Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Flash Flood

I should have listened to Mr. Plumber a bit more carefully. "Don't touch that until I come back!"
I was alone at home with my Dog. We were watching TV. Maybe, that was the reason for the poor hearing.

This happened a year back. A kitchen tap was leaking and my Mom had called in this guy to fix it. He didn't have some tool, so he had to get it from his store.

I stole some food from the Refrigerator. Since, my dog tells on me, I gave him some too. Now, if I was caught, I could tell on Tyson.
Anyways, we got back to the living room and did what we always do the best. Waste time in front of the TV.

I finished everything on my Plate. So did Tyson. We got back to the kitchen. Oh yeah! We had to wash it to be out of trouble. Nobody reminded me not to open the tap. So, I did it. The tap came off and we started having more water than necessary.

Tyson panicked. He left me in the kitchen and ran for his Doggy life. I panicked too. I couldn't run. Nobody was gonna yell at him for letting the water that way.
I managed to get down and turn the flow off. It stopped.

But that was when Mr. Plumber dropped in. My Kitchen floor had experienced a Flood. I was all wet.
"Now, what did I say about the Tap?"
"Don't open It?"
"Yeah. I guess I did say that!"
"Oh, Sorry. I thought, you were talking to Tyson."
"Now, who is Tyson."
"My Dog...!"

Maybe, Mr. Plumber wasn't very convinced with that answer. My kitchen was still wet. There was enough water to get over my feet.

Tyson was nowhere to be found. So the cleaning was my responsibility. Mr. Plumber fixed the tap.
"This should stop the leaking."
"Great! Thanks."
"Now, are you gonna pay me or will it be Tyson?"
"Nah, he's not that good signing checks. He always gets over the line."
I gave Mr. Plumber a check my Mom had previously signed. The guy wasn't very happy. Maybe he was feeling guilty to have started a stupid conversation.

I had to get to the cleaning quick. There was still a lot of water and its level never seemed to reduce. I had an alternative of putting my brother's clothes on the floor. That would have soaked all the water but got me into a lot of trouble.

After almost three hours, I was done with it. That was when Tyson decided to enter. We had a chase around the house with me yelling at him for not helping.
Oh yeah! We had forgotten what we did best - Television.

Here's some advice - "Always listen to your Plumber and never trust your Dog with cleaning chores!"


  1. Are you in any way, related to the (I've forgotten the name) 'Home Alone' kid the mother had accidentally left out on Christmas Day.

  2. Reading your posts always makes me smile. Thanks for the advice will make a serious mental note, though I don't have a dog, so where does that leave me?

  3. hehe....what have you got against your brother? poor guy inevitably lands up in each of your posts...

    So did anyone find out about the flood?

  4. I at times expect my chicks to do some cleaning and at other times I expect my teens ... wonder which is weirder?

  5. Hi there,
    I have had a very similar situation to the one you described. I wont go into details..but, in my case, the plumber turned a simple situation, a minor drip (no not me) into a major flood in my kitchen. Put it this way, my canoe came in mighty handy.
    As per usual, I loved your post.
    Have a dry day:-)

  6. I wish my cat understood English and spoke it. It would be easier. Tyson is a dog? I thought it was chicken.

  7. Well, Tyson sounds like a name for a big muscular dog, don't you think? And dogs don't do chores, my dear. But then again, if you'd trained him, maybe he could help you out. :P

    Tap leaks are easy to ignore, when you don't have to use the tap, but in your case, the experience of the big flood must have left a scar on your psyche, forever! Tap leaks are annoying!!

    I'm glad you're really back this time and please have a good week and try to switch staring at the wall with staring at your neighbor from time to time. It will keep you sane! Cheerio!

  8. You should have paid heed to the 3 am radio ads of the company that trains dogs for plumbing help!! ;)

  9. LOL! The bursting water must have scared you like heck. I saw my aunt's sink burst like that and it was scary and funny at the same time. And the clean was a pain for her and everyone else at the house that day.

  10. Ahahaha!I can't stop laughing when I reach where you thought of putting your brother's clothes on the floor. On every situation you're in, you always have to include the poor big brother into the trouble or even at least one of his belongings. LOL!

    Have a nice day S!

  11. HAHA! I think you should consider having a human being for a best friend. At least that way you'll have a reason for punching him in the face in case he leaves you the way Tyson did. Great post, buddy!

  12. I loved the line,"Now are you gonna pay me or is Tyson?"


  13. i once had a dog like that. he would fake a limp just to get in the house! you will need to read about Patrick Mcmanus's dog "Strange" someday :-)