Monday, February 22, 2010

My Moment of Truth!

Yesterday was another day of complete boredom. To reduce the level of boredom, I decided to watch Television.
Sometimes, watching that box can ruin a day further. Yesterday was one such day.

I was channel hopping. It is something that you do when you browse channels from 1 to 999 not realizing many of them are a repetition!

I landed on a really hideous TV program,
"The Moment of Truth". The humiliation and the type of questions were disgusting. So I managed to change to Cartoons, sorry National Geographic...

Maybe, its time for me to confess the Truth. Since I don't have any lie detectors around, I decided to choose what was true and false.

Note - Anything in Bold is False or simply not True!

I managed to punch a guy.
All he did was steal candy from me.

I learned Karate.
I have attained the Black Belt.
OK, I have reached Green Senior. I've got my belts by cheap bribery!

I defeated my cousin sister in Tug of War.
I was 17 then and she was 8.

I have never troubled my neighbor. We are very good friends...

Some guy on TV said Candies aren't good for my teeth.
I have never had one since.

I respected my Teachers.
And have never teased them.

I am an Astronaut. NASA refused to accept my talent.
I am destined to be an Astronaut.

I wasn't the one who broke two Cameras, my Television and its Remote.

I visited Harry Potter in
Hogwarts. He was impressed with my Witchcraft abilities. I am a Part time Witch!

So, that was a lot of lying. Hit me on the head for every lie. And use only a Pillow!
I wonder how many times I would have been buzzed if was on that show. At least, I didn't humiliate myself on National Television!


  1. oh goodness, i thought you were telling the truth until you visited hogwart. i have never seen that show. i like "what not to wear" and "biggest loser" though i don't get to watch them much. my husband isn't impressed with either of those shows though :-) Why are you so bored?! Get out there and see if you can get a monkey to steal some ice cream from you or something!! Theres lots to see in India :-)

  2. Thank God! I'm not your 'very good friend-neighbour'. You would block me then having access to your humourous blog-posts. :D)

  3. I remember that show. "The Moment of Truth" was very cringe-worthy. From what I read, quite a few divorces, break-ups and firings came about as a result of that show. There was one unfortunate truth that the program showed and that was people will hurt other people for money.

    Now I feel retarded (probably am retarded) but I thought you were an Astronaut and a Witch because of all the spells you have cast out in outer space. Remember the time you turned the moon into cheese?

    Funny post. You have a gift.

  4. Hahaha :D

    But at least you're telling the truth when you say you're lying :)


  5. we don't have that show in the UK, (or at least I've never seen it) yet. But we do have a similar shows. I find this all rather depressing especially when these types of shows get high ratings. Or maybe I need to lighten up

  6. I don't get that show here in the UK, Sometimes some of the programmes we get are just awful but you can't please all ofthe people all of the time.


  7. i had never seen it. seemed rather pointless to me. i will hit you with lying, but maybe with candies. :p

  8. Hi Mr Stupid. I've never seen that show. But just watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason recently was bad enough - it was just one humiliation after another. Real hide behind the sofa stuff!

    As I said in a previous comment, you really need to turn things around if you're going to get anything from Santa this year!

    Bearfriend xx

  9. The Moment of Truth Show is fake, and a rip-off. If the machine could really tell when you're lying, or telling the truth, I'm sure the world will much much more benefit, if it's used for a much more sensible cause!!

    I hate that show!! It's lame lame lame. Ha Ha Ha.

    I hope, you're not still flicking the TV channels today, wearing the witch's smile, cursing under your breath. Vandalizing your neighbor's place, sounds more entertaining. :D

  10. you know once i saw a pillow filled with grains ,thank god you mentioned the right one ,i really enjoyed each true lie of yous ,stop being so bored ,India is so beautiful ,come on get up pick up your camera and show us magic of you amazing vision take care

  11. We get those type of programmes here in England, and guess who doesn't watch them!
    I'll give you a's not me! (Honestly!)

    Hey! I'd love a pillow fight! It's been years since I had one of those...but don't hit me hard, because I'll cry! (What did you expect, I'm a girl!)

  12. Well, I thought I was telling the truth until I realized, there was a "Bold" font to use.... lol
    Maybe I should go ahead and steal an ice cream. Just think about it. I will be a Mafia gang leader... hehe

    Ummie: Glad you're not my neighbor. You sure can be my neighbor's neighbor. He's allowed to real my blog.... haha

    Kelly: Yeah. And Papa mouse decided to invade my cheese moon. That evil old mouse. I wonder where he found such a tiny space shuttle from!:)
    I hated the show. Very much!
    BTW, where's my gift..? lol

    "BUTTERY"fly: I was forced into doing that! lol
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Gwei: Keep away from them. That's a good thing to do!:)

    Yvonne: People sure do watch some really awful shows. Otherwise, I don't think it would have stayed that long on TV.
    BTW, I am changing to Cartoons.... Oh sorry National Geographic! lol

    Levian: In that case, don't look hile you are hitting me. I can steal some candies that way... hehe

    Bearfriend: They have Internet in the North Pole. I just hope, Santa has a big server issue.
    And just in case, Santa asks about me, say I am good. Pretty please..... lol

    Shanaz: Glad you hate it. Hate it! Hate it! See, I can't stop saying that! lol
    I need to plan about vandalizing my neighbor's place. Channel hopping is still happening... lol

    Baili: I am not getting a camera as of now. All I can do is steal my brother's. But that would alert Santa... lol

    Alice: You lie too? Anyways, we will have a pillow fight. Don't worry. I don't think my Karate will help in any way... hehe

  13. I have only seen the commercials for that show, but I agree--it looks like a humiliating show. Who would subject themselves to that?

  14. LOL...your moments of truth is, well, hey at least you listed them out :) Funny thing, I wanted to be an astronaut too but yeah, same goes here, NASA rejected my application. Apparently being good in math is a major requirement.

  15. Clever humor! Haven't seen the show though, but I've heard about it. That kind of humiliation, etc. is not my cup of tea.

    It seems like TV shows, reality ones in particular are just getting more outrageously dumb.

    But sometimes they're fun to watch anyway!

  16. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Harry dies (oops, spoiler alert). Thanks.

    You might like to read some of my thoughts at

  17. Hello my friend,
    A funny blog. Pity that bit about you being a 'part-time witch' was evidently not exactly the truth. Because, I was going to ask you if 'beginner witches' 'fly off the handle?'
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. That was most appreciated and I am telling the truth.
    With respect and kindness, Gary:-)

  18. Hey buddy! I am your friend from Hogwarts (the guy who broke Harry's specs,remember?!!). Just wanted to let you know you left your wand behind with me. and stop lying to muggles that you are lying about your visit..see you back soon!! ;P