Thursday, April 29, 2010

School Bus Adventures

If going to School was the worst part of my Day, getting there was even more bad. My School Bus was a "Horror Mobile" with a ghostly driver and scary passengers.

I lived only a couple of miles away from School. But, I still took the bus. The driver was an intelligent chap. He was very old, couldn't see properly and was short on hearing.
I always greeted him with a "Good Morning!"
I did the greeting for a few more days with him not answering but another kid by the window saying a Good Morning.

I then decided to give waving a try. It worked! He would wave back everyday. Now that proved he was short on hearing.

Getting to the Bus was a huge task. Mr. Driver was intelligent and never waited for anybody. So one day, I missed the bus. I ran home, "Mom, I just missed the Bus."
"That's alright. You can walk to School. Its just 8 a.m."
"How about we do this? You get the car. Drive really fast. Manage to stop in front of the School Bus and I will get on."

The next moment, I was outside the house. She didn't think taking the Car was a good idea. I know, very lazy!

From the next day, I left home early. That was an issue since, I was waking up at the same time and taking a long bath. My mom packed a Sandwich in a foil. She wanted me to eat it while waiting at the Bus Stop.
You can find many weird people at this Shelter. Since, the Bus stopped a few meters before it, I decided to wait at the Stop.

Next to me was Mrs. Old Lady. I managed to take out my Sandwich and was eating. Now, people expect you to use a Knife and a Fork while eating. I loved playing with my food. This time it was "Godzilla returns!". The sandwich were people and I was eat them making noises. Get the picture?
I looked to my side only to find her staring at me.
"Good Morning!"
"Is that how you eat food?"
"Yup. Hands are easy to use."
"And how do you think are you going to wash them?"
"What are clothes for? Rub your hands on them and you're done."

Mrs. Old lady didn't say a thing. She continued staring at the road and moved away from me.

The Horror Mobile arrived and I got in. There was again the same Ghostly driver and the same waving. As I moved to my seat, I could see Mrs. Old Lady with her Mobile Phone. Maybe, she was calling the "Old People's Safety Department" to warn them about a Sandwich eating, Godzilla guy...


  1. Hehe - Bit scary that your bus driver was hard of hearing and his sight wasn't so good, not my first choice for a bus driver! My daughter has a novel way of eating her sandwiches.Which always makes me wonder why she bothers to make them. She'll open the sandwich, take out whatever she's put in it, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato and eat it then she'll eat the bread!

  2. Not a pleasant way to get to school.
    I enjoyed reading your post.

    Enoy your day.

  3. Thank god I never had to rely on a school bus. Oh but how can you eat a sandwich with knife and fork...I use my hands.

  4. I thought school bus only for the primary school kid.
    No kidding you're still taking!

  5. All 3 of mine took the bus and I have to admit my oldest had a hard time taking it... she was my super shy one... but eventually she overcame her fear... The bus drivers they had were all friendly.. My oldest took the bus in h.s. because we lived quite a distance and one day her driver sideswiped a parked car which the bus driver had no clue that she did till a student yelled at her.. thus began an hour long wait on the bus till the officials came out to investigate the accident. From that day on my daughter was leery of the driver.. She nicknamed her 'Boonda'... which described her size ( large) as well as her IQ

  6. oops, her IQ was not large but quite small!. lol

  7. hey, the old gal has a to keep you youngens in control ;) i really enjoy your writing, your down to earth style of conveying humor into the simplest of situations...your mom did a better job with you then she might have imagined, lol

  8. ok, that was just funny. nice post. :)

  9. Maybe...just maybe....the driver wasn't hard of hearing......maybe just maybe.....his tongue had been cut out by godzilla eating sandwich children! I hear they're out there and hang out at bus stops....

  10. Hi Mr Stupid. You must live in a very posh area for it to be normal to eat a sandwich with cutlery!

    Bearfriend xx

  11. My husband also thinks that shirts are as good as napkins. When he influenced our little son to do the same, we started a "No shirt as napkin" policy. But we're not classy enough to eat sandwiches with forks and knives.

  12. Oh, I don't like the sound of a school bus driver who can't see or hear very well. Although, I have to say, after witnessing how some of the bus drivers from my daughter's school behave, I'd guess a few of them can't see properly.


  13. Nice to know that you wipe your hands on your clothes. Real Smooth! I'm sure you had food stains on your clothes all the time and by the time you got to school each day. Maybe the bus driver really didn't have a hearing problem or seeing problem. He just didn't want to be eaten by a godzilla. HAVE A NICE DAY!!! :)


  14. Gwei Mui: That's eating like a Godzilla too. You eat people. Which is all the things inside the bread. Then you eat their clothes. That should be the bread... hehe

    Yvonne: Especially, on the Horror Mobile...:)

    Lazy Pineapple: My relatives eat it that way. Its a shame why you have to struggle with two sticks when you can use hands!

    Ummie: Well, this happened when I was in my fifth grade...:)

    Chrissy: "Boonda"? Now that's a nice name. Looks like all Bus drivers are short on seeing and IQ... hehe

    sheri...: Glad you liked it. Though, she realizes how wrong her imagination is when I get in trouble.... hehe

    PMC: Thanks for stopping by. Take care!:)

    Rachel: I hear tickling is the only way to stop them. Believe me. I tried it on a Godzilla kid in my Secret Laboratory...:)

    Bearfriend: Its people who create new rules. I would say, drink soup with hands. Even noodles! LOL

    Theresa Milstein: Shirts are great napkins. The best part is, it always follows you everywhere. Bend the policy. It should help save water... hehe

    Suzanne: Maybe, they are here for revenge from planet, SHS(Short on Hearing and Sight).... LOL

    Jingle: Thanks. Have a good day...:)

    Gina: Maybe, the food stains scared him a lot. And the other kid by the window who greeted me, he was a Godzilla too! gulp

  15. when i was a little girl, i fell asleep on the bus and the bus driver forgot i was there. i didn't know how to explain to him how to get to my house. i was scared and started crying. after driving around, somebody told him where i lived. maybe i got on the wrong bus, i can't remember. i just remember it was a horrible experience. After that, i had nightmares about school busses and that driver!! He had become like Abraham or Methuselah or somebody REALLY OLD. He just drove me around on the bus forever laughing fiendishly!!! fun post :-)

  16. lol. thats what we weere given hands for right? i had to ride the bus every day...not a fan..

  17. Could it be that Mrs. Old Lady is married to Mr. Driver? They seem to make a good couple.

    Mrs. Old Lady: Is that how you eat your food?
    Mr. Driver: SAY WHAT???
    Mrs. Old Lady: I said, IS THAT HOW YOU EAT YOUR FOOD?
    Mr. Driver: Oh, I thought you said, "Is that how you eat your poo?"
    Mrs. Old Lady: Silly old man. Hurry up so I can wash your pants.
    Mr. Driver: Why?
    Mrs. Old Lady: You have Gerber all over it. That's why! Please... wear your glasses next time!!??

  18. I, like you, enjoy playing with my food, too. Even now, at the age of 46, I play with my food. I like the way you eat a sandwich. Are the people screaming when you eat it? Your bus driver sounds wise. Not sure if he should be driving with bad eyesight and hearing, though. Funny post, dude.

  19. What else are clothes for other than wearable handi wipes? You've got to watch out for the Old People's Safety Department. They're equipped with canes and removable canine incisors. Dog teeth teeth with a nasty bite.

  20. haha cute post! I agree with you waking up early in the morning and getting to school is very difficult. It is probably more difficult for me since I'm in high school.

    Happy Saturday!

    btw I gave you an award, come check it out!

  21. I love how you shut her up! Perfect comebacks.

    Have a great Sunday.

  22. And now I understand why my sons never wanted to ride the bus to school....

  23. Thanks tons and I am following you right back!!! Very fun blog :-)

  24. your driver seems familiar ,thanks for great laughter,have a blessed life


    some May awards,
    Happy Sunday!

  26. My kids dread the school bus. They just wouldn't ride it so we have to drive them. I'm not sure about the bus driver with bad eyesight and hearing. That's SCARY! How long would it take you if you were to walk to school?

  27. I never took the bus. But we liked walking by the catholic high school girls waiting at their bus stop. they wore perfume that smelled very good. I'm sure it wasn't vatican approved.

  28. That must have been scary. You should have punched the guy on his face. Maybe, that would have stopped the laughing...:)

    Brian Miller: Let's Boo together! I just hope I don't be a Bus Driver when I am older. There is Recession out there... hehe

    Ryhen: That might be possible. Maybe, she was speaking to him on the phone. As for Mr. Driver, I guess his mobile is equipped inside his ear!
    Thanks for enriching the conversation... LOL

    Kelly: Nah. People don't scream. That can make me a Bad Godzilla. Though, I make noises. Maybe, the People's noise goes unheard...:)
    He sure is a wise chap. All hail Mr. Driver!

    Lauren: Maybe, they are out there stealing Dog teeth. That way, they can bite better. They have Walkers that are equipped wit Flame Throwers. No kidding!
    Have a good day...:)

    Breee: I did have trouble before. Glad its over. Thanks for sharing the award...:)

    Guys: Maybe she is rehearsing her lines for the next time we meet.... hehe

    Mamma: Yeah. And nobody believed us how dangerous the bus can be... LOL

    Hope Chella: Thanks for following. Toodles!:)

    Shabana: The moment you find him, do tell me. I am on a Secret mission to deliver Spectacles to him. Oh, its not a secret anymore.... hehe
    Have an awesome day!

    Jingle: Thanks for the award!:)

    RoseBelle: The walk would last only ten minutes. But with distractions like my neighbor's lawn, the park, the Supermarket and the Candy Shop, it can take a couple of hours!:)

    Pat Tillett: Maybe, they are from outer space... LOL