Monday, April 5, 2010

The Scratched Laptop

A Laptop is a portable computer small and light enough to sit on a person's lap while in use.
A Scratched Laptop is the same with lots of scratches at the top.

Now, don't point your hands at me. I am Innocent. And the fact, that I am investigating this case, makes it even more convincing.

Detective Mr. Stupid solves The Case of the Scratched Laptop.

I last saw the laptop a week back. Since then, I haven't had even the slightest glimpse. My Brother had said me to stay 500 meters away from it. To prove my Innocence, I even showed everyone at home my fingernails. They aren't that big to scratch the laptop.

Anyways, getting to the suspects. I decided to ask my Parents some questions. Stares was all I got. Since, it wasn't safe, I decided to take on others.
My Parents - scratched off the list!

Just the previous day, my brother's friends had come along. This made them the next suspects. Weird Beard and Captain Monkey were first.

"When was the last time you guys saw the Laptop?"

"Aaaa... Laptop?"

"Can I have the cheese puffs in your Kitchen?"
, asked Captain Monkey.

"No. That is the last pack I have. And I am not going down the store for another one."


"Guys, the laptop?"

"Oh yeah. I saw it yesterday when your brother showed it to us."
, said Weird Beard.

"Can I get the Cheese puffs?"

This wasn't helping. So, I had to scratch off their names from the Suspects list. Captain Monkey got two Cheese Puffs.

Next was Mister Boo. I wanted to make the questioning very simple.

"When did you see my Brother's Laptop?"

Silence for a few seconds...

"Laptop... Your brother's purchased a Laptop?"

This wasn't helping either. He had seen the Laptop a couple of days back. I guess, he couldn't recall the incident. All I could do is Boo at Mr. Boo.

Tyson was the only guy left on the list. Now, if I questioned him, I would get into a lot of trouble the next time I took him for a walk. He would convince his other doggy friends to chase me around the park. He was off the list...

So, the suspect had to be my Brother. Yeah, I know. The climax is always surprising and interesting. When I said this to him, he didn't feel very convinced. He kicked me out of his room.

Even though, The Case of the Scratched Laptop remains unsolved, the Laptop was fixed today since it was covered by Accidental Insurance.
My brother mentioned this on the documents -

Reason for return - Laptop developed scratches all of a sudden!

The Company believed him...


  1. Perhaps there is also a scratch virus going around. This only seems to attack brand new items in our house hold, they mysteriously turn up with scratch marks and scuffs.

  2. Brother should hire a new investigator for the scratched laptop case. I'm sure it would be resolved...but never mind anyway it was covered by accidental insurance. lol!

    Have a great day!


  3. heheh...seriously funny as usual :)

  4. If ever you find out that the laptop scratch itself, ...

  5. developed scratches all of a that is amazing! nice piece of detective work there.

  6. Gwei: And I never thought, they were the reason. This only means, the case is solved. Yay! LOL

    "BUTTERY"fly: Maybe we should call Nancy Drew. She should help solve the case... hehe
    Though, a replacement laptop has already arrived. So, Nancy can't help much!

    Lazy Pineapple: Glad you liked the post. Have a nice day!:)

    Ummie: Maybe his back was itching and he couldn't bear it any longer. Though, that doesn't explain the large scratches... hehe

    Brian: Thank you! Maybe, somebody is planning to adapt this case into an Action/Thriller/Horror movie. The case of the haunted scratching laptop... LOL

  7. hmm.... i am wondering if only a post or two ago you were discussing setting your parents laptop on fire...... you don't have a jekel and hyde thing about laptops do you?! oh i am sure you are innocent. it probably was a monkey, or one of those crawly reptiles that live in peoples houses - ug!

  8. Wonderful, you can't beat a post written from scratch!

  9. Did you know that scratches can happen on a laptop because of 'laptop' dancing? Have no idea what that meant. Think I was trying to be clever and failed miserably. Oh 'lap' dancing? Whoops.
    Well done and congratulations on receiving that highly-coveted award on my site. When you clicked on the various sites you were going to check out; did you click on your own site and hey ended up here? :-)
    Very fun blog, as per usual. Have a nice day.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  10. I like that computer company, what brand was it? I can send 4 laptops to them. Although they have more then scratches that keep them from working.

  11. Sounds like a scene from my house. Except it happens every freakin' day.

    Funny that they took it back so easily.

  12. It sounds like the butler did it or perhaps it was Mrs. Green in the tea room (vague reference to the game of Clue). The scratches on the laptop sounds like fishy business to me so perhaps your fish rubbed their sharp little fins across the screen while making their little fishy noises all the while.