Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Second Grade Horror

Second Grade was the best year in my ridiculous life of schooling.
I had this wonderful teacher, who told us lots of Fairy Tales and stories. He would mention some real life incidents too. Though, it was hard to differentiate between the two.

There was one, that had him going to the Mount Everest to learn kung fu from a guy having the Black belt.
What made it somewhat of a Fairy Tale was, an avalanche hitting them during training. Both of them deciding to continue their training while standing on it.
Even though, his stories were hard to believe, I enjoyed his classes.

But, it was soon enough that the best year changed into a bad one. A new student had joined our class. Her name was - I don't remember. But, I will call her Girl. Girl was very friendly and mingled with everybody well. I and Girl were good friends. So, our parents were friends too.

There was this one time when we were in the Park. I was pushing her on the swing. All of a sudden, I stopped it. Big mistake!
Girl left the swing and was airborne for a few seconds. She fell face first into the dirt.

She was shouting and lecturing me. I couldn't get a word she was saying. All I could hear was "Yelp". Again and again.
She still had her face in the dirt. I helped her up. Many people arrived and they took her to the Hospital.

She attended School the next day. Now, she had a White nose. Actually, the guys at the hospital, put a cast. She looked really funny and some guys laughed at her. I didn't. Even though, laugh was the first thing on my "To do" list.
I apologized to her, "I am really sorry about what happened yesterday. I didn't mean to stop the swing halfway."
"That's alright. But, why didn't you pick me up sooner?"
"I couldn't understand what you were saying. All I could hear was Yelp."
"Yelp? I was saying Help, you fool."

Maybe, her face stuck in the dirt caused the lack of hearing.

Anyways, it was a week after the accident. She still had the cast on. Then I remembered how my Brother had once broken his arm and everyone decided to sign on it. I mentioned it to Girl. She didn't seem convinced.

By midday, everyone were in the Playground. The teacher didn't send Girl as she felt, another Broken nose could be hard to fix. So, she was made to stay back in the classroom.
I got an evil brainwave. I decided to give her a surprise and dropped in. She was taking a nap. I silently wrote, "Get Well Soon!". Yup, on her nose.

It was only a minute since I left the room. Girl rushed to the Playground. She explained what had happened to my teacher. Both our parents were called.
None of them seemed to be worried. The marks on her nose came off. But the expression on her face didn't change.
I apologized to Girl, "I am sorry!"
All I got was a stare.

The Bully Queen from the WBF (World Bully Federation) had seen all of it. Girl was transformed into a Bully and given an ID that read - "I am a Bully!".
So, I was made to carry her schoolbag everyday. Do her assignments. Share my lunch with her. Actually, share all of my lunch with her.

After a few months of Bully influence, second grade was over. Girl's parents had to move someplace else. They decided to drop by our house for the last time. Girl still had the same expression. Her Goodbye was not Good at all.

One stupid brainwave had caused girl to transform into a Bully. I was happy Third grade would be Bully-free. Though, I managed to get one on the same bench...


  1. What was going on there, hate to sound like an arm chair psycologist but I thnk there was a lot more to it that you jus twritng "get well soon" on her shnoz. Given that her parents didn't seem that bothered.

  2. Your innocent gesture turned the girl into a bully..tch tch
    poor you....I am sorry I did laugh a bit after reading your post.

  3. It doesn't surprise me. I never ceased - in my school teaching days - to be amazed at the unlikely events and/or remarks that could turn a child into a bulley.

  4. Something broke I guess. She flew off the swing and had her head smashed to the ground. How charming you were, Mr Stupid.

    Don't worry you did not purposefully did that, so have a party, why don't you! =D


  5. Aw, I think it was a lovely and very sweet gesture on your part. It's really rough she misinterpreted the sentiment.


  6. Girl..bully..why doesn't that surprise me?!! :)
    Don't worry, you just learnt a very important lesson of life very early!! :)

  7. Hello Mr. Stupid, I am new to your blog!
    I am to tired to read this whole post but I did just read your profile & I wanted to say as a repeat mistake maker myself- I can completely relate.

  8. I love that you wrote on her nose. Good place for an ad.

  9. LOL!!! I am glad she did not demand that your nose be broken and she should sign her autograph on it...

  10. Gwei Mui: To be frank, I used a pen... LOL
    Even though, the whole incident seemed to be embarrassing, they didn't care as my Parents and they were friends. Though, Girl didn't get that part... hehe
    Have a good day Gwei...:)

    Lazy Pineapple: Yup. It was me! I just hope the Bully Queen didn't read you comment... LOL
    Have a good day...:)

    Dave: An unlikely event to change a character of a kid. I wonder why I did the signing!

    Kelly: And Yelp is coming your way soon... LOL

    Shanaz: I blame the whole thing on the swing. I wonder why it just stopped halfway... hehe
    We will have a party. And as a remembrance, the cake will be shaped as a nose cast. Okay, sorry!
    Ta Ta

    Suzanne: Maybe she didn't understand the "Get Well Soon" as it was written on her nose. It can be really hard to read! LOL

    Gautam: Yup. That was a big lesson to learn. BTW, did you mean the Stopping of the Swing or using of a pen instead of a Black marker? hehe

    Stacey: Good to know I have company. BTW, you've got a great blog...:)

    Lauren: Nose Advertising. Maybe, its quite effective.... LOL

    Farila: Glad she didn't think that way...:)

  11. Damn you have a pretty good memory. You just like narrated your whole life on second grade while I can't even remember the first time I learned to clean myself up after taking a dump.

  12. it is the little things we do that shape the lives of those around us...nicely told...

  13. beautiful story,
    do your part,
    be proud...
    thank you for flying with jingle!

  14. Enjoyed your story. I think many of us have experienced the same situation as yours.
    You wrote on her nose! Love it.

  15. nice name, hopefully it isn't something your parents gave you?? after reading your latest post, i'd have to disagree with them, heh heh, and who could resist NOT reading your profile???
    hey, thanks for coming over and commenting, you made my day!


    Happy Saturday!

  17. I've just spent a few minutes looking through some of your posts. Great stories, here!

    Thank you for stopping by The Jason Show! I will see you around.

  18. Loved your story :) . Your gesture turned the girl into being a bully .....poor girl.
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Hi, reading this post is the stupid thing I've done today ... you could could have done more like breaking her arms or something .... nyahahahah! (JOke)

    another ultimate stupid thing I've done ... thanks for following and followed you as well.

    the penultimate stupidity? I've enjoyed reading your profile ...

    the shameless stupidity .... see you again ...

    In This Side of Town
    Some Things Are Free
    Woman’s elan vital
    Anything Davao

  20. Mr. Stupid... I feel like our blogs are connected. Maybe we were blog buddies in a different realm?

    Sounds like you had an awesome 2nd grade teacher. That is the kind of teacher I try to be to my first graders.

    Secondly, this story was terrific. I can just imagine her face in the dirt.

    Stop by my blog, I think you will like what you see.

  21. It's funny that you even thought about writing on her nose.

    I think I might have turned into a bully if I woke up with writing on my nose.

    Great story!

  22. That's hysterical! I have to wonder about signing her nose, though. She must have been a sound sleeper! Great story, Mr. S!

  23. You are lucky Mr. Stupid I wasn't that girl. You would of been all marked up with the pen you know where. HA! HA! (JOKING)


  24. Ryhen: Thanks to the time when I was hit on the head. Maybe, that's the reason for the good memory.
    BTW, Please don't try hitting your head... LOL

    Brian: Writing was a very little thing to do...:)

    Jingle: Thank you for the award...:)

    Betty: Glad you liked it. Small things can impact pretty badly... hehe

    sheri...: Firstly, thanks for dropping by. Well, they would give me looks if I said them my plans of changing this to my legal name... LOL

    Jason: Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day...:)

    Shabnam Sultan: Three words turned her into a Bully... LOL

    Vernz: This only means lots of stupidity is charging your way. I will be at your blog sometime today. Beware!!! LOL

    Cheeseboy: Maybe we got separated in Mars when the Alien buddies realized we weren't one of them... hehe
    I will be at your blog soon...:)

    The Guy's Perspective: Okay. In that case, I am not writing on your nose... hehe
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Tgoette: A bit sound. She was out soon with an angry face and a blackened nose... LOL

    Gina: I am glad you weren't that girl. BTW, were you planning to use a Black marker? hehe
    Take Care!:)

  25. Very funny story. I wonder if Girl is still bullying people to this day or if it was just you.