Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour and the Ish!

Earth Hour 2009 was worse. To be more specific, it was a Ting Tong day, and the 20 minutes I spent with those Buffoons was agonizing and painful!

I called a friend over the phone. "Hey, you're coming today?"
"Sorry, I am actually camping with my Uncle."
"When are you leaving?"
"I am already there!"

I could see him just outside my house. "You guys are camping on the street?"
Now we were looking at each other. I went to the street. He said, "Look. If there's an Earth Hour, its gonna be at least a mile away from those guys."

The guys he was talking about were my Brother's friends. Captain Monkey, Mister Boo and Weird Beard. They had been kicked out of planet "Weirdo". Which only means they were weirder than the Weird guys in it.

Anyways, the guys dropped in at 7:30 p.m. "Why aren't the lights out?", said Weird Beard.
"That's because, Earth Hour begins at 8:30 p.m."

They left and were back at 8:20 p.m. So, we decided to turn off all the lights. My parents were at my Neighbor's place. Every time, I go there, he gives me scary looks. So, I decided, this place was safer.

Since the conversation took place in the dark, I couldn't figure who was talking what. I guess this was what happened!
"Here's a question guys. What is ish?"
"I guess its Sorta."
"No, it isn't. Its actually Somewhat"
"You mean ish or ish?"
"I meant ish..."
"I know what you meant. Is it the ish or ish?"
I tried to get things back on track. I really did. "Okay guys. What are we talking. Something other than ish would be good."
"He just asked us a question. I guess ish is gross or just ewwww!"
"What? You mean my sister said I was 21 gross years when she said Happy 21-ish Birthday?"
(This was definitely Mister Boo. He was gross anyway. So his sister was right.)
"Looks like she did mean gross!"
"I thought ish was sorta."
"Didn't you just say that before."
"How about Sweetish?"
"You say sweetish when something isn't sweet."
"Not really sweet, but sort of sweet. That's a good one."
"I didn't say sweetish. I said Swedish."
"I mean from Sweden. Swedish!"
"That's a word. Not an ish word."
"What I said isn't a word?"
"I am leaving. Thanks for inviting me."
(This was again Mister Boo)
Silence for a few seconds.
"Yeah. Anyways. Maybe we should talk about something else", said my brother.
"You mean, elseish?"
(That didn't make even a tiny bit of sense)
Silence for a few more seconds.

I decided to leave the Ish environment. Now my Brother was alone with two aliens.
Once out, I met my friends and we did some campaigning by banging at houses with lights ON. One of my friend was chased by a dog but he survived the chase and had to loose only a shoe! Another was chased by an angry guy who was disturbed while watching Oprah...

I decided to get to my Neighbor's place. Since my parents were around, it was a safe place to be at. I still got the scary looks...


  1. LOL I can just see it (well not really coz you were in the dark) but you know what I mean. You have such a way of recounting situations I showed my daughter this post, she's still laughing now!

  2. Your posts are getting better than Priyadarshan movies... keep spreading the smiles . LOL

  3. great Laugh for a great post created in the dark!!!LOL

  4. fun,
    I can you and your friend run for life in the dark...

    Happy Sunday!


  5. I can just see you thinking up "ish" words! In fact I use this term all the time!
    If someone asks me the time, I'll usually reply 5:00ish or someone's age, I'll say 30ish.
    But if Swedish doesn't count, than that means I'm not English!
    I'm confusedish, and it doesn't that much to do that!

  6. Yet another highly amusingish posting. Take very good care. Have a nice day, see you around 'noonish'. Right that's it. Time for me to....finish :-)

  7. On Earth Hour day, I was at the mall eating, and the mall was so not Earth Hour-ish, and thus I can't understand the total excitement of the occasion. My Earth Hour Day is every day! Ha Ha.

    Now, we have new characters: Mr Boo and Weird Beard, yay! I can't wait for more stories to roll out from these new extras!

    Why is your neighbor such a hater, btw! Perhaps you're confusing the creepy looks he's giving you with his own natural looking face? LOL!


  8. Gwei Mui: Maybe you can see the conversation if you switch off your Monitor! hehe
    Glad you and your daughter liked it...:)

    Farila: And I assume Priyadarshan is a movie guy. Maybe I should make a movie! I wonder if anybody will want to act with names like Weird Beard... LOL

    Nalini: To be frank, I was sitting in the dark. I was a bit too lazy to turn on the lights in my room... hehe

    Jingle: Hiya. Thanks for dropping by...:)

    Alice: I was confusedish too. Then, I was irritatish and then decided to leavish.
    Okay, maybe that's enough ish.... LOL
    Thanks for stopping by Alice!:)

    Gary: Hiya. Thanks for stopping by. Toodles...:)

    Shanaz: You should have secretly turned off all the lights in the Mall!:)
    You missed out Captain Monkey. And there are so many stories associated with them and Lord Grumpy! hehe
    Maybe because, I ruined his lawn, broke his Kitchen sink, threw a juggling ball on his daughter's face and stared at him everyday during my vacation... LOL

  9. Oh, I so enjoyed this. Am now off to take a look-see at the rest of your blog. Thankee kindly sir, for visiting mine - it brought me to yours.

  10. great one ,kept me smiling through, thanks for wonderful sharing ,you have blessed blog which spread smiles god bless dear


    Happy Award,
    Hope that you enjoy it!

  12. That was hystericalish. Hey, my head is roundish. And so is the world. It has a lot of blue and green and brown, muddy waterish in ish. Ish is fantasticish.

    Thanks for this postish. It has taken what is left I had of sanity. :)

  13. Ish seems to be a wonderful thing that I had had underestimated for so long.I promish not to make that mishtake again!! :)

  14. Haha What a niceish post! Joining the band-ish wagon!

    Have a good day Mr. ISHtupid!

  15. Wow, what an evening!

    Sounds like much was accomplished, even if it may not have sounded like.

    I admire you guys for going round the neighbourhood and knocking on doors. Now, that is very brave and glad to see you all came out alive.

    Safest places are always the ones that we return to, and I'm happy you found it so in the end.

    Happy to be back on your blog. (Not sure whether you remember me! It's been a long time)

  16. That was the strangest yet most hilarious blog I think I have have ever read. Way too funny....I loved the whole,
    "What? You mean my sister said I was 21 gross years when she said Happy 21-ish Birthday?"
    Way too funny ^_^
    Take care!

  17. Oh hilarious! :) Shame on me, I totally forgot about Earth Hour. I'm usually good at energy conservation anyways. I don't watch much TV and turn off lights when I leave any rooms so I guess I'm a contributor daily.

  18. Great post. I love your friends names and the neighbor who gives you scary looks. A good thing you didn't hang out there in the dark.