Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Art Classes

Its been three days since I have blogged or even checked on any of your Blogs. Where was I? - In an Art Class.

Everyone at my home were shocked when I decided to join the classes. Art has never been my thing. I learned this when I once drew my teacher as his Farewell gift. He looked like a Zombie holding a piece of chalk and a Bat flying next to him.

Anyways, the classes were actually a seven day crash course. And the guy who invited me to it was my old Art Teacher. He was the same guy who had once said, "Son, you will never learn Art!"
I was upset and that made my ten year old hand paint his face.

The first day of the course dealt with Perception. We had to draw an Egg. Everyone was given an egg for reference.
I started off, but had problems making it egg shaped. Then, I looked at my teacher. The drawing was easier now. His head looked like an Egg, with some hair at the top.

It took me four hours to perfect one egg. The next assignment was drawing two eggs. I wasn't doing it again without a break. I decided to take a Power Nap. Though, it lasted for three hours. I did some Egg drawing towards the end.
My teacher was impressed.

Next day of the course had Nature in it. I decided to draw a Cow. Yeah, hit me on the head. Why didn't I choose a Tree?
Anyways, it took me twenty minutes to visualize the animal. "Now, never eat Cookies while thinking!"
I was done with the cow in an hour. The finished work looked like a Pig with black spots and a tiny tail.

After a lot of erasing, I got back to the paper. This time, the cow was going to look great. A few hours of painting and I was done.

"Sir, I am done!"

He looked at the drawing, "Very Good. The forest with a Goat."

"Aaaa... Exactly."
"There's a snake too!"

So, my Cow looked like a Goat and his tail was a snake. The forest was actually the desert.

Yesterday was the third day. We had Imaginative drawing. And I am really bad at that. We were each given a topic. I got, "What do you see outside your Room's Window?"
Now, that was a very difficult question. I couldn't recall having seen anything outside. Its been years since I have opened the curtains at my window. The Sun's rays can be very harmful!

So, I decided to draw using my Imagination. It took me over five hours to complete the window. I had half an hour to finish the buildings outside. I scribbled and we got a finished product.

"Nice. A window with many Boxes stacked outside."
"Well, those are Buildings."
"Oh... great! Son, I would suggest you to start from the Basics. Art is not your thing."

I was really upset. My hands were again ready. But this time, I didn't paint his face!

These three days were all boring and unproductive. All I could learn was Cookies are bad while imagining and I am not a good Artist.
All I managed to do was get the reference egg. God was looking when I stole it. So, it was crushed when I got home. Though, everything has its uses. I put it in my Brother's shoes!


  1. should have put up pictures of your drawings.

    I know for some people it is difficult to draw...don't lose heart, atl east now you can draw a goat, snake and forest and of course the egg...

  2. btw just wanted to know which commenting system do you use? I am using Disqus and its not very helpful to the readers...would really appreciate your help. Thanks

  3. put it in your brothers shoe. smiles. we each have our thing...i was an art student.

  4. Ypou may not be an artist with pencils or paint but you are with words and sentances your loss our gain:)

  5. I'm an artist, but some of the things I drew have come up not as I expected. This would lead me to erasing it and doing it over again. Ah, don't worry: drawing doesn't always require a picture in front of you, your imagination is your master.

  6. Ha! I think you got it right when you drew his egghead instead of the egg. Much better visual. My high school art teacher wasn't a big fan of mine either. I was a bit of a trouble maker.

  7. You almost made it halfway through the crash course..that's an achievement!! Let Mr.Egghead know and appreciate that!! :)

  8. I agree with Gwei Mui - you're an artist with words.


  9. Hi Mr Stupid. I remember my first day at art college - we had to draw a heap of plain brown cardboard boxes! We spent a whole day on it. Could they have found anything more boring? Maybe the teachers had a bet between them as to the most boring still life they could set up!

    I wouldn't worry about the art. You have many other talents!

    Bearfriend xx

  10. A little joy, some laughter, a good day!

  11. oh my goodness! don't worry, i got a "d" in art (and cheated) and i am still productive in society - lol. its your mind thats artistic, just think about what you did with your brothers shoe!

  12. Hey man, I have something that might help you with your art lessons... if you wish to continue it.

    A destitute man once visited the home of a close friend, seeking his help. As the two were enjoying wine together, the poor man fell asleep. Meanwhile, his host was called away on urgent business. Before departing, however, he sewed a jewel into one corner of his friend's garment. The friend, not aware of this, made no attempt to use the jewel even when in serious straits. Then upon meeting his friend many years later, the man who had sewed it into his garment pointed it out to him and thus enabled him to get out of his difficulties.


    The jewel stands for the natural talent which we all possess as our birthright. Unaware of this, many of us do not seek this talent, but settle for lesser goals.


  13. I am really praying that your blunders should increase and your stupidity should never be cured.. You really make me laugh for a half a day with your posts... LOL
    Take a pic of your brother when he wears his shoes.

    Thanks for the support on the Youngistan ka wow contest.

  14. Lazy Pineapple: Yup. I did draw. Especially, the Egg from the head... LOL
    I got this Commenting system when Blog Dude hopped into my dream when I was counting sheep. Okay, sorry about that. Well, I just use Blogger's Commenting system. It comes inbuilt!

    Brian Miller: Wow. Art, Art, Art. I just can't stop saying it. Well, the egg in the shoe worked perfectly. My Brother yelled until he got thirsty... hehe

    Gwei Mui: Maybe, I should try painting words. They should work out quite well... LOL
    Now, which word should I choose?

    Shigune Matsui: I thought I was an Artist. That is, until I drew my teacher! And to get my Imagination to work, I am not gonna have any more Cookies... hehe

    Lauren: Yup. Better visual indeed. Though, I had a little bit of trouble as he was staring at me most of the time! LOL
    Wow. You too? Its good to know I have company...:)

    Gautam: I was planning to send him a Formal letter stating, "Thank you for the Unproductive classes!" or I can always paint his face.... hehe

    Suzanne Jones: Thank you. I am going to start off with painting words... hehe
    I won't be needing any reference this time though! LOL

    Bearfriend: Its great to have you here on my Blog. Well, I guess my Art teacher was present that day. Did you see an Egghead? LOL
    Have a good day!:)

    Succot: Thanks for stopping by...:) And I got an F and NA(Non Artistic) hehe
    Yeah, the shoe act was quite artistic. Only if I had stolen another egg, I could have put it into his hat!

    Ryhen Satch: Wonderfully said Ryhen. And this is one reason, why I enjoy your posts...
    BTW, I am planning to reconsider the Art classes... LOL

    Farila: And, I was trying to find a cure in my secret Laboratory... LOL
    I don't have a Camera. Though, I can always request him to pose for me with the Egg shoes... hehe
    Glad you liked the post. I hope you win the contest. Best of Luck!

  15. Some of us just weren't gifted with talents with visual arts. Our talents may lay in writing or music or some other enterprise, but I think all would agree that being a practical joker is a true artform. The egg in your brother's shoe is a masterpiece. LOL!

  16. The 3 days were not unproductive in any way. It brought 'laughter, the best medicine' to all of us.
    Cheers ;)

  17. lol. Art may not be your best skill set. But you're a fine writer! Not to mention creative. - Matt

  18. Hi there, thanks for signing on at my site. I like what I see here, and if you don't mind, I'll tag along.

    I withdrew from art classes, twice. I can't draw a decent circle. Your story was good and funny!

  19. In your brother's shoes! Love it.

    I give you props for trying. I am the worst artist, but I wish I wasn't. But my kids are really good, so that's kind of cool. I don't know where they got it from though.

    Don't even start!

  20. In Lord Grumpy's shoes? You're so going to be in trouble. Haha.

    Funny story you have here, Mr Stupid! Why is your old art teacher so mean! You could just stay at home and learn art, from the Net. It'll safe you all that utter nonsense he was feeding you.

    I say have cookies and play with your imagination! :)


  21. I would have loved to have seen your drawings... so I could make fun of them. Tee hee. When you say, "I was upset and that made my ten year old hand paint his face" - it makes me wonder what he did when you painted his face. Did he paint your face, in return? Did he make a monkey out of you?

    It seems your art teacher found many characters that weren't actually there in your many animal paintings. Either they were on crack or you are a multi-talented artist of magnificent magnitude. Heh.

    Take care, friend

  22. Tgoette: I am planning to give Crash Courses in it... LOL
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Ummie: Glad you liked the post. Laughter sure is the best medicine. That is one reason why I laugh unnecessarily and people assume I am mad...:)
    Toodles! Yeah. I am really bad at Art. I am still planning to get back. Though, I need to find a different teacher... LOL

    Pat Tillett: Believe me. Circle is the hardest thing to achieve. I manage to make Pyramids, Cubes and Rectangles. But they all happen when I decide to draw a circle... hehe
    Glad I found you blog...:)

    Guys: Maybe, they drank up the "Makes you draw better" potion... LOL

    Shanaz: Hi Shanaz. Hope you are doing good. Well, the Net classes can be an issue. I won't be able to paint somebody on the Internet who says something mean... LOL
    Well, Lord Grumpy was angry. He yelled until he got thirsty... hehe

    Kelly: I dropped my drawings in a different dimension. My friends from Mars, thought it was a Masterpiece and wanted it to be kept in their museums... LOL
    We had a Paint clash. Though, I won since I used yellow on his nose! That's a winner! hehe
    Have a good day...:)

  23. hi :D

    this is funnY! It's great you decided to take art class. I love art! :D

    thank you so much for following me!

    I am following back!

    ttyl :)

  24. thank you for following me,
    I value your input and wishing you a Happy Friday ahead!
    Your post is packed with humor and wit...