Monday, February 8, 2010

The wrong Cutting Boy

I love playing pranks on everyone. It gets better when I am doing it on my elder brother. Well, he never realizes the brain behind the prank even though, I am always around the scene of the happening...

So a month back, I was successful at sneaking into my brother's room and getting his Mobile Phone. OK, I was a thief. But it doesn't matter...

Anyways, as I was getting out with the phone, I was caught. Not by my brother but Tyson, my dog. The guy knew I was up to no good and started the "Level 10" barking. This is the level at which he is really loud and annoying. The only thing I could do was throw back his phone and get out of the place.

But yesterday, I got a bit clever. Everyone accepts some bribe. So does my dog. So I had to part from the Sneakers Bar I had with me. He wanted the whole thing and not just a half piece. But, at least I was getting ready for some whole lot of fun.

The only person in the world who would save the number of his Barber is my brother. Unbelievable. And guess what he's named him? - Cutting Boy. That is silly and the name is out of this world in idiocy. I managed to change his number and add in mine there.

Tyson was still outside having my Sneaker bar. There was still some left. I could have taken it. But I didn't. I am honest and never cheat in bribery. I waited while my brother got back to his room. The texting carnival was just beginning...

"Hey there. Its been a long time. You have never arrived for an Hair cut..."

It took him almost 10 minutes to reply to that. I guess he didn't expect a message from the Cutting Boy.

"No thanks. I just got one a week back."

"That's alright. You can simply drop by for another haircut today."

This was getting really funny.
After some more time came a reply, "I am sorry. I have work today. Have a good day!"
I wasn't giving up that quick. I texted him again, "If not you. At least send in somebody else. Does your brother need a haircut?"

Now this reply was quicker than I thought. "I will send him right away. He is doing nothing as of now and sure does need a haircut. His hair looks like a large bush. You might need a garden shear. Here, take his number..."

That was the end. It was a no man's game. But at least, I was the one winning. Maybe, he had checked on the Cutting Boy's number.

I was convinced he had realized, it was me. I was pretty sure at least Tyson would have back stabbed me. But no!
At Dinner, he told my Dad,
"The barber just down the street messages me today calling me for a haircut. Really weird."
I had to say something, "Hey, you share your phone number with a total stranger? And you message your barber?"

I never say all this. I guess my Dad had realized what had happened. But until the story doesn't pop out to my brother, everything is fine...


  1. Very funny. Even more so the next time your brother goes to get a hair cut...

  2. thank god nobody got you ,smile bringing writing ,some time your naughty stuff reminds me my childhood when we never found our day complete without doing funny thing ,lovely take care

  3. LOL! Great read on a snowy morning. You're quite the prankster.

  4. Hahaha I did the same thing to my husband...There was a time, when a silly woman kept on sending him sweet text messages. I wanted to know then if he was replying in the same manner. I replaced her number with mine. And I had not discovered anything -- I guess, that's good!

    Have a great day Mr. S!


  5. Hehe and more hehe!
    Your post turned a crap day into a real smile.
    Takes me back to my childhood days I was always the one that was pranked. Inclusive of being locked in a cupboard, bandaged head too foot in sticking plaster al la The Mummy and being hung from a chandelier! Wasn't funny at the time but now I look back I can't help but laugh.

  6. You naughty brother !@#
    Where all these idea come from???

  7. Tracy: Maybe they will have a quick talk about their messaging habits... hehe
    Thank you so much for dropping by...:)

    Baili: Glad you liked the post. I sure would love to see you as a prankster....:)
    Have a good day!

    Tracie: Glad you liked it. Smile, a big one...:)

    "BUTTERY"fly: Hey, was Cutting Boy a girl??? Nah... I don't think so. Though, the prankster was a boy. It was me... lol
    Your husband is really kind. Good for you both.
    Thanks for dropping by C. Have a good day!

    Gwei: Good for you. It was just a "getting locked in the cupboard". I had got a wedgie on a Coat hanger. Now that was really bad....
    These sure are some moments to cherish upon...:)

    Ummie: Looks like we just had an excess dosage of "Stupid Pills". He was right on saying the "Large Bush" though. It takes my brain about 4 months to convince myself to get a haircut. The garden shears was pretty rude though... lol

  8. Hello Mr. Stupid!
    Pop over to The Screaming Me-Me
    There's an award waiting for you!


  9. Ok I am going to have to try that. I can see the face of my friend looking all crazy. Hmm I may have to wait till April Fools Day!!!


  10. Hi Mr Stupid. I think there'll be a few cutting remarks when your brother finds out ...

    Bearfriend xx

  11. You're such a prankster! Haha. Reading this one made my mouth wrinkled upward and some more. One question though, how did you manage to sound like the original cutting boy. Hahaa Lord Grumpy calls his barber the cutting boy? What is up with him. LOL

  12. Hahaha, waaay too funny.
    it sounds like you'd be someone fun to hung must never get boring for you! (^_^)
    Great job on the prank =P

    I'm glad you liked the latest poem =D
    Take care and be blessed

  13. Then you should never get caught so you could still play prank with your brother.:P

  14. Me-me: Wow. Thank you so much Meme. Much appreciated...:)

    Redbonegirl97: Well, April Fool's day is tomorrow. So get to it. Happy fooling. And thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Bearfriend: As long as he doesn't, I can start planning another prank... hehe

    Shanaz: And that was what shocked me the most. I sure did laugh, and loudly. Cutting Boy.... hehe
    Well, I sure didn't call him. So the texting did keep me undercover!

    Al`eh: Glad you liked it. Well, I am fun to hang out with, only if I get a steady supply of Candy. You see, I am powered by it!

    Jenny: I just wish for that. Hope it never ever happens... lol
    Have a good day!:)

  15. Very very clever of you. You are a prankster extrodinaire. Maybe I didn't spell that right. I'm having a, uh, brain fart.

    Funny post, man!

  16. Nicely done! Though sounds like your brother and dog have some sort of alliance.

    I'm off work today, which would have been day number two. Snowed in, here in the east.

    P.S. chocolate is bad for dogs. It could make him sick.

  17. Kelly: Thank you for the extraordinaire comment. Well, looks like its spelled out right. BTW, I am using Spell check... lol

    Lauren: Maybe. Well, hope work is going on great. Ah, sorry about that. No more chocolate for him from now on!