Saturday, May 22, 2010

Burglary gone wrong!

The reason why my relatives hate me and my Brother is because we have done bad things. Lets make that lots of bad things.

Many events have gone wrong due to us. From ruining Birthday parties to spraying water on guests, we've done it all!

There was always a Sorry from us. But, we still managed to get the stares.

Though, the one person who hates us more than the others is my Aunt. The first bad thing we did to her was on her Wedding. We accidentally pushed the Wedding Cake into a swimming pool.

Another time, was when we were at her house. My Brother was eleven and I was eight. Even though we were young we had the potential to do all the worst things.

We were playing Baseball inside the house. She came by the living room and noticed two clumsy kids with a Bat and a Ball.

"Guys, please don't play inside."

"Its really hot outside."
, said my brother.

"In that case, play in the evening. I don't want you breaking stuff in my house!"

We stopped playing. My Parents and everybody else were in another room. Listening to their talk was boring. So, we decided to play catch. This wasn't baseball. We were sure she wouldn't mind.

My Brother threw the ball. It was coming towards me, but then it turned. It was an unnecessary swing. The ball now charged at a Painting on the wall.

The glass broke. We were in a lot of trouble. They would be here anytime soon.

"Why did you throw the ball at the painting?"
, I asked.

"Don't ask me. Ask the ball. It moved away from you!"

"Liar Liar Plants on Fire."

"Its Pants on Fire..."

"Whatever, Liar!"

"Look. Fighting isn't helping. We will both be yelled at if we are caught."

We were thinking. And that was a bad thing to do as our ideas weren't always wise.

"Why don't we break some more stuff? That way, we can pretend there was a Robbery!"
, I said.

"Good thinking. Let's do it..."
, my brother agreed.

We got started. He broke a Vase and a Bird made out of glass. I dropped a few dinner plates. We were busy and didn't look around. My Aunt was standing next to me.
"Oh my God! What are you guys doing?"
She looked scary and very angry. There was Lipstick and make up all over her face. She looked like Ronald McDonald, the freakish clown guy. Her voice was very loud. Maybe, she was using a Microphone.

Anyways, we didn't know what to say. I still had a few dinner plates in hand. My Brother panicked and said something stupid, "Did you see that guy?"
"Which guy?
", she asked.
"There was a robber here. He stole some stuff and broke these on the way."
"Okay. Then, what is your brother doing with the plates in hand?"
"Oh... You can ask him that."

He didn't want to cover up for me. I had to say something. "Mr. Robber asked me to break these for him..."

That wasn't very convincing. Everyone were in the Living Room now. Our parents were surprised. Actually, shocked and angry. My Dad paid for the broken stuff and we were never left alone in a relative's house. My Aunt though, still gives us the stares!


  1. This is fabulously funny and stupid, Mr. Stupid. I'm guessing you're too young to have watched the Brady Bunch episode in which "Mom always said, don't play ball in the house." You and your brother were a lot more creative than the Brady kids, though.

  2. We are no relatives of yours so, we all love you more than they hate you.
    Break some more stuff & walla! more hilarious entries. Cheers :)

  3. I love the description of your Aunt and the killer line is "Maybe, she was using a Microphone."! Great stuff.

  4. What a tale, what a memory and what fun! Well the for the reader, anyway. I broke quite a few things when I was a kid, but I took my medicine, not half as creative as you guys. I'd get the wagging finger and be sent to me room without dinner. The ones that I got into trouble for where the breakages perpetrated by my elder brother and sister who blamed me. Then I was always in deep, deep trouble. They even "persuaded" me to try and stick a handle back on a porcelain jug. Needles to say it didn't work. The fact that I'd glued it on upside down didn't help. Have a good Sunday :)

  5. Good to know your brother has your back when there is trouble. ;-) Have a great day!

  6. So you and your brother are two of a kind . . .

  7. Ha! Maybe she was using a microphone! :) Funny!

  8. Seems like your relatives need to get over it.. lol, heck it wasn't like it was yesterday, right? or was it?

  9. OMG, I would have tagged you good if you were in my house breaking stuff. You guys were some child terrors.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. Oh no, not one of you, two of you to think up what to do to drive your relatives crazy. I hope you have outgrown that part of your learning experience. Tell me you have!!

  11. This totally cracked me up. I love how you got the idea to pretend there was a burglar. So funny. I'll be sharing this with my boys on what not to do.

  12. How do you manage to accidentally push a cake into a pool? No offense, but I'd have banned you from my house, too!

  13. That was actually a very smart idea. If it had worked, you both might have got consoling ice-creams for having survived the horror of it all!! :D

  14. Hi Mr Stupid. At least they know you'd make useless criminals!

    Bearfriend xx

  15. Ha! Are you kidding me? What a funny story.

  16. Oh, reminds me of my naughty boys...

  17. oh my sides hurt...that was

  18. You sound like some of the kids in my family. LOL
    Great story and good for a laugh since it wasn't my stuff that was broken. :)

    PS - I would have had to hurt you guys for the cake in the swimming pool incident. ;)

  19. Ah, this was truly entertaining! What a pair you were, but at least you tried to get away with it.;) I loved the description of your aunts looks, made me laugh.;)
    Hope your weekend was great.;)

  20. I am not leaving you alone anywhere near my dinner plates or for that matter never alone anywhere except the loo...

    that was hilarious :) btw r u on Facebook? do add me

  21. Something about boys and mischief are never far apart. I can recall going into the chicken coop and taking the eggs and throwing them on the wall. Why did I do it? Good question.

  22. What a great story. Kids need to get into trouble to grow up.
    I once jumped from the gym roof and "almost" broke my leg...why did I do that?

  23. This is great story, you had me laughing out loud in hilarity! How mischievous you and your brother were, though I am sure we've all been in these troublesome situations when we were young. The idea of making it look like a robbery was ingenious, and very creative - such a shame it didn't work out :D

  24. Okay, you have to give your bro some mad props for trying to sell the "robber" theory even though you were caught red handed! LOL

  25. I think I'd still be giving you *the stare* too! Especially after the wedding cake incident! :)

  26. Hi there,

    Dunno how i am gonna call you, stupidation, stupid or what...:)

    tell me, and yes thanks for following my blog dear! you give happiness in it!

    this is some more hilarious post of yours! are you really that naughty?

    if i were your aunt, i'd punish u no end like hanging you on a tree or tying you near ants' colony so they will feed on you!

    you are an obnoxious brothers! but i guess we can have some fun here!

    i enjoyed reading another humor from you! keep it up, it's a good post to start with for the week!

  27. just a question, how could you "accidently" throw a wedding cake?!!!!!
    That was unbelievable. I have seen and heard of many naughty kids but none like you! that was hilarious.

  28. well, yeah she still stares at you! honestly, i'd be giving you the evil eye every time i knew your parents weren't looking ;) so, do you suppose you'll ever reach an age when you're not going to be referred to as that 'blankety blankety kid'?? i sure hope so!
    hey, just had another may have kids of your own one day and all of this will make sense to you. not only will you grovel at your aunt's feet and beg her for forgiveness but you might even buy her some new dishes :)

  29. Double Trouble! I give your aunt permission to dole out the stare whenever she feels like it.

  30. I bet your aunt says here comes Double Trouble and gives you both the Double Trouble eye look every time she sees you both. HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY!!! :)


  31. ouch. um. the robber idea was pretty good.


  32. Robyn: My Mom watched that show. Its nice to know we were more creative. Hooray!

    Ummie: Wow. I better start with my Mom's dinner plates then.... hehe

    Bazza: She did look like Ronald McDonald. She was really loud and I am sure she had a Microphone in hand...:)

    Gwei: LOL The porcelain jug made me laugh. Only if you had stuck it right.

    Succot: Not exactly. He didn't cover up for my line. Though, he does most time...:)

    Vicki: Two of a kind. Though, it looks like the "Stare Bug" has bitten him now. He keeps staring at me. He's joined forces with my Aunt!

    FabuLeslie: I guess she was. It was either shrunk to a small size or was Invisible. But her voice was really loud!

    Diane: Trouble maker? All I did was break a few plates and oh yeah push a cake! LOL

    Chrissy: It happened way back. She's still upset about the Cake incident, I guess. We ruined the best day of her life...:)

    Redbonegirl97: My Mom said that often. Actually, on a daily basis. I wouldn't be at your house. At least not any sooner... hehe

    TechnoBabe: I have. Though, does dropping soup on my Uncle's head count? I did that a month back. (accidentally)

    Tammy: Showing this is a nice thing to do. Glad you liked the post...:)

    Secret agent woman: That's easy. The cake was on a Coffee table. And the table had wheels below. We were pushing the table o each other when a hard push managed to send the Cake to the pool!
    Banned? That's a wise thing to do.... hehe

    Gautam: Maybe, we should have asked for it. That would have made the act a bit more convincing...:)

    Bearfriend: That's a good thing. Right? Useless criminals. It does sound cool!

    Jason: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    The Empress: We aren't alone? Wow. Toodles!

    Brian: Thanks for stopping by. Smiles:)

    Lisa: That's the best part. Laughing when something of ours isn't broken. I have done that all the time...:)
    She did chase us. But then a new Wedding cake arrived. It looked more like a Birthday cake.

    Zuzana: Glad you liked it. Well, my Aunt was like that freakish clown guy that day.

    Lazy Pineapple: Its good to know there's nothing fragile in there. I am not on Facebook. They couldn't create an account when I entered Mr. Stupid as my name... hehe

    Paul: Maybe, you were trying the Egg Art. It can be very beautiful... LOL

    Mary: Why didn't you open the Parachute? Everyone does that mistake. I once tried getting down a pipe in a relative's house!

    Sam: Too bad it didn't work. Glad you liked the post. Toodles...:)

    MiMi: Maybe, I should! It all seemed perfectly planned before... hehe

    Beth: She could have still cut the cake swimming... LOL Stares, right this way!

    Amity: Mr. Stupid's good. Actually, I was planning to make that my legal name! hehe
    Glad I found your Blog. Your posts are lovely to read. I am not Naughty. Seriously...:)

    Maha: Pushing it into the Pool was easy. All we needed was a Coffee Table with wheels under it... LOL

    Sheri...: I better buy her new dishes soon... hehe
    I did say a Sorry once. Does that count as beg for forgiveness?

    Bossy: Oh no. Now, she might stare give an extra stare...:)

    Gina: She doesn't give him the look anymore. Only me. Everyone now knows I was the guy who thought of the plan.

    PMC: I know. Do I get a prize for that?

  33. wow,
    what a tale.
    yes, relatives and siblings can make things worse at times. fabulous writing!

  34. Thank you for the consistent follow..
    your words are always kind and pleasant to read.

  35. I think you might be related to my husbands side of the family, lol!

  36. are you for real? lol - wicked post! cracked me up in a good way. :)

    ~ash's mum

  37. LOL!!!! That was sooooo funny...... I loved the Aunt visuals...LOL!!!!!

  38. Too funny story! Throwing a wedding cake?
    Accidentally ? Oh NO!
    Hope yo have a great week ahead!
    B :)

  39. h. My. Gosh! This is almost too good to be true! LOLOLOL.... awesome.
    Your poor aunt! *snort* LOL!

  40. HAHAH! Is this for real? Woooow. HAHA!

  41. Has any of your relative post a sign banning you and your brother from entering their property yet? OMG, you pushed your aunt's wedding cake into the swimming pool? I can imagine the sudden hush of people holding their breath and then complete silence when they realized what had happened.

    You sure are a funny fella. You and your brother.

  42. That's a hilarious story. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  43. You and your brother sure are troublemakers. If you were my kids, I would send you to bed without any supper. Then I would make you stay in your room for days, until finally, I would give you both a small bowl of poop to share.

    Funny story, Mr. Stupid. You're dangerous!

  44. bahaaha that's hilarious!! Sounds like too much fun.

  45. Brilliant! My stomach hurts from laughing so much, which is yet another thing that someone can blame you for... I'm suing! :P

  46. This reminds me of one of those "David" books. I think, "I love you David"

    He gets in trouble for playing ball in the house. Breaks a vase. I think this must be part of every boy's upbringing.

  47. lol! I loved this! I love how creative kids get - especially when punishment is lurking around a corner :)

  48. The makeup lines had me dying. How do you do it Mr. Stupid? Seriously, it is very difficult to write so stupidly and takes talent. This was the funniest thing I have read all week.

  49. love your blog Mr. stupid... you are one smart ass ;)

  50. Oh my gosh. Thats all I have to say. lol

  51. Well dude, another amazing story. The things that go on in your life.
    Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog, lately. I hope you enjoyed the blogging award I bestowed upon you a couple of months ago.
    Is that a 'cat burglar' in the picture. And why would anyone want to steal a cat?
    Take care and don't forget to drop by my site. The 'wee folks' miss you:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary:-)

  52. HA! Convincing enough for me. :) And... ok I'll just say this, if you don't want your wedding cake in the pool, why have a pool at the reception?

  53. Ummmm....are you related to me?


  54. Hey there Mr Stupid! What a pair of scallywags! But even a pair of scallywags can turn it all around. When I read this little story it sounded like I was reading a script from a scene in a sitcom.... so funny!
    If I were your Aunt ... I would shower you with kindness...because inside every little larikin there is a little darling.
    I have 3 sons... 23,21 & 13 and they've broken there fair share of vases, ornaments & the like but they have also broken my heart many a time to (in a good way)... so it all balances itself out in the end.
    You sound like you were a pair of typical young boys..full of energy & adventure!

  55. Too funny! You guys were worse than my boys.

  56. goodness gracious! that was very naughty. maybe you can do something nice for your aunt some time - like send her flowers or something thoughtful.

  57. Jingle: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Sheila: That's a possibility. Do they break things too? And have they been to Mars? hehe

    Ash: I often wonder if I am for real. Something always convinces me I am!:)

    Natalee: To be frank, her visuals matched perfectly... LOL

    Betty: Accidentally! She didn't seem very convinced when we said that though! Toodles:)

    Serene: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!

    Jojomama: Yup. I had to pinch myself a few times that day to make sure it wasn't a dream... LOL

    RoseBelle: No Banners. Not yet though! Well, there was silence everywhere. But that was broken when my Aunt chased us...:)

    Okie: Glad you liked it. Smiles:)

    Kelly: Now that's an awesome way to punish. No Supper? Not a problem. I still get Candies and cookies to eat right?
    Nobody believed when I said I was Dangerous!

    MBW: It was fun. But nobody in the living room realized it was...:)

    Tony: Don't sue me. Sue my hand. He was the one typing... hehe

    Guys: Who doesn't break things. We did that with a Robbery act... LOL

    TALON: Ideas pop out from nowhere when trouble's near. Though this was a poor idea!

    Cheeseboy: Well that's a secret. A Green guy from Mars taught me to write... hehe
    Glad you liked it!:)

    Gtoosphere: Thanks for stopping by.

    Tess: I say that most times. Toodles!

    Gary: Thanks for stopping by. I couldn't get your Blog's URL. I'll be there today! Smiles:)

    Lindzena: And I was just about to ask that. But since we had all eyes pointing at us, it wasn't a wise thing to do.

    Deborah: Maybe. Have you been to Mars anytime? LOL

    Katherine: I better send this comment to my Aunt. Let's see if she gets convinced. Thanks for stopping by!:)

    Tracie: We were worse. I am glad your boys aren't there yet. That's good right? I sent her a box of chocolates once. It was opened and I had eaten a couple of them. She still seemed angry. I wonder why!


    cool stuff,
    enjoy some gifts.

  59. She looked like Ronald McDonald! HAHAHA!
    Oh you must have been traumatized! ;-)

  60. one day my brother and i were playing baseball in the front room of my parents house and we also broke a tall glass thing my mom kept in the living room.

    only we couldnt blame it on a burglar because we would have had trouble hiding the blood. my brother broke the thing with his face.

  61. I have a nephew who behave just like you and your brother. Luckily he is a grown man now. No more breaking of stuffs

  62. hahaha great story. It would of been funnier if you said that the Hamburglar did it.

  63. I love how you pull us in with your writing. Very well done, sir!