Monday, March 15, 2010

Hard Disk Down!

Okay. Now this has gone way too far! Another Computer issue stopping me from wasting my time, staring at my Monitor and Blogging. My computer said this yesterday - "Primary Hard disk fail."

It even burped once it was done saying. I am really upset this time. Maybe, the Computer guy noticed it when I was at his store. My stare makes people uncomfortable. He had to hide his face behind the curtains next to him.
"Sir, I am still staring. You might want to get out of that cloth!"

So, he finally agreed to check on the Hard disk. After looking at the box for some time. He looked up. I was still staring. Maybe, it made him even more uncomfortable. The guy realized staring at the Hard disk was a better thing to do.

"Your Hard disk is corrupt. I need a day to check on it"

"Great. Thanks!"

I left the store still staring at the guy.

I am writing this post on a
"No Trespassing" zone. The slogan also includes, "No Brother Allowed - EVER!"
Its my Brother's room. I sneaked into it, hacked his laptop and am using his Internet now. This time his password was,
Now, that's not very clever. Its 123456789 in Shift!

I even left him a "I was here" notepad file. I enter it every time I sneak into his room and figure out his Password.

Anyways, I should be getting my Hard disk in a day. Otherwise, the deadly staring should work...


  1. Gosh! You are not Mr Stupid
    You are one Smart Aleck!!!

  2. Haha Do not scare the computer guy too much. You might be needing his help again next week. *I hope not*
    Get back to regular posting quick!

    Good day Mr.S!


  3. Hey Mr Stupid I feel your frustration. My laptop is still in bits on the living room floor. Admittedly not so many as before. I'm using an unwanted laptop from a friend on "permanent" loan.
    Hope you get your HD sorted soon.

  4. omg...u r one cheeky guy...stare away...if that what solves your problem :)

    I should try it one of these days...

  5. HAHAHA! Dagnammit! My digestive system's methane level just increased 75% after reading your post. Now I need to make sure that the people I know stay in the 50 mile radius safety zone.

    Hey, did you notice this?

    [["Primary Hard disk fail."]]

    [["Your Hard disk is corrupt."]]

    I think there's a conspiracy going on here. This is exactly the same thing that happens to politics.

  6. "Sir, I am still staring."

    Sir, I am still laughing at that one and will use it myself when necessary.

  7. I do that "I'm still staring" all the time!
    Yeah, I did a post about passwords yesterday and it is true that passwords are so easy to find. Just look at the link that Peeking Rabbit left. Someone had worked out all the PINs. You can do it, my number is there, and I bet yours is too!

  8. you have a very interesting relationship with your brother!

  9. Hope your brother does not carry a gun around...

  10. Goddamn, man... you have been having as many or more computer problems than me, lately. Maybe if you stopped putting your pee pee in the USB port, it might help. :)

    Hope your brother doesn't get you!

  11. oh my gahhdddd, what is wrong with your hard disk! I hope to see you back soon, Mr.Stupid.

    Hahaha, It's hilarious how you're able to read the mind of the Lord Grumpy!

    Prayers to your moody hard disk, from all over here.

    See you, soon!

  12. I am still staring all the time!
    First time here. I found your site through your comment on another blog.
    I 'm impressed!Not only by your blog but of the fact that you've chosen that name on your profile while others, alas, choose fancy names to make impression!Thanks for your humour!

  13. Okay dude,
    Judging by your icon photograph; if you stared at me, heck man, you would most certainly get my attention:-)
    All the best in getting you new hard disk drive. I'm still trying to sort out my soft disk drive...but that's another story, another time.
    Have a great day (I was here)
    With respect, Gary...

  14. You're a smart fella..figuring out your brother's password and all. Geez, I wonder how does he feel now that you did it again. Probably will come up with a clever 'get back at you' plan.

  15. dude, that sux. You need to keep us updated. I'm sure some of us follow you on twitter but you never tweet. You need to start man.

  16. Jeesh you don't realize how much stuff you have stored on your hard disk either until it's gone. I do hope everything works out fine for you and quick too.

  17. Ummie: Smart as ever! lol

    "BUTTERY"fly: Well, looks like the guy might move out... hehe
    Hope I don't have any more Computer troubles!
    Have a good day!:)

    Gwei: Too bad. Good to know you have another Laptop to use!

    Lazy Pineapple: Go ahead. Staring does all the work. Its not been able to convince my Mom though!:)

    Ryhen: I would recommend a 75 mile radius... hehe
    Glad you liked the post!:)

    Kelly: All hail staring. Use it wisely... hehe

    Alice: You were right. My first Password was one of them. But then, I use special characters now. Have a good day!:) Yeah. Pretty much. Especially after the sign!

    Farila: I just hope he doesn't. Don't worry. I always wear a Body Armor... lol

    Kelly: I just hope he doesn't. Though, he has to find the Notepad file someday.

    Shanaz: Goodbye old Hard Disk. The guy decided, Heaven was a better place than my home. Looks like, I just got a new one now!

    Betty: That's becoming my Legal name. I just hope the judge or whoever feels happy about the name change... lol
    Thanks for stopping by!:)

    Gary: See. Staring does work. Have a great day!:)

    Rose: Maybe this time his password will be, "Youwontgetitthistime" lol

    Jess: My twitter account was a vision. The Twitter guy came to my dream and said I wasn't welcome. Just joking. I will check on it sometime... :) I just hope. Have a good day!:)

  18. How often does your brother change is password?

    That's funny that you can just keep figuring it out!!

    Good luck with your computer. And it's always best to make friends with the Geeks in your life. They often come in handy! :)