Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bedtime Stories

When I was a kid, my Dad was always the one who told me Bedtime stories. Most of them were crazy, weird or something really stupid. And that's why he decided to read from a storybook.

Though, my Mom was the one who first told me Stories. I had books that were really weird. There was a comic named, "Angry Toddy Returns". So Toddy was a Teddy Bear in the story.

"Read me Angry Toddy..."
"C'mon. We have read it four times last week. And that's not a story for a six year old. There are many others. Let's see what you've got."
"If you don't read me Angry Toddy, I won't go to bed."

She narrated the story. But I always had the same question.

"Mom, why was Toddy angry?"
"No idea. Maybe, his Mom was irritated with him and punched him on the face!"
"Wow. Moms can be pretty scary at times..."
"The Moms in the Comics. Not the ones in houses."
"Anyways, enough of story reading, Good night!"
"Oh yeah. The book says Angry Toddy returns. So where was Toddy after the punching incident?"
"I am not sure. We've never got to that part and maybe, that's on the previous book. Please go to sleep."
"We better get that book and the third part. Maybe, Toddy punches his Mom and then kicks the earth into well... another Universe! And then he laughs loud so that everyone fears him. HA HA HA..."

My Room's door was already shut and the lights out. That was the last time my Mom read me a Bedtime story. She gave that job to my Dad. He was exited about it for the first few days. But then he realized the pain behind Storytelling.

Toddy had got a bit boring. My Dad didn't know why he was angry either. So we got another book. It was "Sniffy the Cow and CooCoo the Lion".
So, the story went on. My Dad had the same expression and reading a story meant he needed to use different voices to speak.

"Sniffy the Cow ran until he got to a Cave. Inside the cave was..."
"I know, another Cow."
"Inside the cave was a Caveman. The Caveman had long hair and ugly teeth and looked at Sniffy."
"Caves are for Cows. What was a Caveman doing inside?"
"I don't know. Anyways, The Caveman said, 'A cow at my Cave? What brings you here?' Sniffy took a deep breath and narrated his story about how he got chased by CooCoo and managed to reach the cave. 'Will you save me from that Demon?', asked Sniffy.
"CooCoo isn't a Demon, dad. He's a Lion. Though, he might have been a Demon sometime before but now he's a Lion. I would say, the Caveman is a Demon."
"Alright... The Caveman looked at the sad cow and took his sword. 'Don't worry. The Lion won't get to you.', he said."
"Dad. You aren't speaking like the Caveman..."
"Sorry. I'll do that the next time. The Caveman got ready with his sword when CooCoo arrived. 'Send the Cow out and you live', roared CooCoo. 'I am not scared of you Lion', the Caveman replied."
"You need to speak like the Lion. Roar a few times. And you again spoke like Sniffy and not the Caveman."
"Just listen to the story. The Caveman pulled out his sword and charged at the lion."
"Why doesn't the Lion want to charge, Dad? Now, the Caveman will manage to kill him and..."
"I don't know. So the Caveman runs towards the lion and..."
"And it was really late. CooCoo ate them both and he lived happily ever after. The End! Good night."
"Good Story, Dad. Thanks! I always love happy endings..."

The lights were already out and the door was shut. The questioning happened with every story. Even though my Dad hated his new job, he was forced to do it everyday for another year!


  1. I loved when my mom read to me every night before bed. I read to my daughter every night before bed. She actually is 8 years old and she loves when I read to her. I bet your dad is grateful that you are all grown up now so that he doesn't have to read to you anymore since you like to ask so many questions. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!! :)


  2. I actually loved reading to my daughter when she was little. It was my daughter who used to beg for the different voices and always one more chapter. We took it in turns, my husband and I to read to her. I don't think that my daughter cared who read as long as she was read to.

  3. My dad died when I was three so it was up to my mother to read me a bed time story, as I got older and could read for myself I used to read long after the light should have been switched off.

    Have a good day.


  4. I loved bedtime stories, I recall the book cover that my dad read from even today and too remember the title.;)
    Your recollections are always so much fun to read, great narrative.;) I think this just shows a great sense of imagination in your early years.;)

  5. I love bedtime stories. I loved when my dad read to me before bed. Your post just reminded me so many sweet memories. :)Thanks.

  6. hahha curiosity and the question Why? must definitely drive parents crazy especially yours :P

    My grandfather told me bedtime story and I always used to end up being a part of them. They were funny and I was always the heroic one :)

  7. Bedtime Stories are the best! You brought back memories both for myself as a child & me as a mother reading stories to my own children at bedtime.
    My kid had their favourite bedtime books. My eldest loved 'Pinocchio' ... My second son liked 'Doing the Springtime Rock n Roll' & my youngest loved 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy'!
    You were a very inquisitive young boy weren't you... I wonder how your parents remember the whole bedtime story reading saga! Enjoyed this post Mr Stupid!

  8. Your time will come when you have to read to your kids.
    I'm anxiously waiting for that moment when you blog about it.
    Looking forward to the time!

  9. I'm definately empathizing with your dad right now. It 's not easy to remember to switch voices at the right time. lol. Hilarious once again!

  10. LOL....I dreaded reading my girls books as well...I used to summerize and skip parts without them knowing lol...

  11. You WERE a typical kids...all those endless questions! ha.

  12. Yes, storytime can be enjoyable and frustrating all at the same time! lol

  13. Fascinating recap of times gone by and the value of those early tales.

  14. :( there were no bedtime stories for me.... but not to worry I turned out just fine!

  15. ha...I think I asked a lot of questions too. My first words were, "what's that?"

    Thanks God my parents read me stories almost every night!

  16. lol! This brought back so many fun memories - of being read to as a little girl and always questioning everything in the story and then going through it all again from the other side when my 3 were little. Loved it!

  17. ooh.. i m guilty.. i dint read bedtime stories to my kids.. guess i was more exhausted than them those days.!

  18. I don´t have kids, but I try to read bedtime stories to my husband. He keeps falling asleep.

  19. lol... i am like your dad...lol....my hubby is the better story reader and teller...lol....

  20. You were tough on your parents...

    And you have a beer award at my blog today.

  21. I always read to my daughter - every night until she was six. Then she informed me she was too old for bedtime stories and could read on her own. That was when I realised how quickly children grow.

  22. oh...i am surprised you didn't have scary dreams with caves and lions and roaring mr. sniffles! :) your dad was a trooper!

  23. I think my father did it as well but not sure. I was reading when I was two so I was on my own most of the time.

  24. why, oh why did this nightly torment continue for another year? you could have said you were too old for stories any longer...they could have burned all the books...i can only hope that part 2 of this story ends on a better page...;)

  25. Hi Mr Stupid. Wow! The sh*t you put your parents through ... You barely let your parents get a word in edgeways!

    At least they knew you had an enquiring mind!

    Bearfriend xx

  26. Hello Mr. Stupid :-)
    I love also bedstory's !!
    Remember there is always a little child in us :))
    ALWAYS hehe .....
    Cute post !!


  27. As always, an extremely charming tale that had me smiling throughout. I can relate to it too, oh the perplexities of children's books! :D

  28. Dude. This makes me think.
    I don't think my parents EVER read or told me a bedtime story.

  29. My parents never told or read me bed time stories :o(
    My sons tell me that bed time readings is one of their favorite childhood memories. Sounds like it is one of yours too.

  30. My husband would read Hans Christian fairy tales to my kids when they were about 2 yrs. old.. He came across one tale that made him stop reading them completely...Don't remember the tale but apparently it was quite disturbing even tho it was hidden in flowery H. Christian style...lol

  31. These are charming. There should be a little Golden Book of Stupidation printed.

  32. My parents always let me stay up for an extra hour as long as I was reading. It's why I read before bed every night, even now. :)

  33. I love reading to my kids at night.

    It's my favorite time of day....

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  35. You're a tough room. Your poor dad. I like your story idea about kicking Toddy into another universe.

  36. I loved reading to my kids at night--when I didn't go to sleep in the middle of it! Loved your post! I think I knew Angry Toddy in college....

  37. I love reading (as I do ALL Pensylvania cities). Our kid used to tuck my wife and I in at night with a good bedtime story. I can't wait until she get's a little older so she can change our 'diapies' too! Thanks for the memories. W.C.C.

  38. My mother used to read me bedtime stories and my father also, but my father was awful, he would tell me stories that would be something like Snowwhite joint with the Sleeping Beauty joint with Hansel and Gretel, later on I realized that my father was not good at it. By the way, you always makes me laugh, it is very refreshing coming to your blog.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  39. As a parent of boys who asked a lot of questions, I feel your parents' pain.

  40. Your poor parents! I go through this things at my house, too.

  41. Ha ha, another awesome post, totally made me laugh. :) I miss having bedtime stories...

  42. I like it when dads take time to do story telling to their kids. Mine never did so you were lucky. Sounds like your dad is pretty cool.

  43. Funny stuff, man... You really asked a lot of questions during story time, didn't you? wow. Coocoo the Caveman sounds like he had some serious issues.

    My parents read me a few bedtime stories when I was little. Not that many, though, if I recall. You're lucky that they did that for you. Now, I'll sometimes read a book, magazine or blog to help me fall asleep.

    Nighty-night! Don't let the bedbugs bite!

  44. i dont think your parents found any other job as difficult then reading story to you ,lovely lovely writing dear thanks for sharing

  45. reading to kids and making up stories does so much for kids...more need to do it...loved the tale...

  46. Just read the damn story already.

  47. Obviously, you aren't over Angry Toddy, are you? And you never will ;-)
    Your blog is hilarious.
    Oh yeah, me too....I love bedtime stories. Especially now!

  48. Where on earth did your parents find those books?

  49. most times i just make the story up as i go. i rarely use books because its easier to keep my kids attention when i make things up for them.

    i gets really challenging though and for some reason is alot easier when ive had a glass, or 6, of wine

  50. Sniffy the cow? What kind of name is that? Really creative people making that book. If I was your dad and would of punched you in the head...lol

  51. Man, I wished my parents told me stories when I was a kid! Do you think they'll start doing it now if I ask them, like, real nice? :P

  52. Man, I love to make up stories at bedtime…I like to ask the 'listener' what they want to have happen next.

    Love it.