Monday, March 8, 2010

The Disaster Story

HOORAY! Finally, I have my computer with me. Its been three weeks of "No Computer at Home".
Though, the three weeks hold a Fragile story. So here you go. Get some Popcorn. You might need some!

Going back to the 25th of February, the computer guy agreed to fix the Motherboard. He took 3 days to realize what was wrong and another day to fix it.

My computer was now working perfectly. But then, I decide to take out the Motherboard and snap a picture for a Blog post.

I don't have a camera. I broke two of them in separate incidents. That's a different story. There is always some more Popcorn for that.
Anyways, cameras never stick with me. So, I didn't have one. Alternative?

Get my brother's Camera. I was successful at sneaking into his room and getting it. I was trying to take a shot from the top. Bad luck struck. The camera falls and then there's a crack.

Oh My God! I was sure, I had broken the camera. A quick look revealed a large crack on the LCD screen. All, I could do was run to his room and put it back.

I added the Motherboard back, but this time it didn't work. Something was wrong. I rushed to the Computer guy again and he wanted a day's time to check on it.

After a day he calls me,
"A chip inside is broken. Did you drop it?"
"Well, I dropped something on it. Just fix it!"

So, a day's time and some more money brings my Motherboard home.

Again, there was something wrong. My Computer wouldn't turn ON.
I wasn't giving up. So I called the guy, "Hi, guess what, my computer is still not working!"
I read out all the lines displayed on my screen. Some words were those gone missing in my dictionary.

"Great, now your Hard disk is corrupt!"

"Wonderful, I will bring it over right away!"

So, this time, I decided to take my CPU to the guy. A 15 minute check and he declared,
"It's corrupt. I need to check on it. So give me another day!"
Finally, it arrived today and here, I am blogging!

All this while, my Dad forgot his laptop everyday at work.
My brother wouldn't let me get close to his laptop and had changed his Password. I managed to hack into it. It was again 1 to 9 in Caps lock.
I even managed to speak to my neighbor about the computer issue.

"Hi, I was thinking if I can use your Computer?"
All, I received as a reply was some staring. I had to get back home. He was still staring. All I have done is troubled him more times than I can remember. Call him names while I am in the shower and paint his wall with Watercolors. The design was perfect. Too bad, he couldn't realize it.

My genius brother is yet to realize who broke his Camera. Well, he still has to find the crack on his Camera!
Hope you had enough Popcorn for the entire story. Just in case, there's always a neighbor to ask!


  1. Hi Mr Stupid welcome back - there is a "moral" in there somewhere I'm sure. Glad to see you back up and running. Oh by the way please visit me at where your Beautiful Blogger Award is waiting for you to pick up. :)

  2. I just finished a big tumbler of popcorn! It was good. As good as the grand come back of Mr. Stupid! LOL! Oh well, what can I say, time, try not to touch anything! hahaha

    Have a good day!

  3. wow, you are a walking, talking disaster....

    heheh sorry for calling you that.. I hope your brother does not know you blog...

    Burrrp...thank you for the popcorn and entertainment :)

  4. Very scary story !!!
    Please... be more gentle - if not, you are going to break more hearts with your disappearance. :D)

  5. Nice to see you back!
    This has just happened to a friend of mine...only she dropped her computer down the stairs, and is now asking if her insurance will cover it!
    I just dropped a brand new watch into the wash basin, and cracked the glass. The amount it is going to cost to get the glass replaced costs more than the watch cost!
    How did they work that one out?

  6. hello ,i will come again ,right now here to say that i have an blog award for you on my blog if you like accept it god bless you

  7. You knwo that he is going to lnow that you did it. You are too funny.


  8. Hey dude,
    Glad to note you have got your computer working again.
    I don't need any more popcorn. Evidently their are 'chips' in a that will do nicely, thank you.
    Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog. The hedgehog sends you peaceful wishes.
    Enjoy your day. Kind wishes, Gary:-)

  9. Hope your brother doesn't read your blog or your secret won't be secret anymore!! :)

  10. Too bad for you and the money that you spent.:(
    I'm wishing that your brother won't be that upset after he learns that his camera was broken..

    have a blessed day

  11. Gwei: Hello. You could see a Moral in there? Wow... hehe
    Thanks for the award!:)

    "BUTTERY"fly: Maybe, I need to wear glasses with "Don't Touch" written on one side. That should help... lol

    Pineapple: Well, I have got that comment more times than I can remember. So, don't worry about it... hehe
    Nah, I don't suppose he can even spell this blog's name... lol

    Ummie: I need to be more gentle. Maybe "Only touch and don't pick up" should work for me... lol

    Nalini: He breaks stuff too? We should be perfect pals then...:)
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Alice: Well, I don't think any Insurance guy would be convinced that me dropping a Camera on a motherboard was an accident.
    So much for a cracked glass?
    That's crazy. Glad I didn't drop my Motherboard down the stairs...:)

    Shabana: Thanks for the award. Much appreciated!:)
    Hope you are doing better from the throat infection!

    Redbonegirl97: Well, he didn't realize it was me when I broke his Cellphone, broke keys from his calculator and punctured his bike's tires.
    I just hope the Camera stays out.... lol

    Gary: Glad you had chips. I was looking for other alternatives than Popcorn.
    Hello hedgehog... :)

    Gautam: He shouldn't be reading it. Hope he doesn't identify Mr. Stupid... lol

    Jenny: He wasn't upset when I broke his Mobile Phone. So he shouldn't be that upset this time... lol

  12. wow ,so you are pretty dangerous man MR stupid ,my son seems little bit like you , but thank god you are back and letting us have a such interesting and amazing stories listen take care

  13. wow. you have been through an epic ordeal with the computer. glad you are back.

  14. oh I almost missed this epic-ordeal story of your life, Mr Stupid! Another shout-out from all the way here: WELCOME BACK!!!!

    You're a sneaky little one, aren't you. No wonder Lord Grumpy is that paranoid when it comes to dealing with you. You broke his camera! You sound just like my younger brother. Ha Ha. =)

    Anyways, I really enjoyed reading your adventure, Mr Stupid. But please try not to do anything funny with your all-functioning computer, now. I will haunt you! Ha Ha.


  15. Shabana: I am a wanted suspect for breakage and loss at home... lol
    Looks like, your son and I have a lot in common!:) Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!:)

    Brian: Maybe I should give this as a story idea to some director... lol

    Shanaz: I broke his camera. I have broken his Mobile phone, his calculator and many more. Maybe, I am allergic to his stuff... hehe
    Glad you liked the post. And don't worry. This time no opening up parts for taking pictures...:)

  16. Hey, I know exactly how you feel, dude. Mine went Boom, too.