Friday, April 16, 2010

The School Newspaper

I wonder what my School was thinking when they decided to give a third grader the responsibility to do the "Comic Section" on the School Newspaper.

Everyone knew I was bad at Art. I was badder at Creativity. See, I am still bad at grammar!
Anyways, I was asked to fill in four Comedy strips based on four different imaginary characters.

I couldn't think of anyone but my Bench mate. So, "Bobo the Bully" was my first character. Along with Bobo was another kid. This kid was actually me. Yay!
Scene 1
: Kid and Bobo look at each other
Scene 2
: Bobo tries to attack Kid.
Scene 3
: Kid tickles Bobo.
Scene 4
: Kid tickles some more!
The End!

As for the other three Comic strips, I couldn't think of any. Though, my Brother was going to be in for sure. So, the "Adventures of Lord Grumpy" was next.
Scene 1
: Lord Grumpy stares at Kid.
Scene 2
: Kid throws a Water balloon at him.
Scene 3
: Lord Grumpy recovers from the attack
Scene 4
: Says, "Water cannot scare the stare out of me!"

I couldn't think of any more characters. Then, I had a vision. My next character would be "Dopey Dad".
Scene 1
: Kid plays around Dopey Dad with his Toy Truck.
Scene 2
: Dopey Dad with a large mouth yells, "Go to bed and take your truck with you!"
Scene 3
: Kid protests, "But, its just five in the evening."
Scene 4
: Dopey Dad with a larger mouth yells, "That's alright. I would have sent you to bed even if it was two in the afternoon!"

The fourth Comic strip had a scary heading - "Toxic Mom".
Scene 1
: Kid looks at his plate and shouts, "Oh my god. What's in my plate?"
Scene 2
: Toxic Mom says, "That's Toxic soup. Its made up of Spider legs and Stinky socks."
Scene 3
: Kid in a shock asks, "And why did you make that for dinner?"
Scene 4
: "Well, the house was filled with spiders and I was tired of doing laundry!"

Everyone in my class were laughing. Though, there were two people who didn't appreciate the Comic Strips.
One of them was my Teacher. She was shocked and left the class in a hurry.
The other was Bobo. Maybe, he didn't like the story that was based on him. I tried to convince him that he would get equal credit for contributing his name to the Cartoon. He punched me on the Nose.

I was called to the Principal's chamber by afternoon. Along with my teacher and the Principal, there were two others. On a closer look I realized, they were my parents!
My teacher had called them assuming they had something to do with "Dopey Dad" and "Toxic Mom"
"Your son drew these Cartoon strips for our School Newspaper!"
, said Mr. Principal.
"Well, we are really sorry if he's done something wrong."
"Wrong? Sir, I think you should have a closer look at the characters."

My dad looked at the first one and laughed. After looking at the other three, it looked like a Strawberry had got stuck in his throat. He kept trying to speak but couldn't get a word out!

My Mom spoke up and apologized. She even promised that she would look when I did my assignments.
So, not all the comic strips were published. Though, "Bobo the Bully" was put up. I spoke to Bobo about giving him credit. This time, he gave me a wedgie.
My Mom put me into Art Classes which turned bad. She expected something better than the "Toxic Mom" and "Dopey Dad"...


  1. awww that sucks. :(

    Well, I think your comedy strips were funny! :D

    good joB!

  2. Comedy strips in this comedy strip were all funny! What did I say? Never mind you rocked my afternoon once again. :D

    Have a nice day Mr. S!

  3. Well I personally thought the comic strips ideas were very entertaining, though I can sorta see why your parents might have been a tad annoyed. But I don't think they needed to apologies, you hadn't done anything. Now if you created a serial killer or a boy who kills animals then there would really have been something to worry about!

  4. You only give what they wanted......comic strips.
    You did your best what more could they ask for.
    I at least found it amusing,


  5. This post reminds me so much of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. You were truly a precocious child :)

  6. Not bad for a third grader. It's a shame they didn't recognize your talent. : )

  7. You did nothing wrong in my eyes. You did great work. They should have given you an award or something. Perhaps a gold bar or shiny new bike. Have you ever hunted Bobo The Bully down recently and electrocute him with a cattle prod? If not, I think you should. That would be funny

  8. Creative humorous writing is for you. Go for it. You'll be a BIG person.

  9. wow what imagination! i have the same problem. i want to write stories about people and then i get in trouble because i have used my imagination to write a story using them as a character. it's ok. now you can blog about them and not be sent to the principals....

  10. Did you watch "Kick-Ass" that came out this weekend?? If anything, your "Toxic Moms" and "Dopey Dad" would be a huge hit in Hollywood!! :)

  11. God created the world in 7 days, and on the 8th day, he gave you the gift of funny. To hell with art. You don't need that. You're a genius hiding behind that stupid name. OMG, I just called your name, stupid. Sorry about that. ehehe. Really, dude, you're a genius. You almost tore me a new crap hole with this one.

  12. lol. That's awesome. I love reading these stories that you come up with.

  13. You made me laugh. On a Monday morning. You deserve an Oscar.

    You did the best you could despite your doubts. I applaud you. And I found your comic strips ... comic. What more did they want?

    It is an odd fact. Adults sometimes get mad for getting what they ask for. It is an even odder fact that sometimes we can get mad when we get what we ask for but not what we want. Like a Daddy yelling at a Mommy to shut up. She shuts up. But he is sad because what he really wanted was for her to not be mad at him anymore.

    Being adult - sigh - it's almost as hard as being in the third grade. Your friend in the computer world, Roland

    Sam McCord sends his best, too.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  15. Breee: Glad you liked it. Only if Mr. Baldhead Sorry, the Principal could understand that... LOL
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    "BUTTERY"fly: "Comedy strips in this comedy strip were all funny!" - That's exactly what you said... (Just Kidding)
    Have a good day Cee...:)

    Gwei Mui: Actually, since the character were based on them, they were a bit annoyed. Only, if I had thought about a comic strip about the school. "The Toxic School"... LOL

    Yvonne: Maybe they were expecting something more of a Education humor. I wonder why only "Bobo the Bully" was published!

    Lazy Pineapple: I just hope nobody puts me up on sale on Ebay... hehe
    Ta Ta

    A Write Life: Yup. It sure is a shame. Not adding "Dopey Dad" to the newspaper...:)

    Kelly: I guess Bobo is a bigger Bully now. Maybe, I should call in my alien friends from Mars and have him taken there! LOL

    Ummie: Drum Roll... I will be a Big person. Yay!
    Take Care Ummie...:) Imagination can be really dangerous sometimes. Like it did here... LOL

    Gautam: Maybe, they will. I should add in another Comic strip. This time, Toxic Mom serves Extra Toxic soup with some more spider legs. But this time, with smelly shoes... LOL

    Ryhen: And I was just about to change that to my legal name... LOL Glad you like them. Take care!

    Roland: Yup. Its hard to say when they say what!
    BTW, thanks for stopping by...:)

    Lacey Devlin: You're welcome. Have a good day!:)