Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Juggling Adventure!

Juggling to me is now an alien thing to do. But it was not a few years back.

I had been to my Neighbor's house. It was his daughter's Birthday. Maybe, the accident that took place here was the reason for him hating me so much.

My parents had come too. And so did my Brother. I had taken a gift along with me. It was a Juggling manual, some tricks and four Juggling balls. My Parents and my Brother had bought other decent gifts.

Anyway, the Party went on and by the end, the Birthday girl went crazy and started ripping all the gifts. Actually, she was excited and wanted to know who gave her what.
There were dolls, a Science kit (That was my Brother's gift) and all other things that I can't remember.

Then came my Gift. "Juggling Balls?", she said. This was either a "Yay" expression or a "Boo" one.
"Don't worry. They are fun and easy to learn!"
"You know to Juggle?"
, she asked.
"Yup. I can even do four balls."
"Wow. Can you Juggle now?"
"Well, I can..."

The girl had already disappeared.

Within minutes came my neighbor, "So, you can Juggle?"
I couldn't resist the attention, so I boasted, "I sure can. In fact, I can even juggle five balls standing on one leg!"
"Then we should have a performance. Can you stage a show right now?"

I was the center of attraction. Everyone were seated. I could see my Parents cheering. My brother though, was staring at me. Maybe he was remembering the accident that had taken place on the second day of my Juggling career.

The Birthday girl was at the front and was really excited. She was literally bouncing, "Juggle", "Do it!", "Four Balls".
I started with 2 balls. There were cheers and clapping. Next, I juggled three balls while standing on one leg. And then, I juggled two balls on one hand while I looked at the audience. Now was the time for the grand finish. "Okay guys. Time for the grand finish!"

I flipped the fourth ball over my head. And now is the time to Pause this story and go back to when I tried it the first time.
The fourth ball is supposed to join the other three during the juggle. But when I showed it to my brother once, the fourth ball went a bit higher and landed on his face. Yeah, his face!

the Grand finish -
The fourth ball left, and landed again. On the girl's face. The act distracted my hands and they let go of the other three balls. With two of them falling on her leg and one falling on a doll, "Bwaaaaaahhh..."

The face and the leg were strong. They didn't break. Though, the doll broke. I could see my parents in a shock. My brother was still staring.
I received many filthy looks. The girl was not hurt. She had just experienced the horror of a Juggling ball falling on her face! As for the doll, too bad it couldn't stand the impact...


  1. ....and then you made it the most remembered performance. haha

    I'm sure big brother is happy now that you thought juggling is an alien thing to do. :D

    Have a good day!

  2. did anyone take pictures? I am sure your brother did :) hehhehe

  3. the most funny moment you mentioned was that MY BROTHER WAS STILL STARING, my god i can sis face

  4. My daughter, Thing 2, learned to juggle in her middle school PE class, of all places. She too is often asked to "perform" at social gatherings. Audiences are advised to watch at their own risk.

  5. That sounds like quite a party trick.

  6. i dont know who i feel more sorry for: the girl or the doll. Hope u broke your piggy bank and bought her a new doll, else she'll get a voodoo doll that looks just like you and wreck havoc (she might still be traumatized!)

  7. Why do I somewhat feel that the whole thing was intentional..not the breaking doll or hitting girls' face part but just letting go of the balls part! Am sure you wanted to see the look on your brother's face again!! :P

  8. "BUTTERY"fly: Exactly. Actually a remembered performance to everyone! LOL
    What if I am an Alien. Can I still Juggle? hehe

    Lazy Pineapple: All I saw him do was stare. It all felt like he was expecting the ball on the girl's face!

    Baili: He must have gone back in time to his "Ball on the Face" moment... lol

    Kelly: That's a good Disclaimer. I should have said keep 10 meters away!

    Suzanne Jones: Trick it was. It just ended badly.... hehe

    crazynigerian: And that's one reason why I don't have a Profile pic. BTW, will Voodoo work on my Profile pic? LOL

    Gautam: Hey, NO. Now that was a slip of hand. BTW, if I wanted to see that look again, I would have tried the "Grand Finish" again on him at home.... LOL

  9. oh you poor thing! that must have been awfull (for both of you!)

  10. He..he..he..he..what a show...!!! A standing ovation from my side...lol..!! :D
    PS- You have one more follower now..! :)

  11. Wow, with all this talent you didn't join the circus?! I've tried many times to juggle, the apples, lemons or whatever I used always ended up on the floor.

  12. Juggling a daily schedule can be stressful. To be able to juggle balls in the air, amazing dexterity. How 'bout video taping it and posting it on your blog? Would love to see it.

  13. outdoor.mom: It sure was. I got the Ugly stares and the girl got a sore face and a leg and a broken doll. Something says me it was a bit more awful to her... hehe

    Supriya: Thank you for the Standing ovation. This means you get to see the Grand finish. Ready? lol
    Thanks for following. I am doing the same...:)

    Me-Me King: Those were the first things I juggled. Start with two and then three. Please don't try four. Especially with Tomatoes...:)

    Lauren: That's actually a bit hard. You see, I have already broken my Camera and recently did the same with my Brother's. BTW, the grand finish will only have the ball hitting the Camera...:)
    Thanks for dropping by!

  14. Try juggling cats.. It's a lot of fun. If they try to scratch you, just laugh hard and keep going... even if you're bleeding and one of the cats have cut open an artery. Just keep going. It will be good for you.

  15. I admire you for standing up there and juggling in the first place. You met the audience's needs, and with an extra kick involved. :)