Saturday, April 24, 2010

Being Rude!

All my life, I have encountered many rude people. My Uncle, my dog, a cashier at the grocery store and the guy holding the Clipboard on the street, they have all been rude either to me or the people around them.

My Uncle - The rudest guy in the world. Once, he and his wife decided to come to our house. After some time, he dropped by my room and gave it a look. "Now I know where the Landfill is located!"
That was rude. My room always has things lying around. Socks, Dirty clothes, shoes, you name it! Though, it was still rude.

My Dad decided we would have dinner outside. A Restaurant had just opened near my house. So, we decided to give their food a try.
We were done eating and all the while, my uncle had a scary face. It would get scarier every time he took a bite.

Finally, the waiter came by and announced, "I hope you guys have enjoyed your meal. And guess what? You don't have to pay. This is a treat to you on our very first day."
My Dad seemed to be happy since he didn't have to pay anything. My Uncle though, called the waiter. "Thanks for the treat. Here.." He gave the guy money.
"I am sorry Sir. We won't accept any money today. I am not taking tips either."
"Son, this money isn't for you. This is to send your Chef to Culinary School."

The waiter left in a hurry without saying a thing.

Up next on the line of Rude people is my Dog. He's the baddest doggy you can come across. Ever! He is a co-owner of "Rude Doggy's Evil Inc."
He can do bad things and still remain out of trouble. He drags me during walks and barks at me when I give him his food. This either means, "That's all I get?" or "If something goes missing from that pack, you're going to be in a lot of trouble!"
The one extra rude thing he does is pee in my room. That's very very rude. There's so much space in my home, in the park and my neighbor's lawn. But, its always under a Coffee table, or the bed or someplace hard to find. All in my room.

Others on the rude people's list was the Clipboard guy. I always met him on the way back from School. I stopped. Turned the other way and ran. Even though, I was going the wrong way, it was the right thing to do.
I did the same thing for a week and he would stand at the same place all the time. So, I took courage and decided to face him. I managed to walk till him when he said, "You're not running away today?"
Now, that wasn't rude. But I would still say rude for standing at the same place everyday!

The last person on the list has been the Cashier at the Grocery store near my house. He always gave me looks while in the line. Once, I was at the store with my Mom. She stood in a different line and asked me to stand in another one.
It was finally my turn and I said him a Hello.
The guy while staring at the items in the cart said, "Yeah. Hello back to you. All this food is for you?"
"Actually no. There is Dog food which, I don't like!"

Some guy behind me laughed. Maybe that was enough to make Mr. Cashier mad. He started tossing all the items between the reader and then said, "There are many other varieties of Dog food here. You might like one."

Since then, the guy has always asked me the same question. In fact, everybody in the store knows me.
Famous? Not exactly. Even Mr. Cleaner asks if I have tried Pedigree.

Again the rude people. Maybe, being rude is a fun thing to do. I am going to give it a try. R-U-D-E. From now on, that's my middle name...(kidding)


  1. Wny bring yourself down to their level? being rude is a form a insecurity. Be yourself just because others wish to be rude do you honestly want to follow their example?

    Have a peaceful Sunday


  2. He you don'ty need to be rude you have somehting that is far more powerful and far more sophisticated and its fun - wit. It'll be lost on most people and when needed I've found always leaves them gawping for words like a fish out of water leaving one time to amble away.

  3. wow, that was really uncool. your uncle is shocking! don't be that way!

  4. I agree with Gwei. There are ways to be rude and ways of dealing with rudeness.

  5. The great thing is, if you decide to be rude, I'm sure it would give you plenty more material to write about.

    Hilarious as always!

  6. I would like to take your uncle out with me to dinner some time to all my 'fav' will be amazing fun!! :D

  7. hmm rude people I feel are insecure and so they become gruff. If someone is rude to you, I feel ignoring such morons is the way to be..

  8. LOL, the uncle story is priceless.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  9. ignore rude people,
    than what?
    interesting post!
    Happy Sunday!

  10. Yvonne: Not really. But candies are enough to bribe me... hehe
    Take Care!:)

    Gwei Mui: I don't want to be a fish. So, I am not gonna be rude. Yay!

    Ally: Yup. Very shocking. He even has a shocked face at most times... LOL

    Dave King: Hi Dave. Well, its nice to keep out of rudeness. Have a good day...:)

    Succot: Oh yeah. I can write about all the rude things I do. Like, vandalize my neighbor's house... LOL

    Gautam: Make use of the situation. Eat as much as you can. And don't forget to join him while he goes rude...:)

    Lazy Pineapple: I think that's the best thing to do. Ignoring is the right thing to do.
    Ta Ta

    Tiffany: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!

    Jingle: I will do that. I am going to ignore my dog all the time from now on...:)

  11. Hello Mr. Stupid, Well your uncle should just stay home and not eat out anymore and make his wife make him homemade food for him all the time. For your dog he is just leaving his scent for you. He doesn't want you to forget about him or it may be that your room is to much of a pigpin and thinks its a place to pee. Maybe you should just give the clipboard guy a $100 tip so he would move to another corner. And for most tell that cashier that Pedigree wasn't all that good but Alpo sure was great. The best thing to do to rude people is kill them with kindness. HAVE A BLESS SUNDAY!!!


  12. Mr. "Rude" Stupid doesn't really have a ring to it, so to speak, so I would keep to your original name. :-)

    Maybe your dog is giving you a compliment by peeing your room. Maybe he feels comfortable doing it there. "Ahhh", he says, "That feels better." ha haha.

    Your uncle sounds like he is a fun guy to be around in public. I have embarrassing family members, too, so I can relate.

    Don't be rude! You're above that. Take care!

  13. You are hilarious! I just hope the story about your uncle's rudeness wasn't true. In case, it's true, I would love to invite him in my newly opened resto so he could send me to a good culinary school. :D

    BTW, I hope you don't mind...I tagged you in a photo meme HERE. Good news is that you can post your uncle's pic, your dog's pic, or even your pic. LOL!
    Check it out..

    Have a nice day Mr. S!

  14. Haha! The uncle story is really funny XD love your posts!

  15. LOL no wonder u liked my post! lol.... guess the guy in the Land Rover was one of those RUDE people!. lol... U made me laugh and that's a good thing...

  16. I work with some rude people and it totally sucks. I would bend over backwards to help them if they were just nice.
    Rude people suck.

  17. oh my dont know that i would want to go out with an uncle like that. some people i think just try to make themselves feel better at teh expense of others...

  18. The rude dog can be ignored and left to feed himself.

    The rude uncle story was funny, actually. Not the part where he said your room was a landfill, though. That's just not the right term. :p

    The rude clipboard man might not exactly be rude if he has actually lost some parts of his brain. Just excuse him.

    Enjoyable, gut-tickling post as usual Mr Stupid!


  19. I think your rude dog and my rude dog need to get together and pee on each other. At least, it would beat my rude dog peeing on my love seat....

  20. Hi Mr Stupid. The Bear is constantly rude about people as we pass them in the street. I cringe and tell him to SHHHH but it never makes any difference. And then he wonders why people don't like him so much ...

    Bearfriend xx

  21. Happy Wednesday,
    Best wishes for your final exams.