Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hating the Stage!

I have hated the stage ever since I was a small kid. Though, when I was much more smaller, say in my fifth grade, I never hated the microphone that much.

My Teacher had me on the stage once a week. It would be an Essay on a lesson or some boring current affair thingy. Anyways, it always ended with applause.

There was once this Entertainment hour. It marked Stage fright in me forever.
Everyone were supposed to volunteer. So did I. I didn't have any scripts to read this time. But there was something, I could tell,

The Quickfire Round

What would happen if Batman and Robin were rolled by a steam roller?
Flatman and Ribbon

What do you call a fairy who doesn't take a bath?

What did the Teddy Bear say when he was offered extra cake?
No thanks, I am stuffed!

These were enough to get me some awful faces. There were a few Boos. My teacher seemed to have enjoyed it. Though, her smile looked like it wasn't necessary in that situation.
"Wow, that was amazing. Why don't you share a story with us?"
"I am really not that good with stories."
"Tell us a Moral story. Something you might remember."

I couldn't remember a thing. So, I decided to make one up. I had to get creative. But creative was a dangerous feature in me. Out came this,

The Crow, the Rabbit, the Turtle and the Fox

It was a Sunny morning in a forest. A Crow was sitting on a tree. He was day dreaming. He was dreaming about sitting and doing nothing when a rabbit interrupted him. The crow assumed it to be a part of his dream. But there was a voice coming from below.
"Hello Crow!"
"Hiya Rabbit"
"Can I sit like you and do just about nothing?"
"Sure. Let's day dream together."

So, the two guys started dreaming about doing nothing.

There was another voice. It was a turtle.
"Hi Crow and Rabbit"
said the animals.
"Can I join you guys and do nothing?"
, said the crow.
"Maybe, the three of us can day dream together!"

Hence, the three animals dreamed of doing nothing.

They were interrupted again. This time, it was a fox. The fox jumped on the rabbit and ate him. As for the turtle, he ducked in his shell and continued day dreaming.

Moral of the story
- To dream about sitting and doing nothing, you need to be either very high or be a turtle!

The reactions that came once I was done were either of Surprise or Disbelief. All my classmates looked like the Aliens from Mars Attacks. My teacher was in a shock. She had her mouth opened and was staring at her desk. There were no more Boos. Nor did anybody come to speak. They had enjoyed a fantastic story.

On the way back to my desk, everyone started Booing. There was this guy who said, "Now this is why I hate school!"
Was that a compliment?


  1. What a fantastic way to start my day. This will put a smile on my face to last the commuter squash.

  2. were/are so naughty :) I am sure you scared the beejeesus out of the kids with such a gory story. I am sure most of them would have stopped daydreaming :)

  3. "To dream about sitting and doing nothing, you need to be either very high or be a turtle!" - Nicely wrapped up, my dear friend. Ha Ha Ha.

    You've succeeded making a real come-back from stone age, with this Marvelous story. Why your classmates were such boring people, I am not sure. But if you were in my class, back in school, I'll definitely be your Best Friend.

    I wouldn't have hated school, so much, and this Is a Real Compliment. =D

    Keep rocking the world, with your wacky stories, Mr.Stupid. You've got the gift!


  4. DUD!!! You are so freaking funny, I think i'm gonna add you to, a "blogs I read" list.
    Awesome blog!

  5. That teacher totally set you up so what did she expect?

    Too funny!

  6. i hate going to do that kind of stuffs..makes me stutter and my body would start to shake:p glad you're pc is all good :D

  7. Gwei: Glad it just brought a smile and not a Boo... hehe

    Lazy Pineapple: Now, that was a bit too gory. Maybe, I had to censor the eating part... lol
    The shocked face indicated they were out of daydreaming. Oh, this means even my teacher was up to it... hehe

    Shanaz: Hey, didn't you mention I was in the "Dark Age"? lol
    Stone age sounds a bit more professional though. "I am from the stone age!" - Look, professional...:)
    Too bad, we couldn't be in school together. Maybe, I would have helped send your teacher to a shocked state too.. hehe
    Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!:)

    zacharihalogan: Glad you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Kelly: Maybe, she was expecting something like "The Miser". Too bad, her expectations were crushed... lol

    Jenny: Well, this happens to me now. Looking at the mic makes me allergic. And that's the reason why I pasted the image above closing my eyes.... hehe

  8. Hey! That was really a compliment!
    You shouldn't hate the stage. You could be a star. lol!

    Nice one Mr. S!

  9. I think they lacked sense of humour...

  10. you are super funny ,thanks for such great and humorous story ,and loved the moral too ,isnt it wonderful for some time to just sit and do nothing ,not a bad idea take care

  11. hahaha! Hey, I gotta give you kudos for at least coming up with something on spot...I would have stood there staring at the teacher like an idiot trying to think of something while giving myself a brain hemorrhage.
    Ya know, I don't think it would be half bad to be the fox himself...the moral should be, "Which are you going to be the prey? or the predator?"
    Great post. And thank you again for stopping by my site and commenting (^_^)
    I'm finally below a million on my Alexa! Woohoo! OK so maybe that isn't such a great achievement, but it is to me =D
    Take care!

  12. When they were looking at you like you had a third hand growing from your head, it's too bad you didn't turn around, bend over and cut a huge fart towards your classmates. Then give them the finger.

    But then, bad things probably would have happened as a result. :(

    Funny post, dude. I'm really glad you're up and running again. Take care!

  13. Stage fright eh? Well I've never been frightened of a stage. But I have been terrified of talking in front of an audience. One time, I was doing a serious talk in front of bunch of my fellow students in Grade 8. They started giggling at me..then I looked down and noticed my zipper was undone. Now that's frightening:-)
    Great little story you have submitted. Love the moral with it. Right then, I off to go smoke some turtle shells....
    With respect, Gary:-)

  14. I don't know what was wrong with your classmates. My kids would find that hysterical. I thought it was pretty funny, as well.

  15. "BUTTERY"fly: You're right. I might become famous. "The Moral Story Guy" - That's a good name... lol

    Farila: They sure did. I wonder what they were thinking. Booing for such a well told story... hehe

    Shabana: I sit and do nothing most of the time. Believe me, it gets better each time... lol
    Glad you liked the post. Have a nice day!:)

    Al`eh: That's a nice moral. How about this - "Which are you? A crow, a turtle, a rabbit or a fox." Well, now that's almost the title of the story.
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Kelly: Thanks for stopping by. Maybe they saw the third head popping out of my head... lol

    Gary: That must have been a horrible situation. No wonder they were giggling... lol
    Have a great day!:)

    Tracie: Well, they had just arrived from Mars. Maybe, Booing was an applause... hehe

  16. Nice story!!! I would have cheered you loudly despite my voice being so thin n reedy...that's how much I liked it :)

  17. Funny! I love Fables and I didn't know where yours was going. The mark of a good storyteller.

  18. Yes an excellent story, you had me right to the end. I have to laugh also when you stop by my blog and I see Mr Stupid as the name of the commenter.

    The one thing I miss about EC is forgetting about some of the good blogs like ours and by not dropping forget to stop by. I am taking care of that right now. I have you in my fav list, so I won't miss anymore good and stupid stories, :-)

    PS: thank you for not forgetting us, that means a lot!!

  19. You're a natural storyteller. Even when you write about your brother on your blog, you are naturally entertaining. Microphone or not, just keep telling your tales and we'll keep listening to them. Glad your computer is working again.

  20. That was actually fast thinking on your part to give an impromptu story like that. I hated public speaking too when I was in school whether it be talking in front of the class or on stage. It's funny how my job turned out to be giving presentations and delivering company policy updates. I know, weird, huh?

    As for the classmate who made the "hate school" comment, I think was in a state of shock that you actually told a story like that.

  21. lol! great story. Something to tell the kids (when I have some of my own).