Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's Day

Yesterday was the day marked for Practical jokes and everything that can cause embarrassment to others. And so, it was the greatest day of the year for me.

At first, I scared my Mom with a dangerous roach attack on our kitchen. She fell for it.

Next, I convinced my Dad that his Laptop was on fire. He ran to his room. Though, was back pretty soon yelling at me!

Up next, my brother. Oh yeah. I had to make this really good. He was working on his laptop.
"Hey, somebody is on the phone. He says, you guys were together in Baby Sitting sessions!"
They weren't Baby Sitters. I meant when they were babies.
He excitedly ran to the phone.
The Baby friend wasn't speaking anything. Just the Dial tone.
"April Fool's Day!"

I then scared him with a fake lizard.

When I was back home in the evening, my Brother came rushing. It was an Invitation.
"Here. Our Neighbor gave this to you."
"To me?"
"Yup. He wanted to invite everyone to a party. I need to complete my assignment. So you go!"
"Did he mention I was invited?"
"He sure did. It must have already started..."

Having believed everything, I decided to drop by his house.

There were many people inside. This I could hear from outside the house.
His wife opened the door. She looked a bit confused, but had me get in. She said, "Guys, this is my friend's son."
The guys never seemed to care, they continued speaking.

One guy heard it though. It was my neighbor. The man who has been on the top of my "People to Trouble" list and "Everyone who hates me" list.
He spoke like a robot, "Welcome"

The robot and his wife disappeared leaving me alone in the midst of annoying, speaking, talking and irritating people. So, I decided to get seated on the couch. Next to me was an Old lady.

"How are you son?"
"I am good. Thank you!"
"Its been so many years Johny. You sure have grown!"

She was speaking to me. But who was Johny?

"Ma'am, I am not Johny."
sorry. So how are you related to us?"
"Well, I am a neighbor."
"So, even friends were invited on a Family gathering?"

That gave me a big shock. I looked at the invitation again. It said, "We invite you to a Family Gathering!"
I was an uninvited guest.
That explained the Robot talk and the confused look. Any place was better than this one. I decided to give a lame excuse and leave.

My Brother was more than happy to come to my room and yell April Fool's Day! I scared him with the lizard.
After the party was over, I dropped by my neighbor's house and scared him with the fake lizard. This time, he was an angry robot...


  1. You managed to even scare a robot, that's an!! :) It's a shame fool's day comes just once a year. If I had my way, I will make sure it comes every month and that too unannounced!! ;)

  2. LOL LOL LOL... OMG what will you get up to next. This has changed my mood for the better woke up with a stinking headache now it gone in a cloud of chuckles and giggles (my family think I lost it)

  3. ROFL hehehI am so curious to see your brother and Mr. Robot.

    Finally the joke was on you tch tch....
    Hilarious post :)

  4. Hahaha brother is good this time. ahaha sorry I can't stop laughing.

    Belated Happy April Fools day! It was supposed your day, but unfortunately brother is learning.


  5. Gautam: I would vote for everyday. Though, it won't make much of a difference, as I get somebody each day... hehe

    Ummie: Yup. All that pain to just say or hear "April Fool's Day!" LOL

    Gwei: Glad the headache is gone. Don't worry. April Fool them today. Fooling them on not the 1st should work pretty well... LOL

    Lazy Pineapple: That shouldn't be happening soon. I need to either convince my Brother for his Camera (Which was just fixed after I cracked it) or ask my Neighbor for one. And both of them won't budge from it... hehe

    "BUTTERY"fly: He sure is. Since, you laughed, I am gonna prank him again with the fake lizard... hehe (Just Kidding)
    Have a wonderful day!:)

    Dave King: It sure was. Thanks for stopping by! Ta ta...:)

  6. I have a solution to 'angry robot'. Do like I do. Whenever I see a robot that seems rather upset. I knock the 'micro chip' of its robot shoulder:-)
    Have a nice day, my friend, and thanks for sharing another delightful story.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  7. you are hilarious! i had some ideas, but got too busy and distracted to do them. How did you ever convince your dad his laptop was on fire?!

  8. so they your brother got you son ,amazing painting of words i wish i can have you in my neighborhood,have a blessed life

  9. So Mr.Stupid was fooled around with expertly by his now proven superior sibling.. He outdid your silly jokes. LOL

  10. Hahaha. You've been pranked. Hahaha.

    Funny story, friend -and it just goes to show, if you're going to pull pranks on someone, a robot may get pulled on you. Does that make sense?

  11. That little chat with the old embarrassing and feeling so out of place! I'd die of embarrassment. You took it well I supposed.


    Happy Belated Easter!