Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to the Circus

I have always loved the Circus. There was a time when I had been to one. Even though, all that happened was a bit awkward, I enjoyed the whole trip.

At first there were the Jumping Monkeys. Their act has a name called the Trapeze. Everything was going fine until one Monkey fell.
There was a safety net to save him.

Next we had Mr. Clown take the stage. He was funny until he started Juggling.
Since I am bad at Juggling, my influence was a bad thing.
He decided to juggle three balls and Unicycle at the same time.
Big Mistake! He fell. There were some Boos. A guy behind me said, "Dude, I can Unicycle better. Give me your Job!"
Another Hooray!

After a few minutes, another guy arrived. He claimed to be a Magician. First, a Bird flew out of his Kerchief. It was followed by a Golf Ball. It didn't fly. Just fell down!

He now wanted to show a Card trick. The trick required a volunteer. I wasn't looking. Nor was I lifting my hand.
"You there..."
"Come on. Help me with this trick."
"No, that's Okay!"
"Don't be shy. You're going to love it."

I did get a feeling that choosing me was a big mistake. In the next few minutes he was about to be showered by many Boos!

"Here's a Deck of Cards. Shuffle it."

I shuffled the cards and gave Mr. Magician the deck.
"Now pick a card. I am not looking. Show it to everyone. Tell me when you are ready."

It was a 3 of spades.
"The Card, its at the tip of my tongue. Anytime now..."

Just tell the Card.
"Your card is the Queen of clubs."
"Okay then... the 2 of diamonds?"

I thought, the whole thing was a part of the act.
Some guy from the audience said, "Just get over with it. Tell the card. I am in a hurry!"
"Alright then, the 4 of clubs.."
"Yes it is. It is one of these three cards."

"No it isn't."

The Boos had already begun. I knew this would turn bad. The man looked really angry. Another second and a punch would have landed on my face.
Everyone started leaving. So did I. I could still hear the guy barking at my back, "Let's do it again. Come back!"

No Hooray this time!

The trip had a tragic end. I enjoyed it though...


  1. Oh god every performers nightmare! But having said that this didn't handle the situation too well and getting angry probably wasn't the best course of action. Though what do you do in a situation like that?

  2. Next time wear a shirt labeled "don't choose me, if you want to get yourself out of trouble". haha You know the part that made me really laugh was when he's looking for a volunteer and he have chosen you when you are not even looking. I could picture the scene. haha

    Have a nice day!

  3. Poor guy.. may be he was expecting a tip from you and later on could have bribed you heavily...
    You are a walking, talking, blogging disaster or what? LOL

  4. In the words of Fozzie Bear. Wocka Wocka Wocka! The show must go on!

  5. I always wondered what would happen if someone messed up a trick. Now I know.

    FYI: Clowns scare me!

  6. LOL, hilarious. You couldn't have planned it any better. I wish I had been there to catch all the action. Hooooray!

  7. I loved this post!
    Oh, you just pulled on some of my best memories!

  8. clowns creep me out - otherwise i'd like the circus. You do find yourself in a lot of unusual situations, don't you?!

  9. hahaha the magician guy sucked! I'm glad they booed him. =)

    Maybe you should have your own circus, your comedy is always way better than the circus hoopla. haha.

    No offense to circus people. Tehee

  10. Ahha...every one of us have a mean streak in us!!!...nicely written ...great laugh...thanks

  11. I'm with everyone who finds clowns scary.

    Great post, though.


  12. Yup, memories come flooding back, mainly from my childhood, but some more recent. Good post.

  13. hahaha. that was awesome!
    do it again!
    do it again!

    what a nightmare.

  14. I'm with outdoor.mom, I was with you until the clowns. Then I slipped off into a nightmare-type fantasy of the clown eating someone's face. I was sure it wasn't going to be mine, regardless I couldn't take my eyes off it.

  15. It would have been funny if you had just stood there and kept naming every card in the deck until Mr. Magician had a complete mental breakdown, go down on his hands and knees and started to cry. That's when you could have turned around and cut a great big fart in his boo hoo-ing face.


  16. I reckon that you should have told him the card you had picked was the 'Joker'. That would have left him poker-faced and in a right royal flush..
    Nice posting dude. I just hate the thought of animals being taken out of their natural habitat and made to perform at some circus. Heck, Ronald McDonald scares the poo out of me:-)
    Have a great day. With respect, Gary:-)

  17. I would have loved to been in the crowd. What's the old Broadway saying, break their legs, oh nope, thats the Jersey Mafias saying. Oh yes the saying was "The show must go on", no matter what. People in the crowd could care less, they want their entertainment, especially if they paid for it.

  18. Gwei Mui: That sure was a nightmare to the guy. I would have said all the cards and Tada here's your card! LOL

    "BUTTERY"fly: How about I have the Boo Virus which spreads easily. Stay away from me. And on top of it. Don't choose me!
    Time for me to sketch those lines on my Brother's shirt... hehe

    Farila: Oh yeah. Maybe. But he should have bribed everyone in the crowd as I showed the card to all... LOL
    Disaster? Yup. That's what a Fortune tell once told me!

    mattkendrick.com: The show must go on. It should have some people to watch though... LOL

    Guys: Clowns scare me. Especially Ronald McDonald!

    Me-Me King: Well, I am working on a "Go to the Past" spell. You can come along then... hehe

    Betty: Wow. You got a Magician Booed too? Hooray!

    outdoor.mom: Many to name. BTW, I hate Ronald McDonald...:)

    Shanaz: Go ahead, Boo him. Maybe he's reading... LOL
    Oh yeah. And I should even try Juggling. Don't worry, this time we will have Paramedics close by... LOL

    Nalini: Glad you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by!

    Suzanne: Everyone hates clowns. We might be the only ones who can save the world when the "Evil Clowns" strike... LOL

    Dave: Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day!:)

    Brian Miller: He's been haunting me from a couple of years.... Just kidding!
    Hooray! LOL

    Ivy: So you have foreseen the day when the "Evil Clowns" terrorize the world. Don't worry, we will have Ronald McDonald's Dolls on our side... hehe

    Kelly: Maybe he did have a Mental Breakdown later. I didn't seem to return the card back to him. I dropped it somewhere else. So, he must have had a Breakdown trying to find the lost card... hehe

    Gary: That's really sad. Animals in Zoos and Circuses.
    As for Ronald McDonald, I don't think about him much.
    He gives me nightmares!(whispers)

    ManOverBoard.com: Yeah. The show needed people. But they left... LOL
    BTW, I hadn't paid anything. No, I didn't sneak in, I used a Coupon!:)

  19. I know how did the term "comedy of errors" came into origin!! Glad that you were part of the invention too..lol!! :)

  20. Its been a long time since I have seen a circus..
    That was hilarious..:)
    First time here..:)



    P.s. I m a follower nw.:)

  21. Wooooow.....thats all I can say. Just wow
    Standards must have gone down. Although I guess I really wouldn't know since I have never been to a circus. It seems rather boring on my part and I can't stand the fact of everything on how they treat the animals.
    Besides that ... it would be rather hilarious to see them do so poorly. =P