Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Surprise!

Hooray! I am Blogging again. The staring didn't work after all. He was enough uncomfortable to say, "Just get a new Hard disk. This won't work!"
I had to do all the paying. Anyways, my Computer is up and running. Another issue and I need to get back to the sneaking part!

I wasn't going to wake up when some ghostly figure was calling out my name. At first there were whispers. Then Yells. This wasn't a Robber. Nobody would want to wake me up and then steal stuff from my Room.

A closer look revealed it was my brother. I was never waking up now. The next moment, there is a bottle full of water running down my face.
I had to get up.
"What do you want?"
"Surprise back to you! Good night."
"Let's go."
, he said.
"Let's go where? Are you Sleep walking or Sleep talking?"
"Okay. I wouldn't be pouring a bottle of water then. To the backyard!."
I was dragged across the hallway to the Backyard.

There were Balloons everywhere. A few guests were called too -
A thing standing next to the door.
My neighbor, who looked half asleep.
Another Neighbor who was maybe dragged from his bed.
A girl who looked like a ghost. She didn't have a face. They were covered by her hair.

, they said.
"Thank you all. Thanks for coming. Good night!"
"Hey, I even got you a Birthday cake. Cut it!", he said
"Do Mom and Dad know about this?"
"Nah. Its still a Surprise."
"Just cut the cake dude."
, said a guy. Maybe he was here only for the cake.

The Birthday song began. I had to help my neighbor with a few words. He seemed to forget them.
"Maybe, I should call Mom and Dad now!"

"That would be great."

He left. I was now alone in the backyard with Zombies and a ghost. My neighbor who was holding on to the fence. He fell over the other side and ran home. I wonder why?

My Brother was back really quick. "HAHA! Got you. All this was a prank."
"Wow. Did Dad tell my Birthday was on 11th?"
"No! I just pranked you."

All the Zombie guests were now awake. Some were really angry. They all left. One guy, didn't mind waiting till the end.
"Dude, the party is over!"
, my brother said.
"Oh. Can I take some more Cake?"
"Take all of it! And please don't come by again."

That didn't seem to be a prank. My brother forgot my Birthday by a week. My Dad convinced him that today wasn't 11th March.
I am glad there was a party. I enjoyed looking at the Zombie guests. I had once wished him a "Happy Birthday" after a month.

Just In
- My Brother just ran across the Hallway. "Oh My God. Dad, my Camera is broken!". I better get to the scene quick and make a "I never did it" face!


  1. LOL - it's be an interesting next meeting with your neighbours! Glad to hear you've fixed your PC.

  2. I am not sure I would want to be in your shoes but as long as you are in it .. I will love your brother and the pranks you both will play on each other, LOL

  3. Waddya mean the staring didn't work? Damn, I thought that was a good strategy to get people to bend to your will.

    Happy Late Zombie Birthday!

  4. Welcome back!, and ehmm...Happy birthday!, LOL

  5. Gwei: Yeah. Though, I couldn't get the guy next door.
    Hooray. My PC is fixed. Just in case, I always have the Computer guy... hehe And everyone says I am crazy. Only my stories are crazy... lol

    Farila: I guess my shoes are a bit bigger for you to fit in... haha
    Well, the International Prank Federation is coming soon. And guess what. We are a team! :)

    Kelly: Maybe, I did some too much staring. Controlled staring works though... :)

    Luchi Smiles: Hello and thanks for the Birthday wishes. Oh, ehmm Thank you... Just kidding!

    Longest Mile Blogs: The guests looked somewhat like that. X( X| and one guy looked like 8|

  6. At least the zombies ate cake. Welcome back!!!

  7. Oh well..Belated Happy Birthday Mr. S!


  8. Cakes, balloons, zombie guests (particularly them!!)..mmm! I wish my birthday was closer :) Good luck with hiding your camera destruction story, you might just spill it out and get the camera as is, as your birthday gift!! :)

  9. Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog. It's pretty interesting and funny! if you don't mind, I'm going to tag alon.

  10. and the preceding blog was recorded in front of a 'dead studio audience' out for them thar zombies....
    Have a good day, friend and may you continue to get much benefit from posting your thoughts to an expectant world. Thanks again for your ongoing support on my blog. That has been much appreciated.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  11. VERY funny story ya got there. Also, I'm almost like you, mistakes happening more than once with me. Yes, I'd probably trip over a cordless phone if I wanted to.... If you like, you can come to my blog and follow at

  12. loved the way you paint your birthday night ,this beautiful friendship between you and your brother touches the heart,glad your neighbors came and wished even in night ,sweet post thanks for sharing god bless

  13. welcome back...
    happy birthday, i
    funny story...
    have a great week!

  14. Happy Birthday~! What a fun story!

    Am looking forward to reading through more of your blog! Thank you for the lovely comment you left when visiting my blog!

  15. YAY your back in business, which means you will be typing like mad with all kinds of new, interesting and funny posts. I had a better comment, but unfortunately the Google monster decided to eat the last one up. I hope this one gets to you.

  16. Sounds like a very nice thing to do, even if it just was a prank and I'm happy that you enjoyed yourself at the party.

    Sounds like one of a kind!