Monday, April 19, 2010

Annual Cleaning Day!

Last Sunday was a horrible day. It was the "Annual Cleaning Day" of my room. Even though, it happens only once a year, I hated it.

My Mom forced me into cleaning my room. She said, "Okay. I guess its time you clean this mess up."
Mess? Those are cobwebs, dust and some dirty clothes. They aren't mess. I tried telling her that. She didn't seem to be convinced and gave me looks.

And so, began the cleaning. I got all my clothes back in the Wardrobe.
It was last year when a twister hit my room. I first, managed to wake up late. After brushing my teeth and taking a quick shower, I started finding my clothes.
Looking for them among the neatly stacked ones took time. Panic struck!
I started throwing away everything at the top, until I found the ones I needed. Unfortunately, they were at the bottom.
That was the day, I last saw them back in the wardrobe.

Once, I was done with that, I got back to the Living room.
My Mom was looking, "Done already?"
"Yup. Everything is clean now."
"Very good. I will have a look then..."

This was going to turn bad.

Within a minute I could hear, "You call this Clean?" echoing around the house. I was dragged to my room and then she explained, "Get rid of the dust, swab the floor, wash the curtains and please wash your blanket."
Now, that was a lot of work. I had to get to it though. At least, I didn't have to do this everyday. My brother cleans his room every week. Yeah, that's scary!

Dust was the first thing to remove. Its always found on two important places in my room. On my desk and on the Windows. The layer of dust helps me build my creativity. I draw cows, pigs and mostly bunnies on them. I call them the "Dusty Animals". To be frank, they are the reason, I decided to take up Art!

Next up were the curtains. "Sunlight can be dangerous to your eyes". Having believed that, I have never moved them. I threw them in the Washing Machine. Now, that was easy.

The reason why she said "Please wash your blanket" is because she thinks its dirty. Its been exactly never since I have washed him. He was in blue when he arrived three years ago. Since then, he turned to brown and now white. I am attached to his stink. Too bad, its gone now. Boo hoo!
I was expecting the Blue to return. He's still white now. I wonder why?

The last thing on the list was Swabbing the floor. This was a boring job. I couldn't find a mop stick. The only alternative was my pet sponge, "Spongy". He's the guy with two eyes and a big mouth. I drew them when I was in the third grade.
He seemed to be pretty happy soaked in water. But once I was done, his eyes and mouth went missing. Boo hoo!
Though, surprisingly, there's a small nose now.

I called my Mom to the room and she was impressed. "Wonderful. Please clean yourself now."
Again the "Please" word. Though, I always take a bath. I do a quick shower as I campaign for "Don't waste Water".
I managed to get to my room. The twister struck again. Even though, I found my clothes, everything was outside now. I stuffed them back...


  1. Hehe - you remind me of my daughter her room is similarly appointed but it gets de-twistered every week.

  2. Wow! I don’t think I would ever want you to clean my room obsessive freak that I am when it comes to cleaning!

  3. I know how your mother feels,I had the same problem with my three. Yet now they're adults with their own families they arethe most tidiest people ever.


  4. Oh my God...did you find any other creatures lurking in your bedroom?

    I would suggest you to throw that blanket...Blue turning to brown? that is serious :P

  5. You should make streamers before the next annual cleaning day arrives. So that everyone would celebrate.
    For having a blue blanket turned into blue, it really should be celebrated. You know like Earth day, Valentines day, etc.. haha

    Have a good day Mr.S!

  6. at least you tried ,i am happy for your mother that she seemed fine with your cleaning,my elder and you can be good friends cause where two people think alike they becomes friend,take care

  7. You always make me laugh, I am really so glad I joined your blog, this remind me so much when i was still living at home with my parents, same situation, the difference was, that as I was a girl, my mother was expecting that everything will be pristine, being me the most disorganized person, but think about this, at least it is once a year, my mother would expect that every WEEKEND

    "Thoughts of a Career Woman"

  8. You're a good human being for not wasting your water. Your mother may seem to be a strict cleaning taskmaster now but someday when you meet the gal of your dreams, if it hasn't happened already, this gal of yours will be wowed by your cleaning abilities and you will thank your mom for beings so strict with you. Take care.

  9. Now that you're finish cleaning let's have a party. I will make streamers and bring balloons to blow up for decorations. We can also celebrate Earth Day too. HAPPY CLEANING!!!


  10. Hi Mr Stupid. I only clean once a year too...

    Bearfriend xx

  11. Gwei Mui: Do send the De-twister towards my room when its finished with her room... hehe

    Jana: Cleaning has never been my thing.
    Have a good day...:)

    Yvonne: Wow. This only means, I am getting to be the Tidiest human on Earth. Yay! LOL

    Lazy Pineapple: No. That Blanket is actually lucky. He smelled good earlier. Though, that's gone now... LOL
    And don't worry. The White should turn back to Blue soon and then again Brown!

    "BUTTERY"fly: Party Cake and the Balloons...:)
    And Mr. Blanket cuts the cake... hehe

    Shabana: He draws on dust too? Maybe, we can start a community together and convince people to keep their houses dirty... LOL
    Have a good day!

    Laura: I was planning to change this day to Annual Cleaning hour or minute. That should be really easy. Dirt is a good thing. Believe me!:)

    Kelly: What if she likes to make Dusty Animals too? See, I am preparing for the worst situations... hehe
    Have a good day...:)

    Gina: That's exciting. We should celebrate. Spongy and Mr. Blanket will be there too...:)

    Bearfriend: Let's help people understand how Important it is to clean only once an year! LOL

  12. I see we have something else in common. Doodling in dust. I think you mentioned that you were into that. Funny!

    Well, cleaning is a pain in the ass, but it does feel damn good when it's done. It feels even better when someone else does it.


  13. I wish I could doodle in dust for fun without sneezing and catching the allergy. Seriously funny post, and I must congratulate your mum for being so efficient in her effort to get her son, to at least get his room mess-free for a micro-moment, every single year.

    Mr Stupid, please twister-proof your room, by staying in the dumpster. LOL. Just Kidding!!

    You're something precious aren't you.


  14. your principles echo the same like mine... water is precious, sunlight is dangerous for eyes, its easy to pick clothes from a dump, the blanket changes colours, great human being you really are . kudos man ....

  15. I hate cleaning up the house.. my apartment guys make inspections otherwise I will never care! Wish i had some optical illusion stuff with me that can make my house look spotless from the doorway! :)

  16. In my view people are either tidy or not and remain so all of their lives. Take comfort from the fact that the tidy ones are often analy retentive fuss-pots who are no good at creative thinking. That doesn't sound like a description of you!

  17. Well done for cleaning. And speaking of left over water..if you ever have another can use the dirty water to water the garden. The flowers don't mind..apparently:-)
    I'm off to do some 'spring cleaning'. Nothing worse than rusty springs:-)
    Have an awesome day..

  18. Dusty animals ??? LOL.. your imagination is great and I would really pay to read your posts.. They are really great!!!
    Keep writing