Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chatting for the Intelligent

The Internet has come a long way. Chatting has been one big thing that ever happened. Connecting Intelligent people with one another and making instant messaging possible.
Though, chatting hasn't helped me much. My Friends and I spoke the same thing before and now, we did it on a computer!

We never discussed anything important. Our conversations never made much sense.
: Hey! How's it going?
: How's what going?
: Okay. Let me rephrase - What are you doing?
: Uhh... What am I doing? Well... Oh yeah, I am chatting!
: And before that?
: I was watching TV. Actually, I had plans of plucking my Eyebrows.
: Okay... I better go now.
: See ya.
My first Intelligent friend. Being too truthful can be an issue. Plucking Eyebrows? Gross! Asking what he was doing was a big mistake.

The Chats we had were normally hard to believe and understand. This conversation was with another friend.
: Hey!
: Hi. We just had a snowfall here.
: What? I live just a couple of blocks away. Its not snowing here.
: Didn't you read the "HERE". A cloud appeared on top of my house from nowhere and it started snowing. And guess what?
: What...
: We got 5 inches of snow.
: Okay... and?
: 5 inches is a lot!
: Yeah right. Are you stuck in your house?
: Actually, yes. The Snow has covered my house. My dog is working on the digging part.
: You should be helping him then.
: Good idea! See ya.
Another intelligent chap. Though, there have been similar people in my life - My neighbor, the postman, Bobo the bully and others.

But, there was this one time when my Uncle got his new computer.
: How do you do? Love, Uncle.
: Hi. I am right here. This is Instant Messaging. You don't have to write like that.
: Okay. What else do you think I can use this Computer for?
: You can go on the Internet. Click on Start at the bottom.
: Alright!

The Alright was the last message I got. Then, he called me on my phone.
"This Internet is pretty dangerous."
"And why is that?"
"I just got a visit from a Virus. It seems pretty scary!"
"Okay. And what was it like?"
"With gray boxes. Every time I clicked on the box, it would show me a flag. Then there were numbers and then Bombs."
"That's Minesweeper."
"I know what it is. The Internet can't be trusted."
"Yeah, I know. You better keep away!"

Again, signs of Intelligence. Internet sure has made this world a better place. Drum Roll...


  1. ROFL - you've done it gain Mr S. Kick started my day with a smile. I don't do the IM thing (maybe its an age thing) my daughter doz and I don't understand a thing its full of smilileys and a lnguage that frankly isn't the english that I know. Have a good day thanks for making me laugh.

  2. Most amusing, though I am not much good at computering, I only know what Ihave to know.
    Have a good day.


  3. Any time from now, your uncle will claim that his computer going to explode!

  4. Oh this is very true and very funny, my conversations with friends would never make any sense if they were written down. And you're right, all we've done is moved our intelligible chit chat from one medium to the other :D

  5. Yep, the internet can CERTAINLY reveal the intelligence ( lack thereof)... more of the lack of....

  6. The great thing about chatting is if the conversation isn't going well you can just pretend your chat went down...stupid internet connection. lol

  7. hehhe...omg you devil...your uncle must have lost his sleep...getting invaded by bombs :)
    Chatting can become a pain too...but thank god we can always log off when the other person is big bore...

  8. hilarious, you are! and what is this about bobo the to expand any on him? can't help but wonder how im conversations with him would go, hmmm, safer than having your lunch stolen ;)

  9. He does have a point. The internet is really scary. I went to a website one day...almost peed my pants!

  10. btw, the hedgehog does have a name but i'm not allowed to give it out...she wants to know if you want her number??? heh, heh i don't think she's your type though ;)

  11. This must be why I rarely chat on the Internet. I talk at people instead of with them. Opinions are highly overrated.

    *Thanks for the b-day wishes

  12. very good. my father-in-law ends all of his chat sessions (he probably doesn't have very many chat sessions) with:

    Take Care,

  13. I love minesweeper, who knew I was living so dangerously?! Thanks for the warning!

  14. Minesweeper...hahaha

    Good stuff. I laughed, I cried, I peed a little.

    I'll be back to read more.

  15. Hummmm, now you have me wondering, I always finish off by saying, "Take Care", so does that mean that there is something wrong with me?
    Now you have me worried!
    You have to tell more about the bully! Is he the postman? I have visions of a huge man holding up your mail high in the air, while you jump up and down trying to reach it.....or maybe he is the sort of person who reads your postcards out loud so that all the street can hear "Wish you were here!"
    The mind boggles!

  16. I just hate seeing bad grammar from people I would otherwise not have known had those issues. Wait, that's some bad grammar there, huh?

  17. I love chating and talking maybe that's why I protect myself with shields. I have to defeat my enemies. I don't want to have to pick up all the scrap and start all over. Who in the hell is Bobo and was his mother drunk when she named him or is Bobo a dog that chases the postman with a postcard for you in his hand saying "Take Care".


    P.S. Thanks for the comment about Miffy my dog and for caring. I am doing better it is really hard at first. I really do miss her and she will remain in my heart forever. I will be getting a new Maltese puppy in a couple months. I just want to spend this time to heal with my family and remember all the good times with Miffy. Thanks for caring and being such a good blog friend.


  18. Most of the time, IM is really boring. You're right. I used to do it. Sometimes, I was drunk. Not so much anymore. You were really plucking your eyebrows? You don't have a Unibrow, do you, going all the way across your head?

    The viruses you described from your Uncle sound very scary. It would have been funny to tell him to use bug spray on his monitor to get rid of the bugs. hee hee.

    Take care, friend.

  19. You are just hilarious :) I can just imagine the bored look on your face (hmmm...I know, I don't even know how you look like). I don't chat online. I'm old fashioned. I think using the phone is so much faster to get your point across and without needing to double check spelling and such.

  20. Mindsweeper sounds scary...hope it never pays me a visit!

  21. Gwei Mui: Oh no. That's not English. I guess ancient Mayans spoke that way... hehe
    Glad you liked it...:)

    Yvonne: That's good. Knowing too much can be an issue. It makes the head bulge... LOL

    Ummie: Yeah. Maybe, the mines are real. That should help explode his house...:)

    Sam: I thought, we were the only ones who spoke that way. Good to know I have company. Welcome... LOL

    Chrissy: Making this world an Intelligent place. Thank you Internet!

    Succot: I've done that so many times. My connection goes down when the chat gets weird or officially boring!:)

    Lazy Pineapple: Maybe, he still dreams about clicking the bombs... LOL
    Logging off is the best solution!

    sheri...: Bobo the Bully? Well, he was my bench mate in Third grade. I included his name in a Comic strip and he gave me a wedgie. And from that day, he became a Bully! LOL
    Chatting with him can be scary...:)
    Give me her number. I will pass it on to my Neighbor. He's a hedgehog... hehe

    Alex: Especially the "Start". It can help start dangers of the Internet... hehe

    Dr. Heckle: That's one reason why I always attend to Nature's call before I go on the Internet... LOL

    Christina: Keep away from the Chatting.
    You're welcome. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!:)

    PMC: Maybe your FIL and my Uncle should have a chat together. I wonder how they would end off!:)

    Melinda: Scary things are always in hidden packages. Glad I could help... hehe

    Powdered Toast Man: Thanks for dropping by. Toodles...

    Alice: Wow. Bobo sure has become famous. Well, he was my bully in third grade. As for the postman, my dog always chased him. He showed his anger on me by stuffing letters through my window. Intelligent people! LOL
    And don't worry about the "Take Care" line. I use it all the time. If something's wrong, you'll have company...:)

    FabuLeslie: It was really hard for me to figure. I did bad in grammar. I often got F's. One time a D!

    Gina: Hello. Well, firstly, I named Bobo, "Bobo". And he's a bully. Not a dog. Though, he looked like one but very fat... LOL
    BTW, the Postman was chased by my dog, and that's why he stuffed my letters through the window!:)
    It can be really sad to lose somebody so close to us. I just hope the new pup comes home quick. Take all the time you need to heal.
    Have a good day!

    Kelly: Hey, I wasn't plucking my eyebrows. It was Intelligent friend #1. Unibrow? Wow. I thought that was the Mohawk style of haircut. A lot of eyebrow plucking should result in that... LOL
    Using Bug spray would have killed Minesweeper and the computer. Why didn't I suggest him that?

    RoseBelle: The phone is the best thing to use. Nobody minds when you speak like an alien in incorrect English! hehe
    Have a good day!

    Farmers Wifey: Whatever you do, don't click on Start. It sure is scary...:)

  22. you always makes me laugh, I can imagine your face, because it is the same face that I have whenever I have to explain my grandparents how to use the computer, for some reason they just don't get it.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  23. How you doing? Love, uncle. LOL!!!

  24. cute about your uncle.. Love, Auntie Claire!

  25. lol. minesweeper is a virus...i used to be pretty addicted to it back in the day....and then all the acronyms...way back in the day i thought LOL meant something else and it really helped my self esteme...

  26. Did you end up tutoring your uncle on how to use the computer?

  27. You may need new friends. And I'm worried about your uncle.

    Off to pluck my eyebrows.

  28. What? Just the other day I had a conversation on the internet about projection and telepathy...a very deep and meta physical discussion...

  29. Where did you come up with these friends guy? lol
    I think it is time for us to introduce you to some new ones.

  30. Thanks for the visit, comment and follow. Glad to have joined your little corner of the scary Internet! I'll try to avoid talking about eyebrows, snow and minesweeper ... which I agree is scary (except in the easy version). :)

  31. Fortunately, chatting has evolved to become a very efficient way of communicating for most of us. :)

  32. Hi Mr Stupid. The Bear's style of internet chatting isn't so different from real life ... he still just completely ignores me! The only input required from me is when he asks "Are you still there?"

    Bearfriend xx

  33. you are correct,
    blogging and commenting would be enough for me,
    individual chatting is a nono,
    Thank you for the informative and insightful post.

    Happy Saturday!

  34. LOL! The last one reminds me of my mother's fear of the internet. I'm glad she's scared of it because she'll never get a FB acct. and will never find my blog. *fingers crossed*

  35. HAHAHA!!! That is so funny!

    (But I don't think plucking eyebrows is gross??? Plucking nose or ear hairs that would be gross . . .but eyebrow plucking doesn't gross me out;)

  36. One feature that should be implemented with IM's is the wonderful app called spell-check. Then perhaps maybe you could understand some of the comments that were made to you, instead of scratching your head and wondering.

    PS I told Tracies mom about her FB account. I am bad like that......

  37. Tell us what happened to your uncle!! Did he learn anything? Like at least how to do a google search?

  38. I am a lot like your Uncle.... Can't quite get a handle on this new technology!

  39. holy cow do you get a lot of comments on your blog :-) what a popular guy!! anyway, my daughter got into texting on our cell phone until we got the bill. they kept saying these rediculous things. Some of her friends messages were "i don't care for fish - lol" "i'm havin holy cheese and crackers - lol". Every little thing got texted until it drove me batty. "Stop texting!!" I fumed. Then when we got the bill, she got the kaibosh.
    one of the nurses at work instant messages and texts her husband because they live in a big house. its how they communicate. that seems a bit odd to me too. you are right to discuss "intelligent" messages!!

  40. Laura: That's a hard task. It took me a month to make my Grandpa hold the mouse... LOL

    Cheeseboy: At least, he didn't write something bigger! hehe

    Claire: Minesweeper sure is dangerous...:)
    Have a good day Auntie Claire!

    Brian: I didn't know it was Virus until that day. The game sure does scare me. With so many bombs, numbers and the yellow guy at the top! Dangerous! LOL

    TechnoBabe: Nah. I have never thought about that. At least after the Minesweeper incident... hehe

    Theresa: Now, that you've mentioned, I guess I do need a few new ones. Maybe, some intelligent can compensate a few foolish ones! :)

    Gillian: Wow. That's interesting. Just curious, what's telepathy? hehe

    VKT: Please do that sooner. I might have to chat a few more times with these guys then.
    BTW, I found them on Mars! LOL

    Beth: I've tried the easy version many times. Both the Numbers and the bombs scare me...:)
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Jason: Its good to know at least some people are using it for better things than talking about plucking eyebrows... LOL

    Bearfriend: That's a frequent line I use in my chats. Its hard to know if the person on the other side is still there or sleeping... hehe

    Jingle: Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Suzanne: Glad you like it. Have a good day!

    Tracie: Don't worry. Maybe, she will not recognize you from your Profile pic! LOL

    Stacey: Plucking Nose. That's gross too. I thought, pulling eyebrows was scary. It makes people look like Zombies. Seriously!:) Spell check should help a lot. Though, it can get harder to understand proper English... LOL
    Maybe, Tracie's Mom won't recognize her! hehe

    The Empress: I have no idea. I would be happy if he gets on Google first...:)

    Bossy Betty: HAHA. Thanks for stopping by.:) What's holy cheese? And about the fish, its sad they don't care for it... hehe
    I would love to see her house. OMG. Texting to communicate. That seems exciting. Though there's an alternative to use loud speakers... LOL

  41. Hilarious to the point I was about to fall down the chair!

    Dear Mr.Stupid, I hope you're well and life's good where you live. Write to you more.

    ps: tell your uncle to send his computer to me. haha!

    just me,
    Shanaz AL

  42. The coversation with your uncle totally cracked me up. Old people on the computer are hilarious.

  43. Haha thanks for finding me.
    This made me laugh.
    The perfect blog for me. :D


  44. I write on my computer screen in permanent texta markers whenever I want to chat. No one responds. Dear Mr. Stupid, what am I doing wrong? :(