Monday, April 26, 2010

Hit with the Bat

The reason everyone thinks why I left baseball was because I couldn't hold the bat properly. My Coach always yelled at me, "Why can't you hold the bat properly?"
After a month he again said the same thing. But this time, it sounded like he was weeping.

After two months of determination, I was ready. I was finally holding the bat properly.
Though, there was another big task. This time it was catching. It took me a week. A day to wear the gloves properly!

This time my Coach said, "Are you sure you still want to continue?"
"Yup. I am ready for anything Sir!"

He was crying. Maybe, they were tears of joy.

Oh yeah, coming to the reason why I really left Baseball.
I was returning home after coaching one day. It was a beautiful evening. The sky was clear. The street was bustling with people. Everyone were smiling at me (Okay, that was scary). Anyways, everything was fine until I spoiled it.

I was waiting for the Traffic lights to change so that I could cross the road. It was a long wait. There were many others with me who were waiting. Among them were an Old lady, a small boy and his Mom. The Old lady looked like she was snoring. This only meant she was sleeping. As for the kid, he was rocking on his legs. His Mom was looking at me very suspiciously.

All of a sudden a car appeared from nowhere. It was coming quickly around the corner next to us. I knew something bad would happen next.
Have I mentioned I am a part time Superhero? Yup. That's a big secret. I get my powers when somebody is in danger. The task of saving the kid gave me my Powers.
Though, I wasn't given any weapons. No swords, no wands, no superhero costume, nothing!

Everything from now on, happened in slow motion. I flicked my arm out to save the boy. I forgot though, that this hand was holding the bat. It was just about to hit the boy when his mom transformed into Superhero.
She pulled the boy out of danger. My hand failed to stop. The bat hit the boy on the face and the woman on her leg. The boy cried and at the same time, the Car honked.
The honk scared me and I lost my balance. I fell on the Old Lady. She stopped snoring and was now screaming. Don't worry. She didn't fall down.

The red turned to green. Everyone walked except for the four of us. I lost my Superpowers and so could not fly home. The Old lady was very angry. Now, both the kid and his Mom were staring at me.

The three came home to complain. I tried to explain what had happened. The kid's Mom didn't seem to be convinced. The Old Lady wasn't sleeping this time. She was staring at me while drinking Coffee. They all left after my Mom apologized. Now, she looked at me suspiciously. Though, she didn't seem to understand why I had hit a small boy on the face with a bat!
That was the last time I played Baseball. A bat as a superhero's weapon is not a very good choice...


  1. Wow. That story is truly sad. Tragic really. A shame your career could be ruined by something so simple.

  2. It just goes to show that some events are beyond our control!

  3. So we're not going to hear your name among the greats of baseball? Pity you could have gone far.

    Have a good day "Batman"

  4. Oh I cannot call you for help now??
    Poor you...lost your weapon because of an Old lady hehehe...

  5. You are your mum's pet. Are you?

  6. Of all the luck!...I agree w/Cheeseboy

  7. LOL! LOL! Ok, my daughter thinks I'm crazy laughing to myself as I'm reading this. What can I say? You tried your best, right? It wasn't intentional. I hate baseball, cringed playing it in school for gym class. I can't catch the ball with the glove and I'm always afraid the ball will hit my face so I never attempt to catch it.

  8. Hahaha. A cautionary tale. Hitting a small boy in the face with a baseball bat. Well, isn't that just dandy and sweet as candy? You needed to have your superpower abilities revoked.

    Poor little boy. Did he need constructive surgery? Is he able to eat solid food?

    It's funny how when something terrible happens, it seems to always happen in slow motion. I wonder why. Hey! I just picked a booger.

  9. Slow motion awfulness. Happens with mistakes all the time. Hang in there, Roland

  10. You better watch them old ladies sometimes they are very mean. I am surprise you are still alive and the old lady didn't kick you know where the sun don't shine. Huh? I know if that was my grandson that you hit with the bat. I know it wasn't on purpose but an old lady doesn't know the difference between accident or purpose. You would of been running all the way home crying like a baby boy with the bat in my hands. I Will Get You Mr. Stupid. LOOK OUT!! OH AND TOODLES WON'T GET YOU KNOW WHERE EITHER. TOODLES:)


  11. Ooh poor Mr. Stupid...The supposedly good intention turned out to be super bad. How many times something like this happened to you? :D

    Have a good day!

  12. hello Mr.S.. lucky you are a baseball player not a sword fighter :-)

  13. The road to hell, they do say...
    Better luck next time.

  14. Ahhhhh I absolutely loooved this blog!! I couldn't stop laughing!! You could turn the most boring thing into entertainment, haha!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my site and commenting. Take care!

  15. Sorry for what happened,
    in general,
    try to be positive,
    good things always come out of the bad...

  16. i don't blame you, it's tough being 'all that'!! i applaud your gallant efforts, mr. stupid, rest assured that giving the baseball up was inevitable but there are plenty more sports in which you can hurt bad...participate :) good luck!

  17. Cheeseboy: Small things can ruin careers and even make old women angry.... hehe

    Gwei Mui: Even though it all happened in Slow Motion, I couldn't avoid hitting them with the bat...:(

    Yvonne: Even if the incident would have gone unseen, I might have had the Old lady coming to my games. That can be really scary... LOL

    Lazy Pineapple: Go ahead! And don't worry, this time I wont get a bat. How about a stick???

    Ummie: She's the safest person to go to when I am in trouble...:)

    Chrissy: I know, very sad. Have a good day...:)

    RoseBelle: The ball can be really mean. It would always land on my gloves but still hit my face. Oh yeah, stay away from anyone with a bat. See ya!

    Kelly: Don't worry about the kid. He was eating something from a packet in my house. It was either Cookies or Dog food! LOL
    BTW, everything happens in Slow motion at such times. Except for me falling on the Old lady!
    Stay away from people holding baseball bats...:)

    Roland: Don't worry about it. I will try making a "Fast Forward magic watch" in my secret laboratory. LOL

    Gina: Try standing next to a Traffic light and call me. I should arrive any time with a Helmet, a Bat and a Body Armour... hehe
    Take Care!:)

    Cee: Exactly - I can't remember times... LOL

    Karthikeyan: A sword on the kid's face could have been a issue! hehe

    Dave: And I am the guard standing at its Gates. That's just my part time job. :)

    Al`eh: Glad you liked it. Have an awesome day... :)

    Jingle: Maybe, I am getting the "Best Hit on the Face" award... hehe

    sheri...: Why didn't I think of that. Basketball can be thrown on somebody's face. (Accidentally) LOL

    The Guy's Perspective: Glad you liked it. Stay away from the people holding a bat and looking suspiciously!

  18. Hi Mr S. I followed you here from Bazza's blog. We don't have baseball in the UK. Just proper football (soccer to you!) and cricket in the summer. Imagine following a cricket match; it can take five full days playing all day long (11am to at least 6pm) and still not produce a result.
    Anyway, I got interested in how one might hold a baseball bat after seeing Goodfellas. They sure put the bats to good use didn't they. Are you allowed to hit your opponents with the bat during a game. I guess not.
    Nice to meet you. Keep up the good work. Chin-chin!

  19. I always thought it was a bad idea to give small boys big, hard bats. I'm even against pinatas for the same reason. Shame you lost your superpowers.

  20. I beg to differ.

    I think a baseball bat is a perfect choice for a superhero (especially if you can't hold it properly).

  21. I'm wasn't the bat at all! It was the tights! Were you wearing your tights? It's all in the tights...or so I'm told.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope it wasn't too painful. Come back again. I promise. I won't write anything too feminine and hormonal. Well, feminine...... :)

  22. I like to play baseball, and I even worked at a restaurant owned by a MLB player, but I was never good at hitting. I was one of those hitters where you see the people in the outfield coming closer because they know you're not going to hit it that far!

  23. I see 'Crazy' Tom Eagerley has found you!
    Baseball seems much more complicated than this Brit imagined.
    It's based on a UK game called Rounders played by six to ten year-olds. Oh well.

  24. sorry the bat drained your super powers... good thing it wasn't a cricket bat, you coulda took off the boys head with that one!
    maybe your power is the slow motion! you must try to harness the energy!!

    as far as sports... did you ever consider soccer?? the kind with a ball, not the one where you use your fists...

    nice to meet you on my blog... and sorry, no sports allowed in the garden! unless you think weeding is a sport???

  25. aww Mr. Stupid you always makes me laugh, it is so refreshing to come to your blog, those stories remind me to myself, those were the kind of things that I would do, or that happened to me when I was younger.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  26. Tom: Hello Tom. Thanks for stopping by here. I just hope the hitting was allowed. It would be a Wresting Baseball with people running around like crazy and some more people at the stands cheering for them!

    Theresa: Bats are dangerous. A danger to both the holder and everyone around! Too bad I lost my powers. Don't worry, another kid next to a road should help me get them back...:)

    Gillian: Maybe it is for Full time Superheroes. I was just a part-time newbie... LOL

    Rachel: OMG! Maybe it was the tights. They supercharged the bat to go faster and hit the kid's face! LOL
    You've got a wonderful blog. Will be there tomorrow!:)

    Andrea: Oh. That's great. Maybe, you should have tried hitting after drinking the "Help me hit a Home run" potion...:)
    Have a good day!

    Bazza: He has found me. gulp! LOL
    Thanks for sharing...:)

    GrammyMouseTails: Maybe, I should give Soccer a try. Though, can hitting the face with a Football be a problem? hehe
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Laura: You hit a kid on the face too? Good job. Maybe we should fight crime, well... save small kids from the roads together...:)
    Have an awesome day!

  27. This totally made me laugh. Out loud even.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment so I could in return visit your blog. Just reading your profile made me want to be a follower.