Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Clumsy Virus!

The guys in the Picture are Viruses. That's alright. Don't worry!
Though, these guys are Clumsy Viruses. Okay, its time you Panic. Shout and even tell this to your Neighbor. Get back home dial any number and tell whoever picks the phone about these guys.

I was and actually am infected. I would like to call it "Makes you drop and break and destroy and shred things to pieces Disease"

I first saw the symptoms when I was in my Third grade. That was when my Science teacher had brought a Model Periscope.
"Kids, this is a Periscope. Its used in Submarines to see above the surface of water."

Since, I was in the first bench, I got to see it first. The thing slipped, fell and lets say, changed shape.
"Kids, this was a Periscope. Now its broken and not very useful!"

The disease was in its next stage. When Fifth Grade arrived, I was pretty good at breaking things. One of them was my Television.
Don't throw a Ball to anybody standing in front of a TV -
The chances of them missing a catch is really high!
I threw a Basketball to my Brother. He ducked. Why did he do that?
Anyways, the ball charged towards the TV. Only if I had the ability to stop time. I tried. It didn't work!
The ball hit the screen and we had a Big crack. The TV didn't work. I wonder why?

The Era of Camera damage had just begun. First, it was my Dad's Camera that slipped out of my hands from a 30-storey Building. Only if I could fly. I didn't want to try by jumping down though!
Next, my Brother's Camera was accidentally washed with my clothes.

Breakage was next. I broke a Window when I threw a stone at it. This was actually an Experiment my young mind did to test the durability of the glass. I failed!

Everything else I have broken is a TV Remote, a Mobile Phone, a Microwave Oven, the Washing Machine (Actually, this was again an experiment. I plucked all the buttons to see if the machine would work without them. It didn't!) and lots more...

My Brother is getting a New Laptop tomorrow. I wonder why he needs two.
I have a "Keep 500 meters away" restriction. This means, I need to stay half a kilometer away. Since that's going to be outside my House, new laptop here I come...


  1. My eyes getting smaller & my heart cringed as I'm finishing your post - You have to be 500m away from specky people - They are just too dangerous for you.

  2. heheh...I am clumsy too and have a disease of breaking glasses and cups. The whole time I am washing up I keep praying 'Pl god don't let this fall from my hand'. Till now god has not heard my prayers.

    Thankfully I break or destroy inexpensive stuff, but you seem to be the master at clumsiness....

  3. Think positive. For example, with your experiment on durability of the glass, your experiment did not fail, the glass failed the test! :)
    wait for the day when the world reaches perfection when all your experiments pass!! :)

  4. You like breaking things too much. You should stop doing this so your things will be in one piece from now on. I hope this helps.

  5. OMG! Mr.Stupid, why oh why do you enjoy breaking stuff into non-functional pieces. You may need to get a consult with a shrink, that's my advice. Please stay away from the new laptop! I cringe, because I am waiting for a new laptop too, and I hope the Clumsy virus stay away from the one who will be carrying it!

    Stop that snickering laugh, right now! :p

  6. Ummie: I am keeping away. The farther, the better! hehe

    Lazy Pineapple: See, these are symptoms... LOL
    Expensive makes it harder to convince it wasn't my fault!:)

    Gautam: Maybe, I should try it again. This time, I will try it on my Neighbor's window... LOL

    Kelly: Okay, Kelly. Say that once more to those Virus guys. Maybe that will help... hehe

    Shanaz: HAHAHA (Evil Laughter) That was the Virus guys laughing. Not me. I am innocent:)
    "New Laptop, here I don't come!" Does that sound convincing?

  7. uhh.. i think you'd better try and have a mellow week end. Stay away from glass, balls, and little girls :-) Try to relax. Maybe like out in the middle of the jungle or something... just kidding.

  8. Hey Mr Stupid glad to hear that I'm not the only one suffering from this virus! Mine tends to lay dormant for weeks on end then it's mugs, cups, plates that just seem to slip through my fingers or maybe they are committing harikiri and I am their vessel of choice?

  9. I did not invite you to come over for dinner and I never will.... Let us be virtual friends. BTW my blog was not opening today. Does your virus has something to do with it???????????? (insert an angry glare here)

  10. That's wicked funny! You might be clumsy, but you're clever.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  11. Hahaha, This was a great post. I always get a kick out of whatever you write. I will have to remember to keep my computer in some sort of safe if I don't want it broke.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my most recent poem. I finally got to writing again after taking a couple weeks off.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  12. sorry about your affliction, lol. Cute post!

  13. you enjoy your hobby,
    hope that you have fun!


  14. lol. there have been a few times along the way i have caught a minor case...

  15. Sorry...but seriously, lol!!! This is good for me to see what I might just be getting into once my boys are a little older!

  16. It's nice to have a hobby. Great post.


  17. That's worth giving a try. Stay in the outdoors. BTW, do trees break..? hehe

    Gwei: OMG! Its happening. The Virus. Those look like my symptoms. I am gonna try and find a cure in my secret laboratory!

    Farila: Hello! Well, here goes :| Now, that looks angry! Don't worry. I did enough at my aunt's dinner. so every time I am called, its either unavailable or going outside... LOL

    The Guy's Perspective: Glad you liked it. Yay I am clever!

    Al`eh: Just curious. Is the safe strong enough? LOL
    Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Sheila: That's alright. I am working on a medicine in my secret laboratory... LOL

    Jingle: Sometimes its a hobby. I collect broken pieces...:)

    Brian Miller: Good to know its not happening all the time! LOL

    Cop Mama: I just hope the virus doesn't get even more clumsier.... hehe

    Suzanne: Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day!:)

  18. I sure in the heck hope it is strong enough =D

  19. Now that's a different strain of Clumsy Virus. The evil laugh you're presenting with, is a symptom of a more virulent strain.

    Lucky me, you're just sending evil clumsy thoughts, my way! Grr!

  20. Well, you are not alone. I have some clumsy virus in me too. Welcome to the gang.

  21. Just look at it this way, your definetly being in the moment of life as your testing your waters. :)