were others who would call him King Idiocious. Is that a nickname?
All this nicknaming made me forget his real name.

A Parent Teacher meeting was held once. The worst part was informing us a week in advance. The thought made us worry for the whole week. My Dad was really busy and couldn't make it to the meeting. So he decided to address a letter to Sir Boring. He was done with the letter and then went back to the "To" part.
"What's your Teacher's name?"
"Sir, Borrriin...."
Yes, I  said that. There was a stare. Maybe of shock or disbelief if that was his real name.
Well, nothing went to the "To" part. It was just a "Dear Sir".

And then, there were his really ridiculous stories. One was about a journey to the farm. The other was about how he had burnt all the matchsticks in a new matchbox. They never made any sense. But by the time, he got to the moral of the story...


The school bell would go off. So it was always the next time. But the next day, it was a different story and again no moral!

One such story was about his childhood days. The time when he and two more kids had dug a hole in their farm.
A hole? Why the hell did they do that?
And then, one of the kids fell in. The other two kids fell in accidentally next.
Both of them accidentally? This was dumb as ever. But all we could do was listen patiently.

And then, one of the kids, had to attend to nature's call. He couldn't hold it any longer, so he started shouting for his mother. But nobody came. There was no other way. So he had to do it in the small hole. This was getting really hard to believe. There was a Small hole in the hole they had dug? I wonder why. Maybe it was made for such emergencies.

The story had to roam around some more bits about shouting for help. Sir Boring would even enact parts from his adventure.
"Help, Help, we shouted. But no! There was nobody around to help. Except for the Moon and the clouds"

Sir, that was idiotic. There are many people who live in a place called Earth. Why do you try going towards the sky when there are so many guys around you. Anyways, the story continued.

After almost 5 hours in the pit, his Mother was able to find the boys. Hooray they said. But in vain. They were yelled upon really bad.
Any moment, the moral had to come up. But no. There was the bell going off. "I will get back to the story tomorrow!" The tomorrow never came though. It was a different boring story.

My 8th grade was one big waste. All I learned was many unfinished stories and some Mathematics.The story made me wonder, if it was Sir Boring who had to pee and not the other kids. Well, that remained a mystery. "King Idiocious" was not a bad name after all...


  1. funny and interesting ,there are people who wants to heard any way ,its natural if they don't have any one around, may be these stories were boring but true ,but some people tell the stories of their bravery and wisdom which never seems true due to knowing them very well, its all about lace of self confidence lovely post

  2. Mr.Stupid, don't you think that maybe because you were always laughing at his insanely boring stories, that maybe Sir Boring thought that his stories were the best most interesting recollections of his childhood memories?

    I'd say that Sir Boring misjudged his students intellect, and settled for some very mundane short stories of nothing. But I think, there's something profound to be said in his no-moral-ending stories. He was being philosophical, instead. The real moral of any story can't be perceived unless, you find it on your own.

    So, in the case of the small hole in a big hole story, it would be this: Even if you find yourself stuck in a hole, you must find another hole, to urinate! =D

  3. I enjoyed your post very much, I know someone who will insist on telling jokes which are not the remotely bit funny but he thinks they are,
    as long as he can laugh at them he has nothing to worry about.

    Take care and have fun.

  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, I just had to come and check you out!
    Yes, this is a totally funny little story and I loved it so much!
    I guess these things happen all the time! That is why these workmen leave little holes just dug in the ground!
    Take care, hope to hear from you again soon!

  5. Baili: Maybe you're right. But digging a hole was not very close to bravery... hehe
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day...:)

    Shanaz: I would be the only one showing my teeth in the entire class. Maybe, he always looked straight at me... lol
    Wow. That's awesome. Sir Boring was intelligent all the time. HAHA a small hole to pee.
    Have a good day. Toodles

    Yvonne: Well, its funny in this case. Thank you so much for dropping by. Smile...:)

    Alice: You're most welcome. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day... Smile:)

  6. Ok, I hate it when someone is telling a story and they go on and on and never get to the point. Or they include information that just doesn't make any sense and they get all pissy when you question them about that senseless information. I always want to say, "Hey! At least *I'm* listening!" even though I wish I didn't have to listen to their boring and pointless stories.

  7. I have a teacher that tells story in a not so fluent manner. He keeps on saying,, uhh,,, uhmm.. uhh..and he's just messing up with the story since he can't construct his sentence that well. I ended up sleeping. not just me, but the whole class for that matter LOL :))

  8. Brilliant this made me laugh so much. I wonder if we had the same teacher actually.

    Kate xx

  9. That was a funny story. But I'm sure it was a pain in the ass to have to listen to him yap about his silly experiences all the time. Maybe all of you in the class should have showed how much you hated his stories by tying him up in some rope... then dropping him into a hole -where there would be a smaller hole inside that hole -with turds and piss in it. :P

    Oh well. Sadly, it's too late. Unless you can find him again, then you can try it. :P

  10. Kelly: Well, we mostly never got any answers. He would always go on and on. It gets really boring at times.
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Jenny: HAHA. Maybe you guys will need stick-on eyes. That way it will look as if you guys are awake... LOL

    Kate: Maybe you did have the same guy teaching. Looks like he was spoiling young minds all around the world.... lol
    Have a good day!:)

    Kelly: And why didn't we think of that. But digging a hole in the classroom would have created a situation... hehe
    I just hope we find him by a farm again... lol

  11. It's too bad that it's the teacher's boring stories that you remember and not anything inspiring that he said, although with a name like Sir Boring there's not a lot potential for that to happen.

  12. Hi Mr Stupid. I once had a maths teacher who looked very like one of the "Carry on" characters. Sadly he was as ridiculous as that character as well. While everyone laughed at him I felt sorry for him. Yes, I'm just too soft!

    Bearfriend xx

  13. Lauren: HAHA. Well, you're right about his potential. Have a good day!:)

    Bearfriend: Now, that is one teacher I wanted to see. Its amazing that you guys would laugh at him. You should have too....:)

  14. You did remember every details of his stories...Really nice share of a dead boring experience. LOL!

    Have a great day Mr. S!


  15. I had an English teacher in 7th grade who spoke such poor English. I am a believer that "Ebonics in a true language. As a teacher, I hope I didn't bore my students too much. Since I taught sex ed...I doubt it.